9 thoughts on “Ethan Van Sciver Predicts Kathleen Kennedy’s Exact Discharge Date

  1. It all depend on Iger. If he’s in a “let’s protect my legacy” mood, he’ll go with someone competent. If he’s in a “I’ve got more money than I could spend in 30 lifetimes, so let’s polish my Social Justice cred, get some well deserved ass kissing from the Hollywood and national press as well as possibly scoring a ton of that gender studies major totty.

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  2. Be careful what you wish for though. Kennedy at least has experience working on a lot of good films, they could end up replacing her with the Boondocks Arfo girl from the “storygroup ” who has no experience and would likely be even worse.


    • I’m not sure that she does. Yes, I’m familiar with her IMDB credits. But did she really do anything more than provide financing for the films? I’m not sure that she has.


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