Lucasfilm’s Creepy Propaganda Channel

There’s a scene in the 1984 version of Red Dawn, where after a speculative Soviet invasion of the United States, middle class Americans are rounded up and taken to a Drive-In Theater turned concentration camp, where they’re forced to watch propaganda films at gun point.

That’s the general feel of Lucasfilm’s recent weird uploads to their new YouTube Channel.  I believe it was Red Letter Media who first observed that when Disney took over Lucasfilm, their new behind-the-scenes videos had a glossy quality to them, like a political campaign commercial that promises to the voter that their candidate can do no wrong.  But they’re a bit more propagandist than the average political campaign commercial.


A Lucasfilm employee sits down to watch a Human Resources video with a complimentary cup of Celestial Seasonings.

The first of three videos is entitled, Lucasfilm: Celebrating Empowerment and Hope:

Apparently there was a response to this video that Pablo Hidalgo didn’t much care for:

There’s an old saying that a person wants to keep an open mind, but not so open that their brains fall out.  Likewise, Lucasfilm is so obsessed with inclusivity in order to showcase the shallow surface diversity of their company, that they include anyone who shares a deeply stupid and hegemonic viewpoint.  That’s how we get the substandard stories that we now get.

Celebrating empowerment and hope?  How about focusing on making great movies instead?  I mean, Lucasfilm is an entertainment company, not a political propagandist outfit, right?

Generally speaking, a company’s Human Resources Video is intended for internal consumption, and not intended for public viewing.  So why post this video publicly?  Because they want to show the world how wonderfully virtuous they are to include people with green hair.  So what if their stories suck now.  These are virtuous people that you should support anyways, you see.  That’s really the whole point of this exercise, to make you feel just a little bit guilty, and it isn’t any deeper or more nuanced than that.  It must have killed them to have to refer to the white CIS males that founded Lucasfilm and made it what it was by 2012.

The next video is entitled, Lucasfilm: Story Drives Everything.  Try to hold your laughter in.

In this video we get the new heads of state reciting one of those “unscripted” rambling commercials, which talks about how brilliant talented they all are.  This is played over mostly recent behind-the-scenes footage, juxtaposed with mostly completed scenes from vintage films.  I have to admit, it’s quite a clever use of the Kuleshov Effect.

The last video is entitled, Lucasfilm: Challenging The Impossible.  One might think that they’re referring to the challenge of getting people to pay for, and pay attention to SJW propaganda.  But no, watch:

In another carefully crafted “off-the-cuff” narration, they talk about the audacity that George Lucas had to build the company which SJWs are now plowing under.  But they don’t talk about a company.  They talk about the “community.”  Collective, collaborative, cooperative.  Rinse, repeat.  They amusingly mention employing rocket scientists.  That’s right, the entertainment company that brought you The Last Jedi hires rocket scientists, believe it or not.  They look for work that “scares” them, and bores the rest of us.  And that’s what drives them.

And just like any political propaganda under any oppressive regime, you’re not allowed to speak up and respond to it or object.  You can only accept it.   Because Lucasfilm has seen fit to disable comments and ratings under their videos on YouTube.  Gee, wonder why.

4 thoughts on “Lucasfilm’s Creepy Propaganda Channel

  1. I threw up a little in my mouth watching that. It’s what Nazi propaganda would have been like if Joseph Goebbels had been a trans waman.


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