Kelly Marie Tran Harassment Evidence Exhibit B

Back in May, there was a Twitter and Facebook account by the name of Down With Disney’s Treatment of Franchises and its Fanboys.


“Down With Disney’s” avatar

It was an obvious SJW hate hoax account, that would post all kind of genuinely racist content, then attempt to associate itself with loud voices in the backlash, in an effort to get the mainstream media to report on it, and unfairly mischaracterize #TheFandomMenace as a result. A variety of mainstream news outlets fell for this account’s tactics.

We know those accounts to be SJW hate hoax accounts, because the person running them attempted to associate with myself, and with Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers.  We both refused the effort, and I wrote about that here.

In addition, the language that the accounts used was not the language that a person who is genuinely right leaning would use.  Rather, it was language that an SJW thinks an alt-right person would use, particularly when they’re attempting pose as their political adversaries or satirize them.  Some folks will think this is a bit too tin foil hatted, but those who are familiar with the political language that I speak of will easily see what I am talking about.

Some time in June the “Down With Disney” account made a post bragging that it was responsible for driving Kelly Marie Tran off of social media.  I wrote about that previously here.


What was interesting to me at the time in the blog post about the Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident that Mr. Ward published, and which I responded to, was that the image he provided showed a time stamp of “5 mins.”

Did that mean that Jason just happened to see the post 5 minutes after it was posted?  Or did it mean that Jason himself operated the “Down With Disney” account which seemed to have begun its activity sometime around April of 2018, and screengrabbed the post 5 minutes after he posted it himself?

Interestingly, Jason Ward just happened to be monitoring a thread on Twitter, in which several of us were discussing the “Down With Disney” account and its potential user and ultimate purpose, even though he had me blocked on Twitter.

But the moment that I posted the tweet from LaserPants into the thread, Jason Ward came alive on his own Twitter account.  It seemed to have struck a nerve in him.
It’s certainly possible that a 3rd party gave Mr. Ward that image.  But then, someone had to have seen that post only 5 minutes after it was posted, if the time stamp in the image hadn’t been altered.
However, Twitter user Rebel Je-Daii claimed that no such thing was ever posted at the aforementioned Alliance group or page:


RebelLibrarian supoorted that claim:


Shortly thereafter, Jason would make a plea to his fans to block my Twitter account, clearly not wanting them to read anything else I might write and post.

Sometime later Jason would present himself as the great hero who slayed the dragon, and who rallied his troops to report the “Down With Disney” account.  Jason even had a heated exchange between himself and the “Down With Disney” account itself publicly on Twitter.  Those tweets however, have been deleted.  The “Down With Disney” accounts would soon vanish from both Twitter and Facebook thereafter.

4 thoughts on “Kelly Marie Tran Harassment Evidence Exhibit B

  1. Any chance someone can lay their hands on a Stylometry program? I couldn’t find a free copy of JStylo but it may be out there. There’s a version that will do the Stylometry but it’s designed to also allow a false flagger the ability to disguise his or her posts by altering some of the stylistic elements. Anyway, this is all very interesting. Keep up the good work.

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