The Serengeti Planet Of Star Wars

Courtesy of the Jedi Temple Archives, we now have newly leaked images from Episode IX: We Don’t Care.


Nobody does.

Beasts of burden are oftentimes found in the Star Wars saga.  For Episode IV artisans had to craft a life-sized Patrol Dewback.  In Episode V, the Taun-Tauns were meticulously brought to life with stop-motion animation.

In Episode IX, crafters drape polyester faux fur from JoAnne Fabrics over real horses.


A horse is a horse, of course, of course…

The orange tape on the horse’s heads seems to indicate that some sort of CGI abomination will be pasted on.  Let’s hope it’ll look better than this:


The only question is if Rose Tico will pause with Finn to save these steeds from marching to their slaughter on the battlefield.  If there’s not any rich people around to preach about, then probably not.

Onward and upward.

In the next pic, we see some extras .


The individual with the long hair reminds me of reports that John Boyega was to grow his hair out long for Episode IX.  It could be a stunt double, except that Finn appears on this location, and he doesn’t have the long hair.  Is it one of Finn’s relatives?  Is this Finn’s home planet?

In a collared shirt straight out of a J.C. Penny’s catalog, Poe discusses the whereabouts of his jacket with Finn.


Alan Quartermaine hopes to locate The Lost McGuffin of Wakanda.

Grace Randolph wonders why no one is talking about these leaks.  Maybe because everyone is too busy arguing over Kelly Marie Tran’s NY Times op-ed.

8 thoughts on “The Serengeti Planet Of Star Wars

  1. Grace Randolph’s video: time stamp 1:52 – 2:00 “I know there’s a boycott [going on against LucasFilm movies], but I think if Episode looks promising enough, people may…” May what? Pull up a chair, Grace. Let’s talk. Meet Jeff Hicks from WorldClassBSers, a seasoned comic book illustrator and successful Youtube show host.

    You have the floor, Jeff:

    “The lack of rest on top of the mistreatment of the fans by LucasFilm is what hurt ‘Solo’. People’s dislike of a film getting them raked over the coals by those who think of themselves as ‘enlightened’.
    “George Lucas never talked to the fans the way Kathleen Kennedy’s regime is currently doing. That’s bad business.
    “CBS had an article from 2012 entitled, ‘5 Unspoken Rules that can Get You Fired’. In it they list things that can get you fired from a company. Number 3 was particularly interesting. ‘Disparage the company’s products OR customers. Especially if you’re an executive, remember that at any time you’re in public — at a conference, in an airport, even on your own time — you represent the company and that anyone with a cell phone can record you. The same goes for talking with The Media, or anyone else who just might repeat what you have to say. People talk — just like you do.
    “Yes, the man who killed Luke Skywalker ruined the franchise. ‘Well, that’s all behind us,’ you’d say.” –Jeff Hicks from “How to Kill the Star Wars Franchise in 10 Days.”

    Keeping grudges against individuals might be bad, but unapologetic companies and corporations that have directly mistreated customers require a different response. Eye candy, titillating info leaks (probably orchestrated by JJ) are not enough to cover the direct verbal abuse. I can’t make LucasFilm “do” anything. The Intellectual Property is theirs. But I can vote with MY dollar. #TheFandomMenace gets my “Yes.” Here’s why: #RianTheBoatMaker

    Link to Jeff’s commentary:

    Jeff’s appeal to support his new work:

    And a HUGE thank youuuu to Itchy for his relentless posts that help start my day!

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