Kelly Marie Tran Harassment Evidence Exhibit G

This image case reported on by eBaum’s World.

It’s an image of a direct message conversation in Twitter.  The Twitter account Kelly Marie Tran News had changed its name to Kelly Marie Tran Love Bot.  This was the image that eBaum’s world posted in their article:TranFan

There was no need to analyse this image, because I was able to contact Kelly Marie Tran Love Bot and she directed me to the original tweet where the image came from:


The person running Kelly Marie Tran Love Bot seems to be a genuine person.  I asked who it was that sent her this message, and said she thought it might be Jonathan Diaz.  Unfortunately there are about a thousand Jonathan Diazs on Twitter, so tracking this down would require more time than I have available.  I asked Love Bot which Jonathan Diaz it might be, but she feels that giving them more attention legitimizes them so she’s reluctant to point me to the Jonathan Diaz that she might have blocked.

Having said all of this, the message was not misogynist or racist.  It focused on the nature of the character.  The guy was just being a jerk.

But without being able to track down the account of the person who sent this message, there’s no way to know if this was a genuine person, or an SJW committing a hate hoax.


7 thoughts on “Kelly Marie Tran Harassment Evidence Exhibit G

  1. So you have no proof who this is, and then you attach the name “Jonathan Diaz” to this… It maybe a “Jonathan Diaz”, or it could be a made up name. And now every Jonathan Diaz is a suspect. Bravo.

    And none of your “evidence” is really a evidence. This maybe hints or clues, but nothing more.

    Itchy please stop this bullshit, you are the good guy.


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