More Misandry And Silliness From Lucasfilm And Marvel

Lucasfilm is releasing a new book, STAR WARS ICONS: HAN SOLO CHRONICLES THE JOURNEY OF A LEGEND,by Gina McIntyre.  Apparently this book was meant to ride the wave from the hit blockbuster, Solo: A Star Wars StoryJust kidding.

Here’s the description from

As revealed earlier this week on The Star Wars Show, a beautiful new tribute to our favorite scoundrel, Star Wars Icons: Han Solo by Gina McIntyre, is coming November 13. Published in the US by Insight Editions and in the UK by Ilex, the tome covers Han’s entire journey in great detail; complemented with arresting imagery and photos, McIntyre charts the character’s history from George Lucas’s first explorations in the mid-’70s to Harrison Ford’s performance in the original trilogy and The Force Awakens, up to the high-adventure and personal origin tale in Solo: A Star Wars Story. It delves into his role in novels, comics, and video games, and features exclusive new interviews with Harrison Ford, Alden Ehrenreich, Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams, Peter Mayhew, Ron Howard, J.J. Abrams, Lawrence Kasdan, Jonathan Kasdan, and more.


Feminist Marvel writers imagine that this silliness represents female empowerment.

But what doesn’t tell you, is its determination to transform the Han Solo character from heroic, to the deadbeat dad who routinely has domestic problems.  Previously I wrote about Han Solo’s adventures in babysitting in the Last Shot novel, as well as Han Solo’s domestic problems in the same novel.  Daniel Jose Older imposed social justice dullardry on the Han Solo character, and claimed to give him racial equality.

Now it appears that Han Solo’s domestic issues continue in the pages of Marvel Comics.  Here’s a page from the Star Wars Icons book:


Is there any normal person on planet Earth who would look at this image of Leia giving a roundhouse punch, and think that Leia’s teeny tiny fist and arms would be capable of causing the 6 foot Han Solo to reel like that?   Of course not.  The laws of physics make this an absurd image.

But this is more about the SJW quest for the non-existent phantom known as equality.  But what if things really were equal?  Let’s reverse the roles in this image.

What if Han Solo had punched Leia in the same manner?  Would that then be seen as a token of masculine equality and male empowerment?  If we’re to be perfectly equal, why wouldn’t it be?

Or would it just be viewed as base domestic abuse? If so, then why isn’t this image as it is a portrayal of base domestic abuse, rather than a glorification of female empowerment and equality?  If we’re to be perfectly equal?

In the end, feminists are merely using Star Wars to express their fantasies of putting the toxic masculinity of Han Solo in his place, and revealing their hateful misandry in the process.



There were some interesting comments from a Reddit thread, that indicate that there’s some sort of context that has be understood in this image:

This is one panel from the Han Solo comic and depicts Leia faking a fight before Han goes on a secret mission so a mole would not be interested in Han’s activities. This outrage about the comics physics is ridiculous and the comments on the blog pushing it are even worse.


It’s a real image. Context is Leia and Han have to put on a show for the other rebels so Han has plausible deniability. It’s not nearly as damning as some people here believe.


I would refer them both to my comment about “comics phsyics.”  Who on Earth would believe such a performance?  Naive SJWs I suppose, and no one else.  Because thinking people understand that this is what would happen:

Let’s be honest, the real context is that this is being used by feminists as a pretext to excuse the expression of their misandrous sentiments towards the Han Solo character.  This might be a ludicrous statement if this were the only example of misandry coming out of today’s Lucasfilm.  Unfortunately, it’s not.


15 thoughts on “More Misandry And Silliness From Lucasfilm And Marvel

  1. The SJW scum already added homosexuality into Star Wars:

    Kieron Gillen: I normally say Aphra’s a lesbian. I’ve never written her with any romantic interest in men.

    The chracter gets even action figure toys in the next month.

    Lucasfilm, why are you inserting (homo)sexuality into a-sexual franchise? Whats next? Leia f***g Chewbacca while Han is frozen in carbonite?

    Only 1-2 pecent of people are homosexual. They don’t need any “representation”. More than 50% are conservative. Where is their representation, you bigots?

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    • Is that book still out?
      I gave it a chance and that book was *boring*, not to mention Arpha or wathever is one of the lamest characters I’ve seen introduced to the Star Wars canon, she’s as much of a Mary Sue as Rey is.
      I guess Marvel and Lucasfilm can afford to keep releasing propaganda on print since they don’t depend on profit now that Daddy Disney is paying for it.

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    • You can get stuffed right there. If Star Wars is “asexual” then why do we have Han and Leia kissing? Why do they eventually marry and have children? Why SHOULDN’T homosexuality be included? What, you’re cool with aliens and droids (which don’t even exist IRL) being included, but you can’t stand gay people? That’s dumb. “Don’t need any representation?” So you think they should be treated like they don’t exist at all? There’s a bazillion non-gay characters in Star Wars, are you that insecure that one or two gays upsets you? YOU are the only scum here.


      • Let offer another opinion. Although there are only like 2 overt relationships present in all of the movies, there are NOT a ‘bazillion’ non-gay characters. The group you describe are in fact, non-displaying characters. YOUR OWN perception is labelling them as non-gay. The group could be 75% gay or 52.37% gay, we don’t know, but you are saying, if they don’t give any gay signals, they can’t be gay.

        What if the occasional character had a little pink triangle tattoo on their hands or necks? Is that enough? Or do they need to act gay? Is it the case that people who crave overt gay representation in movies cannot immerse themselves in a story unless it is stuck in their faces?

        Do you think hetero people need to see two characters at least holding hands to feel like this is a real story? If you answer ‘YES’ to this question, then there is a fundamental difference between what you and your echo chamber THINKS MAKES GOOD STORYTELLING and ‘everyone else’. If you answer ‘NO’, then there is a fundamental difference between what you and your echo chamber NEEDS TO BE IMMERSED IN A STORY and ‘everyone else.’

        We generally don’t care. In fact, the term ‘gratuitous love scene’ underscores this. If it is tossed in without having any impact on the narrative, it can be laughable and can actually be confusing and jarring. Same with the term ‘fan service.’

        The 2 relationships above were not superfluous. Both of them were critical to the narrative. The Leia/Han one even more now since it resulted in Ben. Ani/Padme resulted in Luke and Leia. The Han and Leia one was used to transition Han from ‘not my fight/only in it for the money’ to someone actually having a reason to fight. What percentage of the audience would have actually believed that he made that change if the object of his affection was Luke instead of Leia? I’m guessing 99% of the gay male audience, maybe 20% of the lesbian audience and maybe 2% of the straight audience.

        Personally, I believe the direction we should be going is for no public displays of affection between people pair-bonded rather than eroding the novelty of homosexual public displays of affection (i.e.: “GET A ROOM!”) Some single people get ‘triggered’ when couples flaunt it, especially if they were deeply hurt in their most recent relationship. No fault of their own.

        One scene I found particularly jarring in JJ’s star treks, I can’t even remember if it was I or II, was Sulu meeting his family at one point. He and his partner walk away holding hands. It was entirely virtue signalling. It was not entertaining in any way, and it was bolted on like a Garfield hood ornament on an expensive car. It had nothing to do with the plot. I guess you call it ‘world building’. I suspect that inclusionists don’t understand there is a big difference between ‘adding something’ and ‘bolting it on’.

        Finally, yes, the OP took a small liberty calling the saga ‘asexual’.. largely, he/she is not wrong. Your assertion there is a ‘bazillion’ blah blah blah is far more questionable.

        So, if your attitude is that characters need to be proven to be gay, regardless of whether that is a plot device or not, in order to be immersed in a story, then your story immersion and popular story immersion are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE. As Oscar Isaac (sp?) has suggested, “don’t like it? go make something for yourself” Yeah, he said it to us, but maybe you could learn from him too.


      • Whether or not homosexuals exist in the Star Wars galaxy is irrelevant.

        The question is, do homosexuals fight in the military? How many lesbianic Doctor Aphra types do we see in the army or marines?

        Because this isn’t and never was a story abot the galaxy as a whole. Rather, this was about wars in the stars (hence Star Wars) and the people who fight them.


  2. Yeah… I’m not buying this. The people currently in charge of the franchise, both at Lucasfilm and at Marvel, have no idea of what they’re doing and they simply don’t understand nor can relate to the OT or even the PT characters at all.

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  3. Why would Leia even punch Han. What the hell is this.

    In the OT they had their verbal duels, which were great. Leia going physical against an ally and friend is completely out of character.

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