Mark Hamill Still Doesn’t Understand The Last Jedi

By now I’m sure that everyone has seen the Mark Hamill Supercut, in which he states over and over again his skepticism and disagreement with Rian Johnson’s “vision” for Luke Skywalker, better known as Jake Skywalker.

Since then Mark Hamill has recanted, and then backpedaled his recanting.

He would then have an interesting Twitter exchange with fired Episode IX director Colin Trevorrow.

Eventually he would state that he really just didn’t care anymore.  A sentiment that he now shares with many Star Wars fans.

Mark Hamill

Why ask him? He didn’t write the damn thing.

But Mark Hamil has recently posted an interesting comment on Twitter in response to a fan’s question.

Bounding Into Comics reports:

Hamill was questioned by an inquiring fan who wanted to know why Luke gave up after his failure with Kylo Ren.

To which Mark Hamill replied:

Rian Johnson did not comment, presumably too busy typing away on a script for his never-coming trilogy.

SC Reviews also comments on this story:

As did John Talks:


8 thoughts on “Mark Hamill Still Doesn’t Understand The Last Jedi

  1. My respect for Mark Hamill keeps fading and fading. Why can’t he be more like Lynda Carter and protect his character’s legacy the way she does hers? And it disgusts me the way he publicly criticizes the POTUS and his cabinet but when it comes to a Mouse, he becomes a spineless hypocrite.


    • Mark has been one of the few voices of reason in the new movies and was never an hypocrite in that regard. He was always faithful to Lucas from the start and has always been critical of TFA and TLJ, specially as far as his character was concerned.

      And don’t forget that Mark, along with Carrie and Harrison Ford, have been under contract for the sequel trilogy months before Lucas sold his company to Disney. Lucas used the sequels he wrote and the fact that he had the original trio under contract to value the company for Disney. The fact that Mark played Luke despite his creative disagreements simply means he honored the deal. And let’s be serious, who would really want to break contract with Disney?

      I don’t agree with, nor care about, his political views. I don’t see their relevancy here.

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      • I don’t care what Mark did in the past. I don’t care if he is under contract and I don’t care what you think is relevant or not. If you can stand up to the most powerful elected official in the country then you should be able to stand up to a powerful media corporation.

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        • What the…?! I really don’t understand your argument. There are no serious consequences to ‘standing up’ (i.e: make tweets about) the POTUS or anyone else. But there are serious consequences to not honoring a legal contract. You may not care about those consequences (maybe you would if they involved you). But that doesn’t change the fact that said consequences do exist and he (not you) would have to pay for any breach.

          The fact is that he has voiced his disapproval of what they did to his character (and Lucas’ treatments). He didn’t have to, but he did because cared about it and he genuinely felt that way. And that’s all he could do. There’s nothing more anyone could ask for.

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  2. I like Mark Hamill a lot (though more for his Joker than anything else.) Still he isn’t fooling anyone when he tries to recant. Speaking as a Doctor Who fan I recognise attempts to break down a popular male character to appease feminists.

    Its a cliche but its true, modern feminists are mostly just man haters. That’s why they care more about either undermining or replacing male characters than in bigging up female characters.

    Did anyone have a problem with Xena and Buffy? Nope because they were original female characters who were just as badass as any male character. This toothless Luke however, and the cucked version of Doctor Who wishing for an all female future, and having his female companions get HIS powers and use them better than he does like this abomination of a scene here.

    Are clearly just attempts to kick the young boys who look up to these heroes in the teeth, before they get these franchises stolen away from them and replaced with a female hero (13th Doctor, Rey.)

    Mark Hamill needs to understand that its not US who have a problem with a hero that’s not the same gender as we are. Its the new and “trendy” feminist fans he is going out of his way to appease and whip himself for.

    I’d say about 99.9 percent of these feminist fans who whine about wanting to have a female character to look up to don’t EVER watch female led series or films. They probably don’t even know who Xena or Buffy is. They just want to take them away from men, either through emasculating them for a female hero, or replacing them. I and I’m sure you or any of the people complaining about characters like Luke and the Doctor being made weaker would never dream of going to a female led series like Buffy or Xena or Charmed and demanding that their main characters be made into pussies and undermined for a smug, annoying supporting male character.

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    • Actually “modern feminists” are hypocites who kiss up to men particularly if they’re non-white, non-Christian, trans, homosexual, Bill Clinton or Joss Whedon. As for Buffy and Xena, you’re only partly right, libfems (as we call them) ADORE Buffy. They make her the standard by which all action girls are measured (that’s why Whedon is their patron saint). However Xena is written off as a “campy lesbian show” and never given the credit it deserves despite predating Buffy by 2 years. Just recently I saw a wikia article listing TV female characters that paved the way for Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor. Buffy, Agent Scully and Captain Janeway were listed – but no Xena. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to bang my head against a table because of that.

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  3. Why are people criticising Mark H in these comments? He’s clearly (publicly) being congruent to his initial comments, ie “this makes no sense”.

    Speculatively, it seems obvious he was told to pipe down by the Mouse. This blunt statement from him is an encouraging sign if anything.

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