Bryan Young Attacks Ethan Van Sciver

Many readers of this blog will be familiar with Bryan Young as the Star Wars writer who got caught publicly discrediting himself.  More recently, Mr. Young attempted to manufacture a correlation between the purely imaginary Nazis that SJWs stupidly see lurking in every shadow 72 years after their defeat in Germany, with the criticism over the Hux character being treated as comedy relief.


Bryan quietly ponders whether or not love is truly louder.

Today, SC Reviews reports on comments made by Bryan Young in mid-August, in which he openly attacks Ethan Van Sciver.

Here are the tweets in question:

The report that Bryan Young is referring to is from the UK website Express, and played a role in the #ZerohGate incident which you can read more about here.

A fan replied to Bryan Young:

The video to which “Badass” refers to, can be seen here:

Bryan Young replied to “Badass”

To which “Badass” replied:

At which point Bryan Young responded:

It’s not clear if Bryan Young took the time to watch the video in question, or if he merely took Badass’s word for it.

“Badass” chimed:

It’s unclear if “Badass” understands that Homo Sapiens Sapiens did not evolve from Neanderthals, but lived along side them instead.

But another fan interjected:

To which “Badass” responded:

At which time Bryan then amusingly appropriated the pejorative “snowflake” to describe Ethan Van Sciver, in the same clueless manner that he calls normal people Nazis:

Whether or not Rian Johnson’s trilogy has been canceled is anyone’s guess.  The drones at the bottom of the Lucasfilm hive however, likely would not know whether it is or isn’t.  In fact, neither would Rian himself, until the day came for the Queen Bees at Lucasfilm to deliver the axe.

If rumors of Rian Johnson’s trilogy being canceled are true (EVS just posted a video stating that inside sources are telling him that it is), then it’s possible that Rian wouldn’t even know about his trilogy being canceled right now.

Many times in large companies, when they decide to fire a person, they’ll let the person go on about their normal business for a few weeks.  Meanwhile behind the scenes, management is putting out ads to hire a replacement, and making other preparations for the loss of the employee before management eventually gives the fired employee the bad news.  The fired employee wouldn’t be aware of any of this until that fateful day.

If that Ankler Hollywood Insider Newsletter is correct, and Kathleen Kennedy is being let go at the end of September, then Disney/LFL may not tell Rian that his trilogy is canceled until that official announcement, letting him pointlessly twiddle his thumbs with his trilogy “ideas” between now and then.  They certainly wouldn’t tell bottom feeders like Bryan Young either.

Here’s Ethan’s video about insiders telling him that Rian’s dreadful trilogy has been give the kibosh:

Having said all of that, I myself am skeptical that Rian Johnson’s trilogy has been canceled.  It’s clear that Disney is hell bent on producing films that drive fans away from the franchise, and rumors that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will soon go full SJW seem to point in that direction.  Allowing Rian Johnson to proceed with his trilogy would be in keeping with such a mandate.  But I could be wrong.


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26 thoughts on “Bryan Young Attacks Ethan Van Sciver

  1. I’m completely baffled. But that’s probably part of the plan. With spare cash in the bank, Disney can wait this out almost indefinitely.

    The part I don’t “get” is the breed of human that has attached itself to the franchise in order to sneer and jeer. We get it. LFL is in Disney’s sweaty palms now. And Disney must be aware of the “Get woke/go broke” axiom. Ghostbuster 2016/Star Trek/Marvel Comics/etc. Surely they know. And they have a backup plan: when anything, and I mean ANYTHING goes wrong, they heap the blame on the audience, a complete departure from “the customer is always right.”

    As to whether we are customers of Disney/LucasFilm, the whole “you’re not our customers!” argument is swept away in the expression: Show BUSINESS. Which brings up why Disney representatives appear to be stepping far beyond the bounds of typical “Codes of Conduct” one would expect customers to adhere to.

    If EVS and Reviews 4U are wrong, and you’re correct, Itchy, allowing Rian Johnson a series of movies would not only drive fans away from the franchise, but may be the plan to bring it to its utter ruin. Disney/LucasFilm will certainly point to the fans to incite disappointed (delusional) SJWs to retaliate while maintaining the “you fear women” mantra.

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  2. Whether RJ leaves or not. I’m still not interested in a watching any Star Wars-related media at this point. And I’m ready to boycott the next phase of the MCU if they’re still going for that SJW direction starting from Captain Marvel that’s lead by a man-hating feminist.

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    • “Whether RJ leaves or not. I’m still not interested in a watching any Star Wars-related media at this point.”

      For the most part, I agree. It’s been beyond saving since 2015. If they ever release Lucas’ story treatments (i.e: the true sequel trilogy) as is in some book or something, I might cave in. But other than that, I’m completely apathetic about the whole IP. At least as far as new material goes.

      Never thought I would feel this way about Star Wars.

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      • Oh right, Alex-turd. The franchise is so beyond saving. That’s why we got 12 new Clone Wars episodes, two SW trilogies and film series (by Rian Johnson and the Game of Thrones guys), a live-action series from Pre Vizsla himself, Jon Favreau, about Mandalore after the Empire, and a crap ton of Prequel-era novels about Padme and Qui-Gon and Maul, not to mention Solo was based on Lucas’s Treatments, FYI. So, the only thing beyond saving is your enthusiasm for Star Wars and bringing u back from ur jaded, depressed, negative, cynical, whining, bitching, Moaning, complaining, mumbling, fumbling, idiotic attitude in the human world. If all u do is complain and wallow in negativity about things in SW that people like, u shouldn’t be allowed to be a SW fan as the Prequel haters shouldn’t either, so why don’t u bug off or drop dead.


          • Only a Republican like u would say SJW as if it’s a bad thing. It’s not my fault many POC/females/LGBTQ’s want to be recognized in Hollywood


            • There’s a word for people who understand that SJWs are a dangerous postmodern cult of dysfunctional individuals.
              That includes a large majority of the members of all political parties on both the right and the left, POCs and LGBTQs.

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              • My bad. The point I was trying to make was that it isn’t just “Republicans” who dislike SJWs. SJWs are not your run of the mill guy who voted Democrat because his union boss told him to, he hates them as well. They’re not POCs who are based, live in the burbs and have good jobs, same deal. SJWs are people who live in echo chambers and have developed a neurosis associated with the social media “operant conditioning” * machine.
                * See B.F. Skinner

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                  • Oh. Nevertheless, if I post something incomprehensible, and I do that more than I would like, I give you prior permission to delete the post with no hard feelings on my part. You obviously have put a lot of hard work into this blog and I enjoy it on a daily basis.

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                    • Oh, it’s no big deal. I hardly delete any posts. The only posts I delete are genuine spam; advertisements for reverse mortgages and the like. Thanks for the kind words though!


        • Cry me a river, will you?

          While the franchise no longer provides me with quality entertainment, storytelling and consistent vision it once did when its creator was in charge, the mental breakdown of snowflakes like you who, for some reason, care so much about my take on the state of the franchise that you follow me everywhere and complain almost make up for it. You are my entertainment now. Please, continue with your “whining, bitching, moaning, complaining, mumbling, fumbling, idiotic attitude” over my opinions. Just let me get some popcorn.

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    • Me either. Even if they replace everyone at Lucasfiilm, they’ll replace them primarily with the available worker pool from San Francisco, so it’ll be the same crap all over again. So the franchise is effectively finished.

      I’m about burned out on super hero movies, so it won’t bother me too much if they go full SJW. I think after Infinity Wars the superhero movie will have run its course for the most part anyway.

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