Chuck Wendig and Bryan Young Unwittingly Advertise Geeks + Gamers

SJWs have dropped the “Blu-Ray sales are expected to go down because of streaming” argument like a hot organic potato.

If there’s one thing that SJWs despise the most; it’s success.  This is primarily because genuine success routinely eludes them.  Even if some of the more clever SJWs are able to barnacle themselves to pre-existing establishments, they eventually cause it to turn into pure crap with their notorious Reverse Midas Touch.  We’re watching that happen in real time with Star Wars, and it’s as fascinating as it is entertaining.

So of course since the successful critical voice of Geeks + Gamers is on the rise, they’ve become one of Lucasfilm’s primary targets.


See?  Chuck even capitalized the entire word “FACTS,” therefore it must really be a fact that can’t be argued with.  Except that it isn’t.

That ol’ dullard Chuck is an SJW.  SJWs are inheritors of an ideology that was spawned from the piss holes of Woodstock back in the flatulent 1960s.  Adolescent hippies from the 60s felt that by barnacling themselves to already existing civil rights movements with misbehavioral antics, they could fool other people and themselves into thinking that they’ve accomplished great things.  They felt that finger painting and dropping LSD on a filthy couch would give them great insight into complex geo-political and socio-economic matters.  Of course the exact opposite is true, but to some degree they’ve succeeded anyways.  Idiot elderly hippie professors use today’s college students as avatars to relive those adolescent antics, and the younger adjuncts use today’s students as tools to recreate the decade that they feel they missed out on.  It’s all very pathetic indeed.

So let’s leave the dippie hippie nonsense behind, and enter factual reality instead.

Here’s what Chuck is responding to:

What is Star Wars Legacy speaking of?  The Twitter account is speaking of this list from the


Gosh, that seems so impressive.  Except that the list compares The Last Jedi, purportedly a Star Wars movie, with average run-of-the-mill movies; and that’s the real problem here.  Sure TLJ sold more units than Justice League for that release date.  But so what?

True, today’s Star Wars films are in fact run-of-the-mill Star Wars movies, now that empty headed SJWs have taken over the franchise.  But that wasn’t always the case.

Once upon a time, in this very galaxy, Star Wars pictures performed far and above of the average run-of-the-mill movie in every arena. It’s why multiple versions of the OT were able to be printed on VHS, DVD, and ultimately Blu-Ray, and do gangbusters sales every release.  They obviously wouldn’t repeatedly release films that didn’t sell amazingly well.

This is why it’s far more informative to compare TLJ to the performances of previous Star Wars films, rather than say Coco, or The Greatest Showman, or even a Marvel film.

Here’s the story as it originally ran on this blog, in its entirety:

Courtesy of, the first week of Blu-ray sales for The Last Jedi have come in, for the week of April 1st, 2018.


First, for some context, let’s look at the Blu-Ray sales for previous Disney Star Wars live action feature film releases.

The Force Awakens:


Rogue One:


The Last Jedi:


Now, it should be noted here, that we only have one week of sales data for The Last Jedi so far.  Anything could happen in the coming weeks as new data comes in.

But overall, this doesn’t look good.

For the first week of reported sales, The Last Jedi sold 1,480,299 fewer copies than The Force Awakens, and only 77,865 copies more than Rogue One in their first weeks.

In dollars, The Last Jedi sold $40,324,282 less than The Force Awakens, and only $6,892,312 more than Rogue One.

For context, The Force Awakens sold 1,558,164 more copies than Rogue One, for a dollar amount of $47,216,594 more than Rogue One.

It will be interesting to watch the sales as more data comes in over the ensuing weeks.

I invite others to double check my math.


A Twitter user who read this blog entry commented:

Here is the data for the 3rd week of The Force Awakens:


So that’s a difference of 2,168,918 units between The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi by the 3rd week in release. That’s a $57,512,212 difference in sales between the two in the 3rd week.


Jedi Temple Archives argues that streaming services and electronic sell-thru are partly responsible for The Last Jedi’s poor blu-ray sales.  That article can be read here.

There’s no question that streaming services and electronic sell-thru may be partly responsible for the poor Blu-Ray sales of The Last Jedi. But let’s be clear on a couple of things.

First, streaming services and electronic sell-thru were just as widely as available during The Last Jedi’s release, as they were during The Force Awakens release.

Second, Star Wars is not the average run-of-the-mill movie. Collectors like to have physical copies with box art to place on their shelves. Not any more.

Third, TLJ had tons of extras that should have appealed to fans, especially collectors.  Extras which wouldn’t have been available through the streaming service.

Fourth, we can look at this in the context of the massive box office drop for the Last Jedi after its opening weekend.

Fifth, this falls in line with the waning toy and merchandise sales as a whole.


Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers offers some commentary on this story:

And there’s really no question that all of that still holds true.  Furthermore, this is congruent with the comparison of the box office performance of Star Wars films which you can read about here.

So the fact that TLJ sold more units than any of the other average films on that list really only has meaning to unhinged savages such as Chuck Wendig who argue from a position of pure emotion.  If you’re interested, you can entertain yourself with the rest of his incoherent nonsense here.

What’s really interesting here however, is that the self-discrediting Bryan Young hilariously called Geeks + Gamers “fake news” in response to Wendig’s meaningless rant.

Bryan Young is the pea-brained imbecile who was publicly caught in a failed attempt to concoct a narrative that was intended to blame Geeks + Gamers and other critical voices for the cancellation of the Obi-Wan Kenobi stand alone film.

Given how utterly transparent all of that was, it’s quite possible that Bryan Young just may be the dumbest human being ever to walk the face of the planet for posting a comment like that about Geeks + Gamers, particularly now that his credibility has completely evaporated as a result of that fiasco.

As Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers rightly pointed out:

But there’s also something else going on here.

As the end of September draws near, we’ll be seeing uncontrollable outbursts from the drones in the Lucasfilm Collective increase in both severity and frequency.  Why is the end of September important?   Read the Ankler Hollywood Insider Newsletter at this link and find out.


Fashion glasses are no substitute for genuine intelligence.


Twitter terms of service.


Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers comments on this story:


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