Rian Gets Testy As The End Of September Draws Near


Back in June, Rian Johnson famously posted the following well known tweet:

To which Island def Jam Digital Recording Artist Fyrare responded to on Twitter on September 6th:

Rian didn’t take to kindly to this response, and replied with the following:


Here’s the video that Saturn Award winner Rian Johnson linked to in his reply:

Why is the end of September relevant here?  Read the Ankler Hollywood Insider Newsletter at this link to find out.

Thanks to Jeremy Moore for this tip:


2 thoughts on “Rian Gets Testy As The End Of September Draws Near

  1. Heh, Strange that after delivering TLJ debacle he’s still on twitter. Has anyone quantified the amount of abuse he’s had since its unfortunate debut? If KM Tran has been harassed off twitter, certainly ol Round head Rian must have gotten far more. I assume he’s contractually required to have a social media presence by Disney but still. Not that I feel bad for him, he just made 10X more in one shot than the average SWs fan makes in a lifetime.

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    • “Strange…he’s still on Twitter.” I agree. Stranger still since he made it crystal (fox) clear that he’s definitely (fist bump) making his trilogy.

      Does Johnson fire off those tweets from his Disney “office” (y’know, feet up on the desk, iPad in his lap, etc.) or from his home? Who has time to waste on social media with the weight of a Star Wars trilogy on their shoulders. Oh! Right! Rian Johnson, amiright? He claimed he was a lazy writer. There are allegations he plagiarized material from, of all people, a fan fiction writer. So, writing a trilogy can’t be much of a strain on him.

      Besides, if he brings a movie to the screen that’s so bad even the critics can no longer support him, he’s got most of the planet blocked. He’ll never see another message criticizing him for a making a disappointing movie.

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