Marvel Insists On Going Broke By Remaining Woke

Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment, and Executive Producer Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD & Agent Carter, spent the weekend going on an extended lunatic Twitter rant.  Joe started off by posting the following images that were published by Marvel Comics in the 1970s.




In fact all these images would really prove provided they’re authentic, is that normal people didn’t care for political naggery in their entertainment back in the 1970s any more than they do today.  And from what I understand, comic book sales in the 1970s weren’t that hot either.  It might be an interesting study to compare comic book sales with the extent of political propaganda in them throughout the decades.

But Joe wasn’t finished pontificating.  Not by a long shot.  He went on an extended rant throughout the weekend, and Ethan Van Sciver did a great job of summing it all up, and giving some pertinent background:

A fan later posted another image from Marvel Comics from the same era:


In 2017 Marvel sales were hurting so bad that they had to replace the SJW Editor in Chief of the time.  But it doesn’t appear to have solved the problem.

This bizarre extended outburst from Quesada could be the manifestation of anxiety over the impending disaster that Ms. Marvel will inevitably wreak at the box office, given that it’s now widely known that the MCU will be going full SJW.


7 thoughts on “Marvel Insists On Going Broke By Remaining Woke

  1. Gee, Mr. Quesada, if you cared soooo much about putting meaningful messages in your work, THEN WHY DID YOU CANCEL “AGENT CARTER” AFTER ONLY TWO SEASONS AND LEFT IT ON A CLIFFHANGER??!!! You know, Marvel’s 1st female led show that was loved by female comic book fans nationwide? That empowered women all over the country?:
    Why did your partner, Kevin Feige, constantly skirt around the issue of a Black Widow movie, then wait 20 films to give femgeeks a film with a female lead who was never properly introduced in the previous films? Why is it whenever you ask the average American to name a supershero, they pick a DC character?
    Because Marvel hates women.

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    • More like Kevin Feige’s Trump-supporting, racist, sexist, women-hating, POC-hating, greedy ex-boss and Marvel Entertainment CEO, Ike Perlmutter is why we didn’t get Captain Marvel yet until next March.


  2. Marvel’s version of being “woke” in 1970 was entirely inspired by the hippy and subsequent protest movements which were dominant trends at the time at the upper end of Marvel’s readership demographic. Both DC and Marvel were already years late to the protest party and were under attack by cultural intellectuals as being fascist in orientation. Marvel introduced some tiny racial and social elements into their comics and then used the parental backlash to virtue signal their new “relevance” to the rebel youth of the day.

    Unfortunately, the results were pretty similar to what’s happening today. Except then, teenage kids who today would be reading Marvel, had access to far more amazing and also “forbidden” far left and sex filled underground comics at their local head shop and quickly left the Marvel universe.

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  3. The 1970s were not dominated by SJWs back then. Acceptance in today’s society means bringing down people who have different opinions than you. Diversity now means shunning genders and races because “you’re the only one who’s normal.”

    I wonder what’s the next thing that Disney will infect their SJW crap with?

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  4. Ah, Joe “let’s have a satanic divorce for Spider-Man” Quesada. He’s as lost as every other single creator currently working at Marvel, and all of them are SJWs, by the way.
    That company is beyond saving, nothing they publish has been worth reading since about 2010, it is all infected with SJW propaganda to the marrow.

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