Rogue One Writer Reminisces About His Race Baiting Tweets

Bill Bradley writes a piece at the Huffington Post entitled, ‘Star Wars’ Writer Addresses Tweet That Enraged Trump Supporters

Bill recounts a notorious tweet that the Rogue One writer Chris Weitz stupidly sent out shortly after the purely imaginary black stormtrooper controversy that surrounded The Force Awakens:

It was a tweet heard across the galaxy.

Following the contentious results of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Chris Weitz, writer of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” stirred a bit of controversy when he tweeted out a number of anti-Donald Trump messages days after the Republican candidate won.

“Please note that the Empire is a white supremacist (human) organization,” Weitz wrote, seemingly drawing a parallel between the United States’ current political situation and the evil regime in “Star Wars.”

“Rogue One” co-writer Gary Whitta piled on, saying the Empire is “opposed by a multicultural group led by brave women.” Then all hell broke loose.


The Empire is a white supremacist organization according to screenwriter Chris Weitz.

How can ignorant SJWs shriek that a black man can be a stormtrooper too (even though no one was complaining about it), while simultaneously declaring the Empire to be a white supremacist organization?

Your guess is as good as mine.

In an interview with HuffPost in August, Weitz reflected on the tweet and the chaos that followed. For him, it marked the moment he realized just how angry ― and anti-Semitic ― a certain subset of “Star Wars” fans could be.

If Chris is worried about anti-Semitism, then you should probably read up on leftist liberal Democratic President FDR.

“It’s a great lesson not to try to be funny on Twitter unless you know that the joke is a total hit. I think that was meant to be a throwaway fun comment, but [it] got pretty ugly pretty fast,” he told me. “I think I learned something about social media.”

“White supremacist organization.” Funny, ha ha.

What’s really funny is what the Atlantic reported on back in 2016:

Weitz had strongly criticized President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign on Twitter (and has continued to challenge the transition), but he later deleted that particular comment and apologized for its overt politicization of “innocent” escapism.

I wonder if Weitz was also just joking when he strongly criticized President-elect Donald Trump on Twitter.

Bill from the Huffington Post continued:

The tweet was “a canary in the coal mine moment,” he explained, “when I realized there was a pocket of America and the internet that was insolently angry and anti-Semitic.”

Or maybe there was a pocket of America who didn’t like having it suggested that they were part of a white supremacist organization, by a leftist.

“I literally received cartoons out of Nazi… papers of anti-Semitic caricatures,” he said. “That was pretty extraordinary.”

Yet, much like the Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident, Mr. Weitz “literally” provides exactly zero evidence of any such received cartoons.

The thing is, Weitz’s joke wasn’t random. There’s Nazi influence all over the Empire, down to Darth Vader’s helmet., the franchise’s own official website, states that George Lucas’ stormtroopers were inspired by the Nazi Sturmabteilung:

Which is a fascinating case for the SJWs at Huffington Post to make, given that they’ve spent the last nine months lecturing thinking people that Star Wars was George Lucas’ great Viet Nam protest picture.

Although he deleted the original controversial tweet, Weitz, who’s gone on to direct the Nazi-hunting movie “Operation Finale,” continued to showcase his rebellious spirit. After the controversy hit, he chose the “Star Wars” Rebel Alliance logo with a safety pin in it ― a symbol of solidarity with persecuted minorities ― as his Twitter profile image.

At what point did the Rebel Symbol become a symbol of persecuted minorities?  I’d think it would be more appropriate to be a symbol of the persecution of normal people by leftist socialist Nazis.

“My last film [“A Better Life”] was about an undocumented immigrant. I still feel pretty strongly about the issues,” he told me in August. “I feel kind of badly about the ‘Star Wars’ stuff because I never want to damage the work of a lot of people in my life, and they didn’t ask to be dragged into all that.”

“There was a point where if it was clear that there was some sort of boycott that was affecting ‘Rogue One’ in a significant way, I would’ve felt pretty badly,” he went on. “I think I’m certainly more careful in how I express myself, but I’m every bit as [firm] about my political beliefs.”

Operation Finale directed by Chris Weitz and starring Oscar Isaac opened in theaters on August 29th.

43 thoughts on “Rogue One Writer Reminisces About His Race Baiting Tweets

  1. The “Empire is a white supremacist organization” quote pissed off a lot of people, and not just Trump supporters. In the OT, the Empire AND the Rebellion were both essentially white with the odd black guy. So no racial politics at all. The quote just confirmed and underlined the fact that Disney had turned one of the most beloved properties ever into a vessel for multicultural advocacy. Also, I have been reliably informed that there is no such thing as anti-semitism, as it is impossible to be racist against empowered whites.


  2. Re: Isaac’s movie: the millionth film portraying nazis as the villain (none on the Sorosian-type tactic of flooding western nations with africans/muslims). Talk about over-saturation.


  3. The funny thing with the right (should I say reich) wing snowflakes is that they always try to excuse their bad behavior by pointing at a Democrat. You have to go back 80 years to FDR to find an example of a Democrat being a bigoted asshole. Republicans, on the other hand, you just have to look back to yesterday…


    I’m not sure why it’s so hard to believe that a white supremacist group would use black people as Storm Trooper canon fodder.


    • Well no, you shouldn’t say Reich Wing, given that Nazis were in fact leftist socialists.

      Actually, we don’t have to go back 80 years at all. FDR is just a good starting point for uneducated SJWs.

      If we want to look at today, all we have to do is look at the modern college campus, which routinely expresses anti-semitism both through official channels, and through its naive student “activists.” This is where the bulk of anti-semitism of bred today.

      Compare and contrast that academic culture of anti-semitism, with the few examples of anti-semitism that can be found on the right.

      Remember, it is leftists who are the savage barbarians, and their daily unhinged misbehavior demonstrates that fact beyond the shadow of a doubt.


      • Fascism was in fact a hybride movement,not so such simple as in GOP propaganda .Nazis (aside from strasserism) were extreme right in political sense.Dictatorship is not left in a political sense.Almost all academics described NSDAP as extreme right.In economic sense Hitler’s politics were based on Keynesian economics,they have planned economy(but without material balance as Soviet ‘one) ,but private ownership means of production.In political sense they were much to the right of GOP-advocating building of Empire,genocide,etc.
        As for communists.Stalin was not marxist.Socialism in one country have nothing to do with classical marxism (19 century marxism,kautskian social democracy ,left communism,leninism,trotskysm),where socialism=communism.Communism is a classless society of direct democracy.Its impossible on Earth.,but in post-scarcity society possible.Stalin completely turned theory to the propaganda-“marxism-leninism”.Reagan stated in 1983 as I’m remember that Soviet leaders were guided by Lenin ,this is abusrd ,Stalin dropped this in 1927-1929.
        Stalinist project was project of rapid modernization of country in smal time and this why stalinist dictatorship was brutal,but not such as people like Conquest argued,much less.Gulag was fully rationalized from the economic point of view.Trotsky would be much … much worse.Because true marxism=destruction of the state.As for totalitarian concept.Theory of Hannah Arendt+Zbigniew Brzezinski….There not existed any state that would correspond all six signs of it,even in Nazi Germany and Stalin’USSR.And this theory mainly anti-scientific.
        Western marxists ( as academic,as in left-wing movements ) described Soviet regime as Stalinist,I.e. bureuacratic dictatorship.Stalin regime was the same to the 1917 revolution as Bonapartist regime to the French revolution.And actually Soviet economy was good only for weapons production.In USSR there not existed hartred toward USA during Cold War,Putin’s propaganda much more anti-American, Soviet propaganda was more anti-capitalist,but not Anti-american as nation.Putin’s more nationalist.I’m lived in USSR back in 1970-1980-s.For example all western scientific publications were avaible,almost all newspapers( some issues were censored).
        Back to the fascism.It was based on historicaly on ultranationalism(which is far-right) and revolutionary syndicalism ( mostly Sorel’s works).But only small of this in Italy was implemented.Its only dictatorship.italian MSI party dropped concept of one-party dictatorship .As for socialists.
        Social-democrats were democratic.Even when were marxists.(153 parties in Socialist international).
        Anarchists,social libertarians.
        See this –

        All regimes up to XVII century were dictatorships,but absolute monarchy-right-wing(its left-wing i’m believe ?).First left-wingers historicaly were classical liberals.
        So for resume.NSDAP-in political sense -extreme right,in economics slightly left of center in moderт terms.


        • That’s the problem. All academics described NSDAP as extreme right are themselves fringe left.

          All historical documentation including primary sources demonstrate that fascism was a leftist manifestation. Exactly zero evidence supports the notion that it was a right wing manifestation, fantasist hippies Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn aside.


          • I’m said it was syncretic movement.Combining aspects of far-right and left-wing,but not far-left.War economy by definition cannot be market economy.Not only ones like Chomsky(he is not marxist themselvs,his works would be banned under fascism) but almost all political scientists.Even USSR was never socialist in Marxist sense,it was bureuacratic system,were workers were controlled.I’m himself not marxist,simply consider this a interesting theory.In USSR left-wing aspects of fascism were censored up to 1988 (spechran).So Soviet propaganda described right-wing dictatorships such as Franco( he only used fascist rhetoric,but dropped all aspects of falangism),Salazar,Pinochet,Argentinian junta,Brazil military dictatorship as fascist.

            As for SW.This Empire nothing compared to the Imperium of Man from Warhammer 40000.Imperium was build on the blood of hundreds exterminated alien races.

            It is not hard sci-fi,but much more sci-fi.However imperium not fascist,it based on its counterpart in Warhammer fantasy,plus some aspects of USSR.
            Great crusade fleet have more than million warships (not hundreds),including Emperor’personal flagship Imperator Somnium which is continent-sized.Defense grid of planet Calth have 250,000
            weapon emplcements.
            “The voyage back to Terra is a long one,’ said the Blood Angels primarch. His tone was curiously neutral. ‘The Imperator Somnium has shifted out to far orbit. The Emperor will lead the departure, it is only right. He will return to the Segmentum Solar and we… we will return to our Crusade.’
            The signifier Imperator Somnium registered briefly in the servitor’s memory core: an interstellar craft of unique classification, it was beyond the security clearance of the lowly machine-slave to even set foot aboard one of its shuttle-barges. A goliath among starships, the Emperor’s command carrier matched in size the great orbital plates such as Riga and Skye, which floated over the surface of distant Terra like windborne island continents. When it had first entered orbit of Ullanor the planet’s sun had been partially eclipsed, and the Emperor’s helmsmen were forced to administer the ship’s course with an iron hand, to prevent the mass of the vessel exerting a tidal effect on the local weather system.”

            “From this deck, from this summit, Hesst can issue – by means of a simple code command across his permanent MIU link – the order to commit the planet’s weapon grid. Two hundred and fifty thousand surface-based weapons stations, including silo launchers and automated plasma ordnance, plus tower and turret guns, field stations, polar weapon pits. He can activate the immense void shield systems that umbrella Calth’s principal habitation centres. He can bring on-line the nine hundred and sixty-two orbital platforms, which include outward-facing protection systems and surface-aiming interdiction networks. Furthermore, he can harness and coordinate any and all available forces on the ground, and any fleet composition assembling at high anchor or in the shipyards.”

            “The greenskins will never recover from this,’ said Horus. ‘Their power is broken. It will be thousands of years before the beast arises again.’
            The Emperor shook his head, drawing a shimmering orrery of light from the disc. Gently glowing points of light rotated around the edge of the disc, scores of systems, hundreds of worlds.
            ‘Would that you were right, my son,’ said the Emperor. ‘But the greenskin is a cancer upon this galaxy. For every one of their ramshackle empires we burn to the ground, another arises, even greater and ever more deeply entrenched. Such is the nature of the ork – and this is why their race is so hard to destroy. They must be eradicated wholesale or they will return all the stronger, time and time again, until they come at us in numbers too great to defeat.’
            ‘Then we are to be cursed by the greenskin for all time?’
            ‘Not if we act swiftly and without mercy.’
            ‘I am your sword,’ said Horus. ‘Show me where to strike.’
            The Emperor smiled, and Horus felt his heart swell in pride.
            ‘The Telon Reach was but a satrapy of the largest empire we have ever encountered, one that must fall before the Crusade can continue,’ said the Emperor. ‘It will be magnificent, the war we will wage to destroy this empire. You will earn much honour in its prosecution, and men will speak of it until the stars themselves go out.’”

            “Mighty heroes battle for the right to rule the galaxy. The vast armies of the Emperor of Earth have conquered the galaxy in a Great Crusade – the myriad alien races have been smashed by the Emperor’s elite warriors and wiped from the face of history.”
            Prologue to any Horus heresy novel.Horus Heresy larger than entire SW EU book universe.
            On economics of Imperium-


            • I understand that you’re saying it was syncretic movement, combining aspects of far-right and left-wing,but not far-left.

              But what I’m saying in response to that, is that you’re incorrect.

              In fact it was a leftist manifestation, as all socialist endeavors are. National Socialism was merely another strain of the socialist virus.

              I strongly recommend reading my piece on the Nazis, which I’ve linked to in my previous response.


    • Why would a white supremecist organization want to use what they see as an inferior “race” as a soldier in their armies?

      Do you understand what white supremacy actually is?


      • If they’re trying to put forth a superior fighting force, then of course they wouldn’t.

        However, I suppose there is a case to be made that if they wanted a fighting force made up of expendable cannon fodder, then filling its ranks with members of a race they deem inferior could be an option.


        • I’m not sure there were many Jews who enlisted with the Nazis to become cannon fodder.

          The whole problem with the cannon fodder argument, as that those who are deemed inferior races, simply aren’t. They do have minds of their own, and would likely know when the orders came down what they were being ordered to do. It’s unlikely that a large group of soldiers could be held together under such an order. They’d be far more likely to go AWOL, or join the opposing side.


          • I was thinking more of forced conscription rather than voluntarily enlistment.

            And yes, the situation doesn’t exactly work in our modern real world; or at least it would be complicated enough not to be effective on a large scale. But in the context of the fictional universe of Star Wars? We’ve already been told that the First Order conscripts children at a young age and effectively brainwashes them into becoming soldiers; why couldn’t the FO be selective about which races they “recruit” from for this procedure? If their sci-fi brainwashing process is effective enough to remove/inhibit free will to the extent that order is easily enforced. Is it 100% effective? Clearly not, as Finn did go AWOL and join the opposing side, just as you said. The first stormtroopers for the Republic-turned-Empire were clones, who were literally programmed to obey orders, so there is precedent in the universe for an army of soldiers with no free will of their own.

            Understand I’m not disagreeing with your general principle; in our real world, a nation that holds a view of racial superiority is unlikely to either desire or be capable of forming a military comprised mainly of a race they deem inferior. At most, they would likely roundup members of such a race and force them ahead of the actual troops into combat so as to absorb enemy fire (there are historical cases of such).

            However, in Star Wars, the fictional technology available changes the rules and creates different possibilities. Under the rules of the SW universe, I don’t see it as impossible for a “white supremacist” Empire/First Order to maintain a military at least partly comprised of “inferior” races to be used as expendable troops.

            Of course, the whole claim of the empire being “white supremacist” is revisionist garbage, as it ignores everything laid down about Star Wars before Disney came along. The Empire was definitely discriminatory, but they were speciest, not racist. Non-humans were sometimes permitted to join the military under the Empire, but they rarely rose much in the ranks (this point was often used to emphasize the exceptional genius of Grand Admiral Thrawn, a non-human who attained the highest military rank in the Imperial Navy). Some species were outright enslaved (such as the Wookies; Chewbacca’s life debt to Han was an account of Han, as a young Imperial officer, freeing Chewbacca from his enslavement). But there was never any material (at least that I am aware of) citing that the Empire discriminated between races within the human species.

            Perhaps Mr. Weitz was confused, and intended to refer to the First Order, rather than the Empire (an understandable mistake, considering how much TFA was just a clone of ANH with new labels and a paint job). The First Order, being a new invention of Disney, may have different ideals/prejudices than the Empire, so maybe Disney did intend them to be “white supremacist”. As it stands though, his statement regarding the Empire is flat out false.


            • Whether forced conscription or voluntary enlistment would be irrelevant. In either case, each soldier has a mind of their own.

              The fictional universe of Star Wars is based in part on Earthly things. Even fictional universes operate by their own internal logic and set of rules, if they seek to maintain suspension of disbelief. Otherwise, they’d have Micky Mouse fighting alongside Rey. Both are Disney characters after all.

              The Empire and first Order are interchangeable now, just as the Rebellion and Resistance are.


              • “Whether forced conscription or voluntary enlistment would be irrelevant. In either case, each soldier has a mind of their own.”

                “Even fictional universes operate by their own internal logic and set of rules, ”

                This is my point: Star Wars is a fictional universe whose set of rules include brainwashing of soldiers and literal programming of human minds. Therefore, in accordance with the internal logic of the Star Wars fictional universe, the soldiers may not actually have minds of their own.


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  8. Darth Vader’s helmet is a kabuto, a Japanese helmet. Lucas got a lot of inspiration from Japanese period dramas (jidai geki) which often take place in the Sengoku period (the unification wars), especially Kurosawa’s work, which mirrors in the OT.

    It’s so blatantly obvious that there’s even a joke in Japanese about what Star Wars is called in the language: Sengoku Jedi.

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