Comic Book Kid More Mature Than Adult Marvel Editors

This story occurred back in December of 2017, when The Last Jedi was still in theaters.

The debate over the blatant stupidity of the Rose Tico character was already heating up back then.  TheRealComicBookGamer, articulated an effective argument against a comment from intellectual void Heather Antos, in which she stated that Rose Tico was greater than Boba Fett.  Adult Marvel editors responded with adolescent hyperbole.

Douglas Ernst would later comment on the silliness of the Marvel editors later in January of 2018, and on our old idiot SJW friend, GeekGirlDiva:

Even early on, it was clear that the SJW support for The Last Jedi was completely about moronic ideology rather than genuine film craft or storytelling.

7 thoughts on “Comic Book Kid More Mature Than Adult Marvel Editors

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  2. This debate would not be happening if Disney had simply published a statement that Disney SWs, a property that was originally oriented to boys, has been purposely re-oriented to girls. The female hero saving her lover from throwing his life away is a romantic trope and to (most) women outweighs male action heroics. Ergo Rose Tico >> Boba Fett. Such a statement might look something like:

    With Hillary Clinton soon to be our President, it’s high time that women were given their own action franchise to follow. Although we have produced a substantial number of highly successful female privileging animated features over the last few decades, our own ideas for a girl hero oriented action property never made it past the focus groups. Subsequently, we decided to follow the boy oriented Marvel template and buy SWs and re-purpose it to appeal to girls.

    Thank you for your understanding.


    • They could have done that, but the result would likely have been even worse. People would have walked away from the franchise instantly, rather than holding out till getting spit in the face with The Last Jedi.

      The debate would then still continue, as idiot SJWs looked for scapegoats to blame their inevitable failures on.

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      • Re: Disney “Girl” SWs. Once upon a time, I knew a Disney entertainment “insider” who swore that Disney had a “bible” of tropes that had been designed to appeal to particular segments of a multicultural audience. As in “hispanic teen girls like ….” or “blacks enjoy …”. Maybe he was pulling my leg, but when you consider things like the girl relatable Camel Horse stuff injected for no obvious reason, the “hot” sexualized bad boy Kylo Ren, and the Tico saving her lover scene it makes me wonder. It might also explain the end of Snoke, a character design that girls would find “gross” so he had to be killed off.


        • Ironically the most popular episode among girls was The Phantom Menace due to Padme’s wardrobes, Naboo’s beauty and the cuteness factor of Anakin and Jar Jar. I remember some of my female classmates gushing over TPM.


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