Let The Past Die

Jeremy From Geeks + Gamers destroyed his Force Awakens Blu-Ray on live stream. Jeremy was once a passionate fan of The Force Awakens, and a defender of the film from critics.  But The Last Jedi, and the misbehavioral antics of Lucasfilm representatives changed all of that.

It’ll be interesting to see if this sparks a movement, in advance of Episode IX’s release.

6 thoughts on “Let The Past Die

  1. I’ve often wondered why boycotting has never really taken hold by those on the ‘right.’ Lots of calls for it that just fizzle out and you’ll see the odd list of targets come and go.

    Perhaps it’s just organic and requires a certain level of mass awareness before things really take off.


    • Because by and large those on the right respect people’s right to speak their mind and spend their money where they please. It’s those on the left that want to control what people say, do, think, etc., including how they spend their money.

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    • Normal people don’t “organize” or behave in a Collective hive manner.

      If they don’t like something, they simply don’t buy it. When enough individuals make a similar choice, they don’t need to organize anything.

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      • Smart people vote with their dollars. After watching The Force Awakens, I felt like I’d been puked on. Even though the garbage hit me with the gentle strains of John Williams’ music, I was pretty convinced that a) I’d never watch that again, and b) any sequel to that hot mess was out of the question.

        Now that a few years have passed, I actually think this is some weird kind of social engineering project. If everyone’s all woke, no one will complain about Big Brother’s flavorless entertainment selection. So, throw some trash on the screen and check % of how much sticks. The ratio of people “pro” the new stuff (like Battle Star Galactica) that’s rejected tells ol’ Big Brah how much more effort he needs to put into college and university courses to get people thinking “right.”

        Good on Jeremy for finally snapping those DVDs. I read through the posts under that video. Many people had a comment that boiled down to: “I watched The Force Awakens and thought it was an okay film until I watched it’s follow up film. After The Last Jedi, I could no longer bring myself to watch TFA knowing where all the plot points lead to.”

        Buyer’s Remorse. When our new house is shoddy workmanship, that’s when we feel it. When an expensive laptop soon stops working, that’s when we feel it. When the movie we see is nothing more than social justice activist slop served up with lightsabres and special effects, … buyer’s remorse.


  2. There’s no need to give money to Lucasfilm in the first place. KK herself has said that she doesn’t cater to the old fans of Star Wars anyway.

    Star Wars has become a crappy brand now that many SW toys can be found in $1 stores. Even for a dollar, I won’t buy that Rose Tic-Tac-Tico toys that’s plaguing the toy shelves for years.

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