#GenCon Promotes Physical Violence Against Its Normal Attendees

An unhinged SJW savage threw the first punch at normal people back in August, when uneducated imbecile Matt Loter, also known as the Prettiest Matt and owner of Elm City Games in New Haven, Connecticut, assaulted Jeremy of TheQuartering because he didn’t like words that Jeremy spoke.


Matt Loter wouldn’t know what a genuine Nazi was, even if one had punched him in his empty progressive head 75 years ago.

If you recall, the GenCon Twitter account was blocking people who were asking for information on Jeremy’s attacker at the time.

GenCon was also outright banning people from their livestream for asking them for comments on the assault.

You can read the rest of the backstory to this incident here.

While a police investigation and subsequent charges have been sluggish, Mr. Hambly has employed attorneys to pursue the matter.

But now comes word that GenCon has seen fit to ban the victim of this assualt, Jeremy Hambly.

It is now apparent that we can no longer expect uneducated SJW savages to control their own behavior whenever they hear or read words that they don’t like.  SJWs will excuse their own violent misbehavior by babbling something barely intelligible about Nazis; a topic which they know nothing about whatsoever.  But in reality it’s just dumb SJW animals who want to punch people, and who are attempting to manufacture a mythology whereby they’re the hero for doing so.  Nothing is more monumentally stupid and transparent than the SJW mentality.

For this reason, normal people will no longer be safe at GenCon, since this effectively means that GenCon is actively promoting more SJW violence of this nature through their banning of the victim from their convention.  Every normal person should spread this word as far and as wide as they possibly can, to steer clear of GenCon, just as you would any other violence prone area of town.

If SJWs have an individual who is willing to fall on their sword and take a banning from GenCon in service of their smelly struggle, all they have to do is assault a loud critic and the critic will be banned as well.  So not only is GenCon promoting physical violence, but also silencing critics at the same time.  It’s chilling.

But don’t be too surprised if Matt Loter is a guest of honor at some future GenCon.

Clearly it’s time for GenCon to go out of business altogether.  And they will.  “Get woke, go broke,” as the saying goes.  It’s as inevitable as the rising Sun.

This of course will embolden SJWs, and make my previous prediction of violence at Star Wars Celebration far more likely, as they stupidly seek out imaginary Nazis to punch.

Feel free to head on over to GenCon’s Twitter page and let them know what you think about this absurd decision.  But be forewarned; they don’t want to hear about it:


No dialogue and/or discourse.

10 thoughts on “#GenCon Promotes Physical Violence Against Its Normal Attendees

    • As I read the article, the only thing that danced before my eyes was how these radical left activists are so deluded, they actually resemble zombies that have a diet of brains: other people’s thinking.

      Perhaps this is what the “zombie apocalypse” writers were warning us about: an unprecedented wave of people who cannot tolerate thinking or debate. A people fixated on everyone becoming part of the zombie mob. And if they refuse, “eat their brains,” or, better: try to destroy their ability to think by a constant assault against the mind.

      Maybe I’m over-thinking this… but the similarity is chilling.


      • I’m not surprised with the “zombie concept” since nowadays, children are so fixated on the internet that they don’t realize that too much of it makes their brain sedentary. Eventually, they will believe anything that they see on the internet because it is their only source of info.


  1. “But don’t be too surprised if Matt Loter is a guest of honor at some future GenCon.”

    Whoah whoah whoah. I’m as pissed about the situation as you are, but the video stated that Matt McFuckface got banned too.


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