Rachel Butera Driven Off Of Social Media By Shreiking SJW Activists

Bounding Into Comics is reporting that Rachel Butera has deleted her Twitter account due to harassment from SJW savages.  Yesterday Bounding Into Comics reported that SJW imbeciles were screeching for the firing of Rachel Butera who voices General Leia on the poorly received Star Wars: Resistance animated series, for doing an impression of purported sexual assault victim Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.  The very same SJW imbeciles who are currently screeching for the rehiring of James Gunn, who made multiple jokes about pedophilia publicly on Twitter.


Without a vagina, the Collective is no longer required to respect this wamon.

Did Rachel Butera or her agent or a Lucasfilm representative release any statement saying that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford deleted her account due to harassment?  No.  Like the Kelly Marie Tran Instagram incident, there is no evidence whatsoever that this is what happened as of this writing.  There’s also no concrete evidence that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford even remembers her high school years at all.  But I’m going to pretend that it’s all a fact anyway because I have a political agenda to advance.

Rachel Butera’s vagina may be repossessed by the Collective, as SJW drones have declared Ms. Butera officially stripped of her female sex.

As such, Ms. Butera will no longer enjoy the Collective’s special victim immunity that it bestows upon all of its perceived, marginalized classes.

Meanwhile, The Fandom Menace breathlessly awaits statements from Lucasfilm representatives Chuck WendigBryan YoungJJ AbramsGeekGirlDivaTimothy ZahnPaul S. KempGary WhittaChris WeitzPablo HidalgoRian Johnson, etc., on the matter.


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