The SJW Outrage Mob Comes For Lucasfilm

As of this writing, the forthcoming animated series Star Wars: Resistance is mostly famous for receiving far more “likes” on a George Lucas satire comment in the YouTube comments section for the first trailer in which he amusingly asks if he can buy Star Wars back, than the actual trailer itself received.  But it may be famous for something else now.


You must respect women, until you’re not supposed to.

Bounding Into Comics is reporting that SJW savages are now calling for the firing of Rachel Butera who voices General Leia on the show.  Apparently, Rachel Butera did an impression of Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who is now a public persona.  Rachel deleted the tweet undoubtedly in fear of what SJW mobs might do to her and her family, but it can still be seen via the following tweet from News This Second:

The hysterical outrage being voiced by rabid SJW animals is part of the larger movement in which they demand all accusers to be believed without regard to due process or any actual evidence, as is typically expected in civilized cultures.  But as anyone who has followed instances such as the Duke Rape Case or Mattress Girl knows, hate hoax prone SJW accusations should never ever be believed without concrete evidence, particularly in the modern era in which universities are now teaching toxic masculinity as part of their official curricula.


SJW culture.

Any reasonable person with a living historical memory, must be asking themselves where all these SJW savages were when Juanita Broaddrick accused Democratic President Bill Clinton of rape. Juanita Broaddrick was wondering too, as she showed up at the SJW freak show.  But I digress.

Nevermind that Ms. Ford’s 4th purported witness claimed no knowledge of any assault, nevermind that Ms. Ford has changed her story multiple times, nevermind that discrepancies in Ms. Ford’s polygraph test has raised some questions,  nevermind that two other men claim to have assaulted Ms. Ford rather than Kavanaugh, nevermind that Ms. Ford’s high school yearbook demonstrates “multiple photos and references to binge drinking and the accompanying joy of not being able to remember any of it,” nevermind all of that.  Ms. Ford is to be believed because she is a valuable tool to the Collective and their political agenda, just as Ms. Broaddrick was to be discredited because her account worked against the Collective.

And so, Rachel Butera must pay for her mockery of Ms. Ford’s voice, because it also works against the Collective.

It will be interesting to see if other Lucasfilm personalities such as Chuck Wendig, Bryan Young, JJ Abrams, GeekGirlDiva, Timothy Zahn, Paul S. Kemp, Gary Whitta, Chris Weitz, Pablo HidalgoRian Johnson, etc., will also call for Rachel Butera’s firing and/or resignation, and what effect that will have on the poorly received Star Wars: Resistance production.  Surely they must have some opinion on Rachel Butera.

Should Ms. Butera break free from the Lucasfilm collective, perhaps she could be hired by Ethan Van Sciver to voice a character in an inevitable CyberFrog animated series.  That might implode just about every SJW head on the planet.


Twitter terms of service.

16 thoughts on “The SJW Outrage Mob Comes For Lucasfilm

  1. The timing and selection of Ford was calculated. A coterie of well-paid curs surveyed focus groups and found which race, age of woman would best receive the fake outrage. Not an accident or random.

    So this does reflect the fact that anything, yes anything coming from the Sorosian left, is about tugging the emotional strings to receive maximum effect. Playing to female groupthink.

    Hopefully, however, most women have more than two braincells and reject being manipulated for political gain by despicable politicians and their goblin masters (the Soros).

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        • Good call, Me, good call. I was just peeking at a Geeks&Gamers vid and noticed the trolls are out in force there too. And interestingly, they use the same brilliant tactic of Nyeah, nyeah!

          Tell Republicans a lie to make them angry;
          Tell Democrats the truth to make them angry.

          As old as that motto is, it still bears up after all these years.

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  5. From a later post: “The very same SJW imbeciles who are currently screeching for the rehiring of James Gunn, who made multiple jokes about pedophilia publicly on Twitter.” Couldn’t have put it better myself.
    And how many comedians made fun of Monica Lewinsky or Paula Jones back in the ’90s?

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