The Star Wars Franchise May Be About To Get Some Heavy Competition

When folks think about competition to the Star Wars franchise in terms of competing for fan dollars spent on feature films and merchandise, one generally thinks either of Star Trek, or that there isn’t any real competition at all.  But a dark horse competitor may be on the horizon.



Farscape has real potential to surpass and usurp Star Wars.

Previously, World Fusion Wisdom cited criteria that potentially pointed to a Farscape continuation/revival coming soon in one form or another.  Back in March of 2018, WFW commented:

In 2014, Farscape fans were thrilled to hear Rockne O’Bannon confirm that he was working on a script for the next Farscape film and that Brian Henson would direct, and also on board was Justin Monjo, who wrote 14 Farscape episodes including, I feel, some of the best, and produced 36 others.

A few months later, Gigi Edgley, said that when she was working with Brian Henson on Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge Henson showed her an envelope telling her it was the working Farscape film script. Ben Browder, Claudia Black, and Wayne Pygram all weighed in that they would love to do more Farscape.

In January 2018, Boom! Comics released, under their Archaia label, the Farscape Omnibus, Volume 1, which combines the first four Farscape books and the D’Argo books. Volume 2 is scheduled for a December 2018 release (even though the original single-issue and compendiums have been out for years). Boom!-Archaia also published several Dark Crystal books and will in 2018, alongside the Farscape releases is launching a new Dark Crystal book series (to coincide with Brian Henson’s upcoming Dark Crystal TV series) and a new Labyrinth books series (to coincide with Brian Henson’s upcoming new Labyrinth film) which makes one wonder about an upcoming Farscape film.

Then out of nowhere on 8th of March 2018 an interview with Rockne O’Bannon appeared: “Farscape 15 Years Later.” Despite it appearing on the Medium platform, it was from The Paley Center for Media, so this wasn’t a fan site but a respectable and connected expert on media. O’Bannon confirms the Farscape film project is is still alive and he and Brian Henson are still working on the script. He says Henson is busy directing a movie (which I take to be The Happytime Murders mentioned earlier and finally completing post-production recently, confirming that Henson has been the hold up), but that they hope to get up and running sometime “next year.” The timing of things caught my eye. The article mentions the interview took place “late 2017,” which means the Paley Center held it back from publication for as much as six months.

SYFYWIRE’s recent article comes two weeks after the Paley Center published its held back interview with O’Bannon. Also, you can see there has been a noticeable uptick on stories on SYFYWIRE about Farscape. That’s six stories dedicated to Farscape (and mentioned in two others) in the past eight months–three in the past month–after zero dedicated stories and five mentions in four years. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I think they are deliberately building a buzz for the coming Farscape film. The SYFYWIRE connection is significant because they published “Why Farscape Still Matters” a month before O’Bannon announced the script was in development in 2014. Both events came around the 15th anniversary of the beginning of Farscape’s regular run, just as we are now seeing events around 15th anniversary of its end.

Speaking of timing: there was this surprising homage to Farscape from, of all people, Arby’s. People are paying attention, Brian Henson.

The blog post was updated in August 2018.

No real new information in this 24 August 2018 article (a site with twice more ads than content so I will summarize) but a confirmation that more Farscape is coming in “Brian Henson on What’s Holding up the Return of Farscape.” Henson says, in comments at a fan convention, that the hold up is entirely the fault of the creators not yet able to get it “quite right still.” That would mean that Henson, O’Bannon, and whoever else is involved at this point are either having creative differences or having difficulty with how the revival will actually work.

“The fan interest has been huge, but it’s a little harder to sell. BUT- I’ve been trying to make it as a movie for a long time, and everybody is tired–okay, I’m tired–of hearing me say that I really want to make a feature film of Farscape. I’m just coming off of making this movie [The Happytime Murders], and it really took all of my attention for 16 months. I’m reconsidering that, and it may be that the movie length is too short to tell the story. So that might mean, I may consider doing something on TV instead. Sort of exactly like what we’re doing in London right now with Dark Crystal. So there is the potential of doing something like that with Farscape. Honestly? I’m still very enthusiastic about Farscape, and I have been trying to make it into a movie, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to succeed.”

But more proof that Henson is ramping up for the return of Farscape is that his company launched a Farscape YouTube channel 23 August 2018.

The new Farscape YouTube channel can be found here.

Now, representatives from both productions will publicly downplay any notions of a competition between the two franchises.  They’ll say that there’s enough room for people to be fans of both franchises and other diplomatic hooey.

But while fans may indeed like both franchises, fans do not have unlimited incomes.  If they have to make a choice between purchasing a Star Wars action figure or a Farscape action figure, it’ll be interesting to see what choice they make.

Currently, Disney only owns the Henson Company’s created Muppets.  The rest of the Henson’s Company creations including the Dark Crystal and Labyrinth now belong to the Henson family.  So there may be hope that Farscape can escape the clutches of the SJW dimwits under Disney, though thoughtful people should warn Farscape fans of a potential Geeker Gate anyway, and pass along the URL to the phases to them.

6 thoughts on “The Star Wars Franchise May Be About To Get Some Heavy Competition

    • I really hope Stargate and Farscape come back and are good. Disney Star Wars and Star Trek: Discovery are just so terrible, I need some good Sci-Fi to watch. I am worried though, I don’t think I could stand seeing another one of my favourite shows ruined by SJW’s.

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    • I never got into the Stargate series. It seemed to hokey to me, every planet looked like the woods of Vancouver. But maybe I have a false impression if it, and it’s better than I think. Wasn’t Dean Devlin gearing up to do a new trilogy of feature films?

      Liked by 1 person

      • The Stargate film that Devlin was involved with fell apart a while ago.

        It’s funny you say that about Stargate, I had a similar thing with Farscape. For the longest time I never gave it a chance because I thought all the creature design and puppets were stupid. I got over it eventually and really liked the show. Give Stargate a chance, it’s a great show, especially SG-1. Ben Browder and Claudia Black from Farscape join SG-1 for seasons 9 and 10. It’s great.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Itchy? Stargate SG1’s first season is a bit wobbly, but Anderson’s light-hearted take on O’Neill makes it bearable. By Season 2 I was caught. They managed to take some of the material from Season 1 and play it up better. Obviously, this is all opinion, but I’d resisted SG1 for quite some time, now it’s a family favorite.

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