Russian Bots Are Responsible For Online Harassment of Kelly Marie Tran

On the heels of a breakthrough study, it has now been confirmed that Russian Bots were directly responsible for the racist and sexist online harassment that led Kelly Marie Tran to disable her Instagram account.


The evidence I have collected shows that the syntax used in sexist and racist comments directed at Kelly Marie Tran demonstrate the actions of a Russian Bot.  Profuse overuse and misapplication of adjectives is the primary indicator.

Double secret insiders have disclosed to me, that the Russian Bots could be gaining access to American Internet servers through JJ Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot.


A redski bot that is bad. Coincidence? I think not.

Now, I’m fully aware that absolutely none of this is true.  And if you’re a normal person rather than a famously abnormal SJW, you probably aren’t gullible enough to buy any of this either.

But I’m going to pretend that it’s true anyway, in order to advance a political agenda.  Knowing that most people don’t read past the headline, I have a pretty good chance at getting people to believe this just by getting the headline to appear in Google searches.  You can help by spreading the URL to this blog post far and wide across the interwebs.

H/T to Jeremy from The Quartering for suggesting that we ask this question.  It’s a good thing that we did.

Comrade Ivanov Filmfixitov explains other aspects of this insidious Russian Bot conspiracy:


10 thoughts on “Russian Bots Are Responsible For Online Harassment of Kelly Marie Tran

  1. If you need to engage in some raucous laughter, this one’s for you:


    “So today, don’t think of me as American novelist Larry Correia. I’m Lavrenty Krasnov, Cossack movie reviewer, who thinks that the Last Jedi was a dumpster fire. Pass the vodka, comrades… Oh yeah, I’m going to warn you now, there’s going to be a lot of profanity in this review.”

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    • I will read your article with relish… and mustard on a hotdog as I sit back and laugh my butt off. I gave it a peek and it looks like a fun romp.

      So YOU’RE the cause of all these Russian … bot … things! Had you had a go-fund-me thingie, you would’ve raised a lot of money!

      And now I find out that Ivan’s a Russian bot supporter too! What is this world coming to?! Time to break out my Russian phrase book, dust off my ignorance of the Cyrillic characters (looks a lot like Greek to me!) and learn how to order Pizza in Moscow!

      I almost wonder if this bizarre emphasis on Russia of late is radical leftists merely trying to subvert reality. Y’know, it’s a good thing they eat their own.
      Otherwise I’d think that mob were a real threat. But they threaten only themselves.

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