The Chuck Wendig T-Shirt Makes A Comeback!

Some of you may remember the Chuck Wendig T-Shirt produced by Faking Star Wars back in June.  The T-Shirt was removed from their online teepublic shop, as a result of Chuck threatening to sue, even though he didn’t have any kind of legitimate case to base any lawsuit on.

Well, now it’s back courtesy of



It is unclear whether this new offering is thanks to Faking Star Wars, or some other new benefactor.

But the timing simply couldn’t be better.

The T-Shirt makes its return shortly after one of Chuck Wendig’s notorious Twitter meltdowns, and is sure to send him over the moon all over again in short order, providing amusement and entertainment to us all.

Be sure to get yours in time for Star Wars Celebration 2019 this April!

4 thoughts on “The Chuck Wendig T-Shirt Makes A Comeback!

  1. I cannot wait for the day when ol’ Chucky is red-pilled. It’s usually those who scream loudest who are least convinced by their own rhetoric.

    To see that man humbled, apologizing to a public he greatly misled will be a delight.


    • Probably the first step in printing these T-Shirts is a “cease and desist” order (if ol’ Chucky can get a lawyer that works his way around the law). If that T-Shirt manufacturer ceases, the logo can be sent to any other T-Shirt house, making it necessary for ol’ Chucky to hire more lawyers, making this more and more expensive for him. In the meanwhile, more T-Shirts are produced and sold. Eventually the industry may wise up and collectively hire a lawyer that’ll put ol’ Chucky’s in their place.

      Besides, ol’ Chucky has no one to blame but himself. If he wasn’t a block-happy dolt–if he were man enough to face his opponents with a shade of dignity, honour and integrity–no one would be inclined to parody him.


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