Another Lucasfilm Representative Advocates Violence

Bounding Into Comics is reporting on another Lucasfilm representative endorsing violence against his political betters.  This time it’s Bill Sienkiewicz, who is known for his comic cover art on several Star Wars comics published by Marvel.

PeaBrainBill Sienkiewicz

A progressive pea-brain.

Bill posted the following tweet:


John F. Trent from Bounding Into Comics writes:

Not only does Sienkiewicz endorse the idea of Fred Trump having an abortion and Kavanaugh being beaten to death, he actually claims this sickening violence would “save millions of lives and very possibly the planet.” I’m at a loss for words. This is just deranged madness.

Bill Sienkiewicz has also served as a routine minor speed bump to #ComicsGate artists.

This is not Bill’s first call for violence against his intellectual superior.  In December of 2017, the unthinking imbecile published a series of normal politicians couched in a target motif, declaring them “The Most Punchable Faces of 2017.”

One wonders if Bill was one of the morons having a hysterical hissy fit over the metaphorical target motiff on Sarah Palin’s website back in 2010.  Given that hypocrisy is the foundation of all SJW “thought,” it’s more than likely that he was.


17 thoughts on “Another Lucasfilm Representative Advocates Violence

  1. Y’know, now that Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, and comics in general no longer occupy me in my spare time, it frees me up to more actively engage in politics. Thanks SJWs!

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    • I came to the same realization months ago. While I’m still very much a fan of Lucas’ movies and I’ll happily discuss them and respective ideas/concepts, what ended up happening with Star Wars once he was gone has brought me some free time for other endeavours due to the lack of on-going interest in the franchise.

      Following this blog (and other similar bloggers with the same mindset) is almost cathartic. It’s confirming my belief that everything these cultural marxists touch ends up corrupted and destroyed. Franchises, businesses, academia, governments, etc… They are like a virus or a cancer. Alone they are meaningless and can’t do anything by themselves. So they attach themselves to something good/healthy and end up infecting, corrupting and killing it. And if they don’t get themselves killed with it, they move on to the next healthy victim.

      I’m just watching the house of cards fall (and since one can’t go back and save the series from them or from what they’ve done to it, I’m enjoying the ride too).

      That said, and following my previous analogy, we do need to come up with some immune system for the future.

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      • I hope Earth remembers you once Episode IX making a billion worldwide next year will prove everything that u just said will turn out to be wrong, @alexrd. Because I guarantee you no one will.

        Also, I could continue to try to persuade you to keep your interest in Star Wars going for one more year with the new Clone Wars episodes, but, I see you care little or don’t care enough about what I or others think about the news (we all are happy about it, except cynical jaded old you), to make you watch the last of Lucas’s work of his own, one last time, so, May the Force be With You.

        Now, I see it was probably a good thing Lazy Padawan blocked people from commenting on Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society, because, she doesn’t want to deal with comments from negative people like your jaded ass, especially since she, unlike you, likes Disney’s SW stuff, sans TFA.

        Also, good luck hoping those upcoming Clone Wars episodes come on DVD, cuz I guarantee you that’s not happening, if they won’t do DVD releases of Stranger Things, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Defenders, Ozark, etc. So, in time you will break and buy that service, even if you end up refusing to believe that now. Mark my words.

        So, good luck, Hope they remember you. Because I guarantee you they won’t.

        Also, Star Wars is not dead. Your lack of love in Star Wars, post 2014 is dead. THAT is the truth. Not the lie you and Itchy said above. And, truth is truth.


        • The truth is the franchise is dead. Because sad losers like you don’t really care about it, you just care about the posturing and the propaganda.
          But, you see, you have no real power, and the more you ruin it, the more normal people will walk away.

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          • Well, that would send a much needed message to Disney that I would endorse, but I’m not convinced it will be a definitive “fail”. Disney is all about synergy and if their TV shows and theme park attractions work as they should an entirely new audience could be created by the time it comes out. It may not make a billion, but it will at least make enough money not to considered a “message from the fans”. We are dealing with an entertainment industry now almost too big to fail. At least that’s what the arrogant leftists at these companies think. I hope they are wrong.


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