5 thoughts on “Last Jedi Has Lower RT Score Than Uwe Boll Movie

  1. 45%? Wait a second, here! 45%? How is it that all those dead presidents, granted they have weak cut&paste skills,* were unable to raise the score higher than 45%?! That’s outrageous!

    I’ve got an idea! Perhaps we could raise up a few dead US industrialists like Alexander Graham Bell, or Tesla, or … or some ancient Chinese emperors and Japanese leaders! Or maybe…

    Oh, dear. The toxic social justice loonies might be relying too heavily on the votes of dead people. Which raises the question: is it really 45%?

    Though published April 4 of this year (2018), Mark Sargent’s observations are still of interest:

    SC Reviews discusses this:

    while DillyDC points out how RottenTomatoes is now irrelevant:

    Anyhow, this clearly shows that SJWs are willing to break anything in order to signal a hollow victory. I dunno. Are congratulations in order? Or do we just watch RottenTomatoes as it’s lowered 6 feet into the ground?

    *”I just stepped out of the theatre…” embedded in the comment MONTHS after TLJ was OUT of the theatre. Can’t even cut and paste effectively, these stupid dead presidents.

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  2. You know your franchise is in deep shit when even Uwe Boll’s movies perform better. Quite frankly, I can tolerate his Postal movie (since I’m a fan of the Postal games) rather than sit through The Last Jedi again because at least Postal made fun of those annoying people in the film despite the dark humor.

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