Lucasfilm Reps Have Advocated Violence Before

Recently, Lucasfilm representatives Chuck Wendig and Bill Sienkiewicz have both publicly advocated violence against their political and intellectual betters.  But this isn’t the first time that a Lucasfilm rep advocated violence over politics.


Pablo peacefully meditates on beheading his political enemies.

Back in May of 2018, Lucasfilm Story Group member and socialist turd Pablo Hidalgo retweeted a post that advocated beheading the rich, even though it’s highly unlikely that Pablo himself lives in a dilapidated efficiency apartment in the hood.

SC Reviews reported on that story at the time:

More recently, in September of 2018, Pablo Hidalgo was spotted by R.M. Huffman on Twitter doubling down on that same sentiment, when he retweeted a threat containing veiled threats, and a similar guillotine image.


The tweet from Brandy Jenson can be seen here:

Lower in the thread, is a response from Camilla Lee Daniels:

In that post appeared the following GIF:


These are the people who are hired to write “kid’s stories” about “space wizards with laser swords.”

4 thoughts on “Lucasfilm Reps Have Advocated Violence Before

  1. Again, his and other Lucasfilm employees’ actions are driving all non-SJWs away at an alarming rate (at least, it should be alarming for Lucasfilm) thus giving these former fans more free time to do other things. Things like opposing SJWs in the political arena by volunteering their time to help non-SJW candidates, for example. So I hope they keep it up.

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  2. Well, unless Brandy Jensen is also Camilla Lee Daniels (or TheWolfoftheStars, etc), Brandy Jensen wasn’t the one “proposing execution by guillotine”, let alone for anyone in particular.
    I do, however, wonder who would stop being lucky if clowns like these opted for a more bold approach than huffing, puffing, autistic screeching and other imitations of small monkeys.
    This gif, for one, suggests we don’t need to worry much about possibility that whoever posted it could make a working guillotine. Or anything else, for that matter.
    Which fits that thread. I mean, they sound like people who won’t survive a year-long moratorium on warning labels.


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