Disney Conflates Overwhelming With Underwhelming

Our good friend, the Star Wars Junkman has posted a letter on Twitter, that purportedly comes from the Disney Movie Club.


If this letter is genuine, then it’s amusing on several different levels.


Russian Bots may be responsible for the overwhelming demand.

First, one would think that if there was a high demand for this movie, that there wouldn’t have been so many empty theaters on opening weekend.  Unfortunately, that overwhelming demand didn’t manifest in the theater seats for Disney.  Remember how the pre-order ticket sales tanked despite predictions to the contrary?


Second, why would Disney put a large number of Blu-Rays into production, of a Star Wars movie that failed to fill seats while it was in theaters?  The low theatrical demand, would seem to mandate low Blu-Ray production.  At least initially.  So the reason some stores may be running out of Blu-Rays of Solo, is because Disney likely didn’t produce very many of them.

Third, what else would Disney write in the letter?  Would they write, “Due to hardly anyone going to see Solo: A Star Wars Story while it was in theaters, we didn’t feel the need to produce very many Blu-Rays because of apparent low interest.”  Or how about, “Due to Solo: A Star Wars Story barely breaking even at the box office, we didn’t have the funds to produce as many Blu-Ray units as we would have liked.”  Yeah, they’re not going to write anything even remotely resembling the truth.  So this is really transparent propaganda.

Looks like when it comes to this letter, looks like good ol’ Junkman has another piece of junk for his collection.

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