Star Wars Artist Lies About Art

Bounding Into Comics is reporting that Marvel artist Bill Sienkiewicz has lied about artwork he created in 2017 in which he depicted several Republican personalities in front of targets in a series entitled, “The Most Punchable Faces of 2017.”

Comic book artist Bill Malin posted on Twitter:

To which Bill Sienkiewicz replied:

But a 10 second Google search turns up multiple articles published in 2017 that detail Bill’s artwork.

Comics artist Bill Sienkiewicz saves us the trouble of wondering if he’s calling for violence. While he caricaturizes those he is frustrated with this year against the backdrop of a shooting target, he also helpfully labels the collection with text: The Most Punchable Faces of 2017. Among the pictures he’s tweeted on social media are FOX News pundits Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.

The artist is well aware of this, too, as he included a pre-defense of his cartoon knowing the backlash it would receive:

Before I get ALL the “you hateful liberal” crap from the Right…

I’m NOT advocating for violence against women.

This isn’t about gender, it’s about calling out lying scumbags who deserve some serious scolding and corrective head spankings- for their crimes against decency, morality – if not against history.

I’m willing to bet the first swings at her smarmy lying mug would be from women, women who find her as insufferable and deplorable as any of her male counterparts.

And besides, editorial cartooning is still freedom of speech.

So there’s that.

Bill SienKiewicz is known for his work on Star Wars comic book covers.

Here’s some of Bill’s other art:






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