Reactions From The Peanut Gallery

DpX0YDYXUAA9ATAAfter Chuck Wendig claimed on Twitter to have been fired from all Star Wars material, the shockwaves reverberated throughout the Twitter Lucasphere.  Below is a sampling of what other Lucasfilm “creators” have said in response to this event.


Tricia Barr, contributor to and Star Wars Insider.  Tricia also drinks from a Fanboy Tears mug, and has written amusing tripe about feminine superiority.

Rae Carson, author of Star Wars: Most Wanted, a prequel novel to Solo.  Rae has a dim view of imaginary imperialist capitalism, and wrote her Han Solo novel to focus on Qi-Ra instead.

Amy Ratcliffe, author of the female exclusive Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy, and and Star Wars Insider contributor.  Amy also drinks from a Fanboy Tears mug.

Amy retweeted the following from an i09 representative:

Bryan Young, Star Wars Insider contributor.  Bryan Young is well known to the readers here, and using the search function of this blog will bring up multiple stories.

Jason Fry, Star Wars Insider contributor and author of The Last Jedi novelization.  Jason Fry was critical of fans who didn’t fall in love with Resistance, and taught us that Rey used the Force to learn about the Force, “somehow.”

Delilah Dawson, Star Wars Insider contributor.

Daniel Jose Older, author of  Han Solo novel Last Shot.  Daniel wrote about Lando’s preoccupation with his own genitalia, and gave Han Solo racial equality, whatever that might be.

Daniel retweeted the following:

Chris Weitz, co-screenwriter of Rogue One.  Chris is most famous for his race-baiting tweets.

Mur Lafferty, Star Wars Insider contributor and author of the Solo movie novelization.  Mur thinks that Christians treat people like animals.

Zoraida Cordova wrote a short story for the anthology book, Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View.  She responded to a coment from Mighty Mur:

GeekGirlDiva, is a contributor.  GeekGirlDiva doesn’t care for free market capitalism, drinks from her own Fanboy Tears mug made available to her through free market capitalism, is quite immature, and is most famous for telling Lucasfilm customers that they weren’t customers at all, and that they were also bad customers.


It’s only a matter of time before these bullies play the victim.


Twitter terms of service.


20 thoughts on “Reactions From The Peanut Gallery

  1. I used to like some of these people, even enjoyed what they wrote when Lucas was in charge. Now it’s like I don’t even recognize them, they’ve gone off the deep end.

    It’s like James Woods said: “Sad. Another one gone.”

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  2. These people have no concept of responsibility. If Disney had a hand in Wendigs overdue firing, they should be looking at the presences of these representatives with real concerns.

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  3. I’m amazed how petulant and immature their comments are, they all sound like 15 year olds having a fit, not to mention the hypocrisy of calling this “chilling ” when they gleefully support other firings.

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      • Sadly, … y’know … this is disturbingly true. It’s very difficult for me to place a metal age that’s higher than 17 to these individuals. They mock like schoolchildren. They bully like they’re still on the playground. They sneer and whine when they don’t get their way. The quotes from these SJWs are shamefully childish. I would truly respect it had someone said something like: “Well, guys. We’ve had our fun being a bunch of toxic entitled babies. Perhaps we should take Wendig’s firing as a shot across the bow and grow up.”

        Overall: in my observations in the last 8 or so months, I’ve noticed that the mental maturity level these SJWs demonstrate is under 18, Rian Johnson included with his Zeroh’d it comment. Childish, petulant, entitled; self-important virtue-signallers who eventually get exposed for their own hypocrisy. Cowards who delete their own Twitter comments by the tens of thousands when under the spotlight, rushing to the defence of a bully who openly admitted he was fired for stepping far over the line. They’re delusional. Their joint effort is to knowingly disseminate radical left propaganda that the public won’t embrace, and are deluded into believing doubling down will help the “medicine go down.”

        Maturity can be measured in how much a person can face reality.

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