A Lucasfilm Representative Gets It


She understands what most of her colleagues can’t.

Bounding Into Comics has reported that Jason Ward of MakingStarWars.net is now calling for a boycott of Star Wars comics in the wake of Chuck Wendig purportedly being fired from all Star Wars projects.

This call for a boycott has elicited responses from Lucasfilm representatives.  Justina Ireland, author of Lando’s Luck, reacted in the following way:

Starwars.com writer GeekGirlDiva was confused as to why anyone would call for a boycott of Star Wars books:

But Justina has a different perspective on Chuck Wendig than her colleagues do.

And she resonably fears that the actions taken against Chuck may have negative repercussions.

Creators can still interact.  It’s just that it would be inadvisable to tell roughly half of the customer base to go throw themselves into a woodchipper, or to encourage political allies to kick their political enemies in the teeth by using a metaphor about eating a boot covered in excrement.  I’m sure that interaction with civilized behavior is still possible.  And for those creators incapable of civilized behavior, why would customers want to interact with them anyways?

I wonder if MakingStarWars.net will want to boycott Lando’s Luck now.

5 thoughts on “A Lucasfilm Representative Gets It

    • The goal of a company controlled by Normies is to create quality products other Normies would buy. Because of varying levels of interest in a IP’s products, old school thinking said: “Raise the quality in order to attract customers.”

      The goal of an SJW infected IP is to produce low-quality propaganda for Normies to buy. Because the product is nothing more than propaganda purposed to convert Normies into SJWs, the “woke” have no interest in consuming. New school thinking says: “Capture more IPs! The Normies will have nowhere else to turn but to our propaganda!”

      Classic propaganda: books, movies, entertainment of all kinds, including news.


  1. But she’s still kinda blaming it on the “aggressive” fans and doesn’t seem to realize that, if you’re online, you will inevitably interact with idiots.

    And Chucky dug this hole himself. It wasn’t “aggressive” fans who put a gun against his head and made him do this. He chose to behave like an unhinged lunatic.

    And worse, I saw a tweet of him where he fawned over some “internet blocking” software that would keep him off social media. He doesn’t even consider not clicking on a link. He needs a software to prevent him from doing so.

    Wendigone has some significant mental health issues. Normal people don’t behave like that.

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    • I don’t think she’s blaming “aggressive” fans in this particular instance with Chuck Wendig. I think she’s talking about aggressive fans in general, there are a few, and what effect these events might have on other creators.

      But at the end of the day, creators don’t have much to worry about if they don’t tweet posts that “bring more grief to women and PoC than they help.”


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