Lucasfilm Could Be Taxed “To Solve Inequities Exacerbated By Its Success”

Remember in the old days, when a normal person would point to the city of Detroit as an example of SJW governance?  Remember when the SJW would then respond to that by citing the Utopian city of San Francisco?  Good times.

SJWs can no longer do that, now that San Francisco is home of the Poop Patrol.  But fret not citizens.  The haywire activists and brainiac bureaucrats who created the problem, are now pushing a wonderful idea as to how to fix it.

Yahoo News reports:

Salesforce vs. Twitter in San Francisco homeless tax fight

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — San Francisco has come to be known around the world as a place for aggressive panhandling, open-air drug use and sprawling tent camps, the dirt and despair all the more remarkable for the city’s immense wealth.

Some streets are so filthy that officials launched a special “poop patrol.” A young tech worker created “Snapcrap” — an app to report the filth. Morning commuters walk briskly past homeless people huddled against subway walls. In the city’s squalid downtown area, the frail and sick shuffle along in wheelchairs or stumble around, sometimes half-clothed.

The situation has become so dire that a coalition of activists collected enough signatures to put a measure on the city’s Nov. 6 ballot that would tax hundreds of San Francisco’s wealthiest companies to help thousands of homeless and mentally ill residents, an effort that failed earlier this year in Seattle. Proposition C would raise $300 million a year, nearly doubling what the city already spends to combat homelessness.

The proposition is the latest battle between big business and social services advocates who demand that corporate America pay to solve inequities exacerbated by its success. In San Francisco, it’s also become an intriguing fight between recently elected Mayor London Breed, who is siding with the city’s Chamber of Commerce in urging a no vote, and philanthropist Benioff, whose company is San Francisco’s largest private employer with 8,400 workers.

The San Francisco measure is different in that it would levy the tax mostly by revenue rather than by number of employees — an average half-percent tax increase on companies’ revenue above $50 million each year. It was also put on the ballot by citizens, not elected officials.

Up to 400 businesses would be affected, with internet and financial services sectors bearing nearly half the cost.

And guess what company happens to be headquartered in San Franscisco?


Who would have thought that today’s woke Lucasfilm, so choc-full of diversity and inclusion, could simultaneously exacerbate inequities?  How would Lucasfilm have to compensate for this new potential taxation?  Will Lucasfilm have to lay off workers, so that it has the extra money to subsidize the lifestyles of those who don’t work?  Only time will tell.  But given the general lunacy that gravitates to San Franscisco, it’s more than likely that this measure will pass, one way or another.

2 thoughts on “Lucasfilm Could Be Taxed “To Solve Inequities Exacerbated By Its Success”

  1. Dear SF, please vote yes!! Do it for the homeless children and their drug addled relatives! Of course the huge homeless problem in SF (and Seattle) is all about subsidizing them in the first place, so once they get the tax in place even mour homeless will pour into California from all over the country. I’m sure “woke” Disney management will be happy to foot the bill.

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