Nothing Says Inclusivity Quite Like Exclusivity

Progressive notions of inclusivity and diversity are shallow and materialistic.  We can better understand the progressive idea of inclusivity and diversity when we consider a bookcase filled with books.

There are books of all kinds on this bookcase.  There are tall books and short books.  Thin books and fat books.  Wide books and narrow books.  There are books with white paper, and others with creme paper.  There are hardbacks, and paperbacks, and leather-bound books.  Every color of the rainbow is represented in the covers of the books.

But when we walk up to that bookcase, take one of the books off the shelf, and open it up, what we find is that each and every one of these diverse and included books is Bram Stoker’s Dracula, word for word.

So the progressive focuses on shallow surface diversity, the kind of shallowness that leads to moronic arguments about Chevy vs. Ford.  Genuine diversity, diversity of thought and perspective, is strictly prohibited by the progressive.  So you’ll never find H. P. Lovecraft on that bookshelf, keeping in mind that this is a metaphor.  This is why those who are traditionally thought of as protected classes by progressives, are also excoriated by those same progressives if they decide to pick up an H. P. Lovecraft book, with the use of pejoratives such as Uncle Tom, try to strip conservative women of their female gender status, shout down Milo Yiannopoulos when he attempts to speak, and so on and so forth.

The progressive concern about inclusivity and diversity is exclusively about maintaining ideological and political homogeneity.  As with everything else for the left, inclusivity and diversity is a political tool and weapon that is used to reward those who comply and punish those who don’t.

Bookshelf full with books

Rich with surface deep diversity.

About two months ago, Rebel Force Radio was involved in a public kerfuffle over the infamous Fanboy Tears mug, that had them deleting their Twitter account.  Additionally, they were removed from as one Reddit user explained:

Within 24 hours RFR was removed from’s list of suggested fan podcasts and within 48 they’d deactivated their Twitter account and Instagram account. They have not been consistent about posting weekly public podcasts since. Supposedly they are still posting content for their Patreon subscribers, but I’m not one so I can’t confirm that for sure.

Rebel Force Radio had been excluded from the newly inclusive

Now, brings us a new development.  They report that all fan sites have been equally excluded from

Back in 2014, relaunched with a brand new site which had a dedicated section for Fan News and Blog Sites, Fan Collecting Sites and Fan Podcasts. Jake Stevens from From 4-LOM to Zuckuss noticed that those sections now have all been removed from their Community page and replaced with a statement as follows:

Notice: Lucasfilm Ltd. strives to foster an inclusive, diverse and safe environment for our fans and we ask the same of our fan community.

Fan organizations, websites, blogs, clubs, podcasts, social media accounts, etc. are not owned, endorsed, sponsored, controlled, or in any way affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd. or The Walt Disney Company, and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Lucasfilm Ltd., The Walt Disney Company or any of their affiliates, and no warranty expressed or implied is made regarding accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability or usefulness of any information. Please see terms of use agreements and privacy policies that apply to such third-party services and content. Star Wars logos, trademarks, character names, and all related elements © & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd. and/or The Walt Disney Company.

No word yet if these sections will be returning. Until then, you can click on through to check out a screen shot of the section as it once looked.

Lucasfilm has now included all Star Wars fan sites in deletion from their website.

My guess is that in the wake of the poor reception of Star Wars Resistance, and amidst the mockery of the Trandalorian, Lucasfilm no longer wants to intentionally or unintentionally link to fan websites that may be critical of their work.  It’s as though Lucasfilm representatives are unaware that most Star Wars fans don’t frequent the official website anyway, and that criticism can be found all over the internet easily.  It’s not as though these sites won’t be found without a link from  But now the removal has generated another great instance for me and other critics to write about.  Smooth move, Ex Lax.

As an interesting aside:


How does it feel now that the shoe’s on the other foot?

5 thoughts on “Nothing Says Inclusivity Quite Like Exclusivity

  1. Not a particularly big deal. Fan films were driven by the love of the fans for the OT, something the Mouse has managed to nuke as thoroughly as the original Death Star.
    = Pink 5.

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  2. Even though this is another example of leftist hypocrisy, referring/advertising fan sites is not something that they should have done to begin with.

    First, people don’t go to an official site to get fan content. Second, they never listed all fan sites that exist, so it was never inclusive to begin with. Third, it gives a false sense of credence and endorsement. And fourth, it brews a false sense of elitism and bias over the sites that were not listed.

    This was made even worse when, at one point, they posted Wookieepedia links on their shortened encyclopedia/databank entries. They were removing their own official information and directing people to a (comparably unreliable) fan site that anyone can edit.

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