Get Your Lucasfilm Tears Coffee Mug – And More!

Back in May, Lucasfilm representatives responded to complains from fans by gloating and taunting those fans with the now infamous Fanboy Tears coffee mug.

Well, turn about is always fair play.

Recently, unhinged crank Chuck Wendig was purportedly fired from all Star Wars projects according to his own claims.  As a result, Lucasfilm representatives predictably wept and wailed over the loss of their flagship comrade.  This happened to the delight of many fans, who had been targeted by Chuck Wendig’s repeated insults and general lunacy.

Those disaffected fans can now enjoy sending the taunts right back, with their very own Lucasfilm Tears mug, now available at my own CafePress shop, just in time for Christmas or Celebration 2019, or any social gathering.


Stylish, yet understated!

But that’s not all.  There’s more!  At my shop, disaffected fans will also have their choice of an Acrylic Double Wall Tumbler.



But wait!  There’s more!

For the athletic types, my shop has several Sports Water Bottles to choose from.


Great for your next work out!

For those soccer moms on the go, my shop has several handy Travel Mugs.


Billy can’t spill this one over!

For the discerning and distinguished disaffected fan, my shop offers the discreet Liquor Flask, perfect for sneaking into the theater as you drown your sorrows away while watching Episode IX.


No one has to know!

For you party animals, you have your choice of Pint Glass or Shot Glass to pour that liquor into, at my shop.

We haven’t forgotten about you day drinkers that can’t go an hour without a nip, so my shop also offers a convenient Flask Necklace.


Only your hairdresser knows!

And for the manly men who wish to nourish their toxic masculinity, my shop offers the powerful Beer Stein.


It’s Miller time!

And so much more!  All with a 30-Day Money back guarantee!

Check back to my shop periodically for new products.

But act now, these fine products won’t last long.

As soon as hysterical SJW activists and Lucasfilm lawyers get wind of this, they’ll all have an orgy on the storefront’s report button.  They simply won’t be able to help themselves.

So get yours today!

10 thoughts on “Get Your Lucasfilm Tears Coffee Mug – And More!

  1. Intresting. cites Jon Favreaus “personal Instagram account”. Shouldn’t they have access to the whole production and stuff like pictures? Why can Favreau post pictures or the synopsis of the TV series on his “personal Instagram account”? He should be bound by a “non-disclousure” contract? Or is the TV production seperate from the other Lucasfilm movie productions and he can do whatever he wants to bring back the fans?

    Liked by 1 person

    • My guess is that Favreau likely has certain guidelines with regards to any NDA. An NDA isn’t an on/off switch. Production staff routinely post production photos all of the time. But the non-spoiler nature of them is likely key. Plus Favreau would have some common sense in that area given the position he’s been able to ascend to, and would know what he can and cannot post. You likely won’t find the key grip for instance posting things to an Instagram account. And if they do, they risk losing the monetary incentive for keeping secrets that Mark Hamill talked about.


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