The Soylence Of The Lambs

With Chuck Wendig purportedly out of the picture, I was done with Chuck Wendig posts barring his rehire, or finding out that it was all a lie to begin with.  But this is just too weird and funny.

Star Wars Junkman alerted me to a 17-page book available on Amazon Kindle for $3.oo, entitled Soy Wars: The Soylence Of The Lambs, by Kitty Glitter.

The bio on Kitty Glitter’s Twitter account reads:

I am Kitty Glitter, bestselling author of Wesley Crusher: Teenage F#ck Machine! Check out my newest book Soy Wars: The Soylence Of The Lambs!

Here’s Kitty’s book:


Amazon offers a single page preview.  Here’s the upper half of the page:


The lower half of the page:


Between the infamous T-Shirt making a comeback, and Junkman’s impression of Chuck Wendig, it would seem that the only art worth consuming that Wendig is unwittingly producing would be material that satirizes him.

Maybe Chuck can pick up a side hustle by pestering these satirists with more empty lawsuit threats.


I have no idea who this person is, but apparently, she’s a writer or something.  In any case, feel free to drop in on her Twitter thread:


9 thoughts on “The Soylence Of The Lambs

  1. @frankenmeowa
    35m35 minutes ago
    Amazon erased all twenty of my books because of Soy Wars but it’s still available here: #smashwords

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    Kitty Glitter

    49m49 minutes ago
    My Amazon account was shut down because of my Chuck Wendig book. All my books have been deleted and I will not be getting any royalties that I am owed.

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    Kitty Glitter Retweeted

    Kitty Glitter

    5h5 hours ago
    I wrote a silly parody book and a group of miserable people who have no lives are trying to get Amazon to delete it from their catalog. #soywars #rachelblount #summerheacock

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      • If we tried, the corporation would shove the displayed page in our faces and ask what on earth we’d want with that.

        Sadly, that type of content was destined to be deleted. While it was all tongue-in-cheek, and other things in cheeks, I personally would have preferred something more poignant and thought provoking: something that would have lined up CW’s quotes on the left side of the page with contradictions on the right side. Wendig’s own quotes are enough to hang him a dozen times over.

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        • Well, I get what you’re saying. But this effort strikes me as the early stages of learning to write satire. So I’m happy to encourage it. I’m sure as the writer continues he’ll develop those traits.

          That said, I don’t approve of censorship of anyone, for any reason, under any circumstance.


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