The Farts Of War

Many fans are likely familiar with the ridiculous character Sabine from the Rebels animated television show.  She’s the flamboyant artist with multi-colored hair who joins the Rebels.

The character is ridiculous because if you’re a flamboyant artist, then your multi-colored hair and loud behavior will act as a target for your oppopnents, and you’ll therefore soon be taken out.  It’s also ridiculous, because if you’re a small group of rebels attempting to fight a geurilla war against a domineering Empire, then subterfuge and camouflage are the order of the day.  In which case you want to stay the heck away from loud colorful artists who draw attention to themselves.

These are the kinds of things that one considers when writing about war time scenarios, even ones in fantasy worlds.  Because even fantasy worlds need to operate by rules if they’re to succefully maintain suspension of disbelief.

But the vapid airheads currently running things at Lucasfilm, have little interest or experience in anything outside of feminist rallies at college, so we’re not going to get that kind of informed storytelling from their current crop of “creators.”

As a result, we now have an artist Sith.  I sith you not.

ScreenRant reports:

Star Wars Adds First FEMALE Sith Lord To New Canon

Fans, it’s time to meet Lady Shaa – the first FEMALE Sith Master in the new Star Wars canon.

The Sith Master makes her debut in Darth Vader #22, the much anticipated story that started by bringing Vader face-to-face with the spirit of Sith Lord Momin, added to the Star Wars movie canon just as recently. While alluded to in the past as a long-dead artist strong in the Dark Side, Lord Momin’s true role was even grander, helping Darth Vader build his castle to resurrect Padmé. But before Vader let Momin take the lead, he needed to hear his story.

The story of how Momin grew from a terrifying artist to a Lord of the Sith… and the Lady of the Sith who chose him as her apprentice.

As readers can glean from the images above, it was Shaa who first heard whispers of the boy named Momin, using an apparent link to the Dark Side of The Force to turn living things into grotesque “works of art” (presumably making them into not-so-living things in the process).

It’s hard to believe that in a single issue of Charles Soule’s and Giuseppe Camuncoli’s Vader comic, they dropped matching bombshells: the first Sith Lady in the new Star Wars canon, and the revelation that Vader’s Castle was her apprentice’s masterpiece, intended to conquer even death. If fans aren’t keeping up to date on Star Wars comics, this is a perfect example of why that needs to change. Who knows how long it will take for a female Sith Lord to appear in a Star Wars movie?

How long?  Probably not too long at all.  In fact I’d say there’s a 50/50 chance that they’ll have Lady Shaa face off with Sabine, in some kind of Force Art duel.  Both characters have the depth of a fleeting artsy fart in the wind, so it’s certain to be amazingly stupid.

But demonstrated liar and contributer Bryan Young offered his keen insight into the wonderful world of art some time ago.

But then, how can your Sith villain in Star Wars be an artist?  Is her art against herself in some way?  Do the grotesque living works of art she creates stand in defiance of the space-Nazis of Star Wars?  Because it’s art?

Regardless, why on Earth would Brian make such a stupid statement?  Is he not familiar with the works of propagandist Joseph Geobbels who routinely used art to his advantage, or other works of prolific Nazi art?


A Twitter user reminds us that once again, this purported big “FIRST” isn’t really a first at all.

Lucasfilm boldly goes where everyone has already gone before.


Twitter terms of service.


11 thoughts on “The Farts Of War

  1. Even the naming of their characters reveals their artistic mediocrity and ignorance of what was previously established. Lucas’ villains, particularly the Sith Lords he created, all had names that had meaning and conveyed an evil trait that broadly defined what the character was about.

    Darth Vader = invader
    Darth Sidious = insidious
    Darth Maul = to maul
    Darth Tyranus = tyrant (Dooku = poison)
    Darth Plagueis = to plague
    Darth Bane = bane

    What the heck is a Momin or Shaa?

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  2. I don’t think your critique of Sabine is very persuasive, considering the nature of the ragtag group she’s a part of: a green Twi’lek, a Jedi and his blue-haired streetrat apprentice, a purple creature of a nearly extinct race, and an old C10 droid all part of a distinct, rogue rebel ship; less a tight paramilitary group and more guerilla space mercenaries. Moreover, she’s immature in spite of her training and combat experience. Maybe you have a larger critique of the show that comments on these points, but overall I don’t have much against Rebels or its characters, and I enjoyed the OT-era backdrop of the show in general. It’s a good show; probably the only really good thing Carrie Beck and Kiri Hart were involved in.

    As for Momin and Lady Shaa and Vader’s Castle, I don’t have much exposure to these new stories outside of some YouTube summaries. So far I haven’t heard anything I hate outside of inane Twitter statements, but technically the headline is correct: Lady Shaa would be the first Sith Master in the new canon. Despite Lucasfilm and Hollywood’s obsession with progressive firsts and virtue signaling, this should otherwise be an interesting and inoffensive headline.


    • “…less a tight paramilitary group and more guerilla space mercenaries. ”

      If you look at my critiue of Sabine, you’ll find that I specifically cite guerlilla warfare rather than paaramilitry operations. As far as guerilla warfare goes, Sabine represents exactly the kind of person that a genuine guerilla soldier would steer clear of.

      Is the headline inoffensive? Sure. Things are offensive mainly when the writer understands what they’re writing about. This one doesn’t, so it’s not really offensive. Just silly, and as such worthy of mockery.


  3. Has Bryan ever heard of Soviet propaganda? Did he know that Charles Manson was an aspiring musician? Or the theory that Jack the Ripper may have been artist Walter Sickert? Or that John Wayne Gacy painted pictures of clowns? Has he ever heard of “Triumph of the Will” or “Birth of a Nation”? Art can go both ways.

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