Culture War History Lesson 3: Cultural Subversion

Fans of Star Wars have been hearing the words subverting and subversion quite a bit over the last year or so.  Those words, however, may have meaning other than just subverting expectations. contributor Byran Young wrote the following with regards to Star Trek:

Gene Roddenberry did the same thing with Star Trek. Star Trek itself is a show that is designed to show us what humanity can do when we put behind us the useless toil of capitalism and work at the higher levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It’s a socialist paradise and full of diversity. Diversity was a huge theme for Roddenberry.

But when we speak to much older Star Trek fans, we find that many of them were turned off by The Next Generation specifically because of its depiction of socialism light.  Many of them claim that the original series never had socialist overtones at all.  Interestingly, i09 published the following as recently as 2015:

Basically, the main arc of Chaos on the Bridge is all about Gene Roddenberry’s involvement with TNG, and how Roddenberry’s input was mostly a net negative for the show. Roddenberry, of course, died in 1991 and isn’t here to defend himself—but pretty much everybody involved with creating TNG seems to agree that there were certain problems with Roddenberry, which nearly killed the whole thing on a few occasions.

The picture that emerges is of a man who was angry and bitter after years in the wilderness following the cancellation of the original Star Trek in 1969. Roddenberry, according to all Shatner’s sources, had also developed a huge ego after years of going to conventions and college campuses and speaking to huge, adoring throngs—and the “Great Bird of the Galaxy” had started to believe his own hype regarding his status as a great visionary who pointed the way toward a utopian future for the human race.

It should now, after article upon article declaring it to be a good thing that Disney took over Star Wars from George Lucas, and that his ideas were awful.  That Star Wars was nearly driven into the ground before Disney took it over.  It’s the same narrative.  And much like Star Wars, there was a significant change in Star Trek when the socialist committee of writers took over from the dying Gene Roddenbury.  One can clearly see a definite change from the early seasons of TNG.  And so you get commentary from the socialists of Star Wars like this:

The reason that Bryan can’t imagine such a thing, is because his brain has been subverted.  Doubt me?  Read the next comment:

This Star Wars writer’s ignorant love of communism presents to us a wonderful opportunity to discuss Yuri Bezmenov and Cultural Subversion.

I often recommend that my readers take the time to listen to the words of Yuri Bezmenov, defected propagandist for the KGB.  Yuri Bezmenov defected because the political propaganda that was issued by the USSR in which he lived, did not reflect the reality of his experience within the USSR.  He’s worth listening to because he gives us great insight into the Culture War.

This is the third part of my Culture Wars History series.  I highly recommend reading Part 1 and Part 2 before taking in this blog post if you haven’t already.  Understanding what Yuri has to say about Cultural Subversion will help us better understand the Phases of the Geeker Gate.

In the preceding video, Yuri discusses his background and how he came into the work that he did.  He also discusses how he discovered that the USSR bought into the world the exact opposite of what it preached against; internal oppression of intellectuals, racism, exploitation, slavery, and economic inefficiency.  As a KGB agent, he and his KGB colleagues viewed American progressives such as Bryan Young and Pablo Hidalgo as “political prostitutes.”

He was attached to LOOK Magazine, to publish positive fake opinions of “Americans” on the Soviet Union.  The purpose was to prey on the stupidity and naivete of the American progressive and to get them thinking that this is what other Americans thought of the Soviet Union as well, thereby working to shift the American opinion of the Soviet Union as a whole.  Of course, it was all pure rubbish.  But you can see how the legacy media with regards to Star Wars fandom has used similar tactics, and you can read those articles right here on this blog.  Pop culture propagandists are doing their very best to convince the public that critical fans represent only a “toxic” vocal minority and that the vast majority of fans share the same stupid opinions that the legacy media routinely publishes.  And like the LOOK Magazine articles, that too is pure rubbish.  Yuri goes on to explain several other tactics that the legacy media has used for decades, and if you watch the whole interview you’ll find similarities with many of the tactics that the legacy media continues to use with regards to Star Wars today.

He also talked about how the USSR kept track of revolutionaries in Viet Nam well before the communist revolution there, so that after the revolution happened, all of the fist-raising communist revolutionaries there were lined up and shot.  Why?

College professors and other fist raising socialist activists believe that they will be the ones who come to power when the revolution happens.  But they only have a purpose in the Cultural Subversion stage of destabilization.  But once the revolution happens, they are not needed anymore.  They know too much and become disillusioned.  Disillusioned communist revolutionaries become the worst enemies of the state, and therefore have to be eliminated, according to Yuri Bezmenov.

He stated that the main emphasis of the KGB was not on espionage was Ideological (Cultural) Subversion or psychological warfare.  The purpose of which is to change the perception of reality in a targeted culture, to such an extent that no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves or their culture.  The highest form of warfare is to not fight at all but to subvert anything of value in your enemy’s nation to the point that the perception of that nation no longer perceives you as an enemy but as a viable alternative and an ally instead.  It’s a brainwashing process that happens over the course of many years.

Cultural Subversion happens in four stages:

  1. Demoralization – This stage takes 15 to 20 years to put into place because that’s how long it takes to educate, or indoctrinate, an entire generation of students with Marxist ideology.  Remember the previous post on the Frankfurt School?  Remember how the Frankfurt School was established in the United States in the 1930s?  Remember how the beatniks emerged 20 years after that, and the hippies shortly thereafter?  According to Yuri, we as a culture then become stuck with these individuals after graduation, as they take jobs in positions of power in various institutions.  This includes but is not limited to education, religion, social life, administration, law enforcement, military, labor and employer relations, security, politics, etc.  Remember “The Long March Through The Culture?”  Yuri states that we are stuck with these programmed individuals and cannot get rid of them, that they are contaminated.  That they are programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern.  He says that you cannot change their minds even if you expose them to authentic information.  Sound anything like the NPC? Yuri states that these are the people most likely marked for execution in the future, because of what happens within them when they experience the psychological shock over what equality and social justice really means after the revolution.  Yuri felt this stage was complete in the 1980s.  In a free society, cultural institutions each go in their own separate direction.  The demoralization effort is to get each of these institutions to move in the same direction.  Once that is achieved, then that synchronized movement in one direction is used to cause society to collapse
  2. Destabilization – Destabilizing a nation only takes 2 – 5 years.  Here they bring society to the point that it is unable to reach compromises.  They do this through radicalization and polarization.  People cannot solve their problems peacefully, society becomes more antagonistic between groups of people.  The media is in opposition to society in general.  This leads to crisis.
  3. Crisis – It only takes up to six weeks to bring a nation up to a crisis.  When the legitimate structures of society can no longer function any longer it collapses.  The population is looking for a savior and will gravitate towards a figure who promises to solve all of their problems.  Either a foreign power or a domestic group will fill this savior role.  Then comes civil war, and then invasion.
  4. Normalization – Normalizing of the new Marxist reality.  The revolutionaries and activists are not needed anymore, so they are eliminated by the new rulers in power.

Yuri elaborates on Cultural Subversion further in the following video, and it’s worth listening to what he has to say about the media and education:

Using the Geeker Gate as a kind of canary in the coal mine, or as a microcosm of the larger national stage, we can estimate that the United States is somewhere in the 2nd stage.

“Gentleman, comrades, do not be concerned about all you hear about Glasnost and Perestroika and democracy in the coming years. These are for outward consumption.  There will be no significant change within the Soviet Union, other than for cosmetic purposes.  Our purpose is to disarm the Americans, and let them fall asleep.”  ~Mikhail Gorbachev

In the 1980s, a mini-series aired on network television entitled Amerika, which depicted a dystopian future in which America had been taken over by the Soviet Union.  The takeover didn’t happen through military invasion and conquest, but rather through internal political degradation.  It depicted what a school might look like under such oppression, and what students in that school would be taught.  This trailer might seem eerily prescient to current day students:

AMERIKA from 83915 on Vimeo.


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27 thoughts on “Culture War History Lesson 3: Cultural Subversion

  1. When it comes to stupidity and obliviousness, Bryan Young is the gift that keeps on giving…

    “Rejection of capitalism”… It’s easy to “reject capitalism” in a fictional setting when food and healthcare instantly materializes in from of you, no questions asked. In the real world, goods and services result from people’s work and have a cost. Nobody owes anything to anyone.

    That said, I’m sure that even in the fictional setting of Star Trek, the invention and existence of the replicator(?) is a product of capitalism, of free market, of individual agency, entrepreneurship and freedom. Not communism and it’s opressive, threatening ways.

    Speaking of Roddenberry, here’s a nice quote from him that I found and posted on my blog back when TFA was released. It was relevant then, but I think it’s even more relevant now as Disney has released more and more of their own Star Wars (in name only, of course) material:

    “I’ve never let Trekkers run Star Trek. Because Star Trek is an artistic endeavour that is best run by the professionals in. I will listen to Trekkers and Trekkies. I will listen to the guard at the gate and get many good ideas those ways. But I will never make a change in Star Trek because I think it will please the Trekkers. In that way lies prostitution. And you cannot be a good producer, writer or anything if the first thing you ask is ‘what do they want?’. That’s what prostitutes do. I write what I think they should have and what I think they’ll enjoy. And thank God I’ve been right ocasionally.”

    Disney chose prostitution for a quick buck. The fans are in charge and the “works” they make in a (safe space) committee are nothing but self-indulgent, forgettable products.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Both Star Trek and Disney Star Wars have been indoctrination vehicles not just for socialism by example, but for multiculturalism as well. The main tool of the “divide and conquer” folks. BTW, I recommend this:

    for those interested in media and politics. It’s over an hour but worth it, I think.

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  3. “The highest form of warfare is to not fight at all but to subvert anything of value in your enemy’s nation to the point that the perception of that nation no longer perceives you as an enemy but as a viable alternative and an ally instead.”

    You might even say “greatest” ally.


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  6. Many of them claim that the original series never had socialist overtones at all.

    Or perhaps it was a bit too subtle for them, rather than in-your-face?
    Or simply second-hand and indecisive, rather preachy.

    after article upon article declaring it to be a good thing that Disney took over Star Wars from George Lucas, and that his ideas were awful.

    Speaking of Star Trek, the hit piece from Brin was truly amazing. What is a “red shirt”? Never heard of it! Then again, why expect less at the point where he chose to publish anything in Salon.comeon, of all the wretched hives of scum and villainy

    But once the revolution happens, they are not needed anymore. They know too much and become disillusioned. Disillusioned communist revolutionaries become the worst enemies of the state, and therefore have to be eliminated, according to Yuri Bezmenov.

    That looks like just a doomed attempt to scare sense into them and sugar it with flattery. In reality, very few became dangerous enemies (I mean comparable to Bazhanov or Orwell) of the new order, and not early after a success.
    The real problem is that noisy revolutionaries become even more entitled and in a better position to compete for power, while not being valuable (most are envious cheap demagogues). Thus more practical revolutionaries must implement the obvious solution, like purge of Trotskyists in Soviet Union. Simply out of self-reservation, because the alternative is an uncontrollable spiral of terror or “permanent revolution”, like it happened in France and Cambodia.


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