Bryan Young Blames Geeks + Gamers And EVS For Whipping Fans Into A Frenzy

Star Wars Insider contributor and demonstrated liar Bryan Young, recently took to Twitter to publicly attack the Trump administration, Gamergaters, Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers, and Ethan Van Sciver of ComicArtistPro Secrets.


Bryan listens to Butter.

The playbook that Bryan Young refers to, are the Phases of the Geeker Gate.

The SJW concept of the “codeword” is what allows the SJW to translate what you actually say or write, into what they would like to respond to or believe in.  Refer to the Culture War History Lesson 3, in which I relay the words of KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov, where I write:

Yuri states that we are stuck with these programmed individuals and cannot get rid of them, that they are contaminated.  That they are programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern.  He says that you cannot change their minds even if you expose them to authentic information.  Sound anything like the NPC

The “codeword” also releases the SJW from any responsibility of their own public comments.

In other words, Bryan is upset that YouTube personalities have both the ability and audacity to report on the public comments of SJWs who represent Lucasfilm.  From Bryan’s SJW perspective, if the people didn’t know what they were saying, they wouldn’t be whipped up “into a frenzy.”

So in other words, Bryan expects YouTube personalities to take responsibility for the behavior of every fan who listens to them, while simultaneously expecting to accept no responsibility whatsoever for the misbehavior of the SJW sliver of Star Wars fandom for which they write.

The first course of action would be to stop making such incredibly moronic statements publicly that attack politically opposed fans of Star Wars.  But as far as I know, not one single person has threatened or even hinted at “coming to shoot” Bryan.  So this appears to be pure fantasy on Bryan’s part as of this writing.

Let’s hope that all relevant local law enforcement entities and the FBI are doggedly investigating any and every threat that Bryan has received.  But what’s actually happening here is that Bryan is projecting his own SJW inability to control his own behavior onto the fans of Geeks + Gamers and Ethan Van Sciver.

A friend of Bryan offered some support:

Clearly, this is just a bit overly melodramatic.  Talking about someone critically can hardly be said to be putting someone into crosshairs.  If it did, then Lucasfilm reps put President Trump into their crosshairs daily, and ought to be thoroughly investigated for it.

Bryan responded:

Bryan was discredited because he was caught publicly in a lie about Geeks + Gamers, and you can read about that here.  Bryan’s comrade replied:

This Twitter threat has been archived here for your convenience.  Bryan also recently tweeted out the following:

Imagine being Trump—or anyone really—and just making things up, vomiting them on Twitter, the news, or whatever and being so privileged and protected that you face no consequences for it.

— Bryan Young (@swankmotron) October 31, 2018

Yes.  Imagine that.


Twitter terms of service.


Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers responds:


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