Ethan Van Sciver Releases Star Wars Sex Abuse Video

This video was based partly on tips from “D” and my own work in the following blog posts:

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“There was only two(?) Underage girls in that chat” with Bryan Young


Twitter terms of service.

Lucasfilm Begins Rewriting The OT


She-Ra takes time out from her busy schedule to play Luke Skywalker.

This week announced a new animated web series:

Adventure awaits you and the younglings in your life in Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures, a new series of animated shorts that will introduce the classic themes, pivotal moments, and iconic characters from the Star Wars saga to the next generation.

Debuting on the all-new and the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel on November 30, the first six shorts combine original dialogue, music, and sound effects with bold new animations, and fun and educational add-ons designed to help older fans, parents, and other mentors to welcome the kids in their lives to explore the galaxy far, far away. Additional shorts featuring fan-favorite characters will debut in December, with regular releases following in 2019.

“With Galaxy of Adventures, we wanted to craft something that allowed parents to help their kids take their first step into a much larger world whether they were ready to show their kids the films or wanted to find new ways to explore the content,” James Waugh, Lucasfilm’s vice president for franchise content and strategy, tells

The dynamic animated adventures are only part of a multi-pronged initiative under the Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures banner, and the beginning of a year-long celebration of Star Wars storytelling, which will culminate with the final chapter in the Skywalker saga — Star Wars: Episode IX — in theaters December 2019.

The importance of family runs deep in Star Wars storytelling, both in the sense of bloodlines and the found families that help so many characters reach their full potential. More than four decades after the first film hit theaters, older Star Wars fans are always looking for ways to share their love of the galaxy with the next generation of Padawan learners.

“Over the years, I’ve had so many of my friends who are parents tell me how much they wanted to introduce their kids to Star Wars but didn’t feel that their kids were quite ready for the movies yet,” Waugh says. “They wanted a way to celebrate the universe they love.”

It’s interesting to think that somehow kids can’t gain access to the Original Trilogy, given that uneducated SJWs routinely dismiss lost arguments by claiming that the films are kid’s movies.

So why would a children’s movie, need cartoons to give children access to them?

The Verge gives us a possible answer:

Disney is turning the original Star Wars movies into animated shorts for children

The venture is clearly aimed at the youngest potential Star Wars fans. My first-generation iPad has gotten a lot of use over the past few years as a dedicated cartoon tablet for my son, and I’ve observed that he’s far more interested in shows with shorter episodes that run anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. As a Star Wars fan, I’ve made some attempts over the years to get him interested in watching the live-action film franchise, only for him to shrug and wander off to one of the cartoons that holds his interest a bit more firmly. This new series looks to be calibrated just right for the attention span of the three- to five-year-old demographic.

While some segments of the Star Wars fan base have grown increasingly resistant to projects that take the franchise in new or different directions, one needs to keep in mind that not all of these offerings are designed to appeal to the aging fans who saw the original Star Wars 30 times in a theater.

I appreciate the business logic that seems to be at play here. Young kids will eventually be older kids, and somewhere down the line, they’ll have their own discretionary money to spend on all things Star Wars. But while these new shorts may be able to offer a fresh perspective on some well-worn scenes and characters, I can’t help but feel that they’re also missing the point. The original films that these shorts are condensing were the entry point for fans.

Except that Disney may need a new entry point, if it intends to get these 3-5 year olds ready for the rewriting of the OT in remake films.  Disney may need to introduce those 3-5 year olds to softer, soyer, versions of the known characters.

They’ve already cast  a new Han Solo with Alden Ehrenreich.  Why didn’t they cast fan favorite Anthony Ingruber?  Not enough soy.


Soylo: A Soy Wars Story

And now we find out that they recast a young Luke Skywalker in a deleted scene from The Force Awakens with Robert Boulter.

Why didn’t they cast fan favorite Sabastian Stan?


Not enough soy.  They’ve even got a soyer Lando now.


Soy, it would seem, is the primary casting qualification in Disney Soy Wars.


And soy is what they will fill those 3-5 year old heads with.  Ask one Twitter use asked:


Not enough soy.

The Phases Of A Geeker Gate 4th Edition – Plus Countermeasures

First we must thank Jeff from World Class Bullshitters for coming up with the initial idea for someone to map this out, when Ethan Van Sciver mentioned that all of the “Gates” had a similar pattern.

Since publishing my initial blog post which outlined The Phases of a Geeker Gate, I’ve received feedback and criticism from Ethan Van Sciver, Veeh, World Class Bullshitters, various commenters on this blog, and others.  So I’m going to update these Phases one more time, taking into account that feedback and criticism, and adding a few additional thoughts of my own.

This will always be a work in progress, as SJW tactics shift and change over time.  So it’s going to be up to fandom to take this information which I’ve based on my own experience and research, and feedback from others, and keep it updated.

My primary interest is in film and television. So others that are more deeply involved in comics, novelizations, video games, board games, role playing games, card games, etc., may have additional insight.  Getting the input of an avid war gamer will be particularly helpful in developing effective counter measure strategies in order to effectively push back the SJW hordes.

In this outline, IP stands for Intellectual Property, and is meant to be a general term to encompass many different types of franchises and industries.

You can read the 1st draft of the Geeker Gate here, the 2nd draft here, and the 3rd draft here.


Your local college is producing these uneducated savages.


1. SJW CRITICISM – A popular IP is criticized by SJWs for being racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, and a smattering of other things.  This will often manifest in media articles and academic papers which push this false narrative.  This phase can take place over the course of years, or even decades.

2. IP IS ABOUT TO UNDERGO REBOOT – or reimagining, or remake, or whatever term is fashionable at the time.  The rebooted production will tout “firsts,” first female, first person of color, first LGBTQ+, etc., even if the IP has already had them before.  They do this to contrast their new version as far more virtuous and progressive than the previous version, which they spent years or decades labeling as racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, etc.

3. THE BARNACLING – SJWs barnacle themselves to the IP within the production, and start transforming the IP from its original form.  SJWs sometimes refer to this strategy as entryism.  Production staff make claims that long time customers will stay with the IP no matter what the changes are.  SJWs outside of the production barnacle themselves to the customer base, and start lecturing long time customers.  Shill media SJWs write articles pontificating about how diversity is good business and touting diversity “firsts,” without regard to the fact that the IP may have already been diverse for years or decades.

4. CUSTOMER CRITICISM – Long time customers of the IP voice legitimate criticism of the new direction.

5. SJW RESPONSE TO CUSTOMER CRITICISM – A large customer backlash is created when SJWs both inside of the production, and outside of it in the customer base and shill media, falsely accuse critics of being racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, etc., usually to protect a criticized political message being pushed by the newly transformed IP that the customer base is criticizing.  SJWs will also attempt to stigmatize use of the term “SJW” as a pejorative, so that you’re unable to identify the problem and articulate points.  SJWs will completely ignore female, people of color, and LGBTQ+ critics, and/or marginalize their voices.

6. DISMISSING AND IGNORING THE BACKLASH – Shill media publishes pieces declaring that the backlash doesn’t exist.  Shill media also publishes pieces instructing others to ignore the “tiny vocal minority,” some of whom used to be the old “gatekeepers” of the community.

7. SUPPRESSING THE BACKLASH – Blogs, internet forums, social media, and other websites delete or otherwise “redact” critical comments and posts in discussion forums under the aegis of “hate speech,” and may even engage in the complete banning of accounts.  Some websites remove their comments sections altogether.

8. BACKLASH INTENSIFIES – As an inevitable side effect of suppression the Streisand Effect takes hold, as customers seek out other venues to express their criticism, and some publish their own, growing the backlash exponentially.

9. HATE HOAXES, FALSE FLAGS & CLONED ACCOUNTS – The rank and file SJW activists in the customer base get heavily involved in shouting down critics, and creating hate hoaxes and false flags in an effort to discredit those critics.  Such efforts are also intended to be picked up by shill media outlets, which will then report on them to further mischaracterize the critical customers.  SJWs will create cloned social media and discussion forum accounts that mimic known critical voices, in an attempt to discredit them and/or divert payments/donations for products or causes away from the critical customer.  SJWs will often operate hidden forums where these tactics are organized.

10. ESCALATION OF ATTACKS – SJWs will report posts as spam or a violation of rules, and attempt to get social media accounts suspended, and posts deleted.  SJWs will start to send out false press releases to rival websites in an effort to discredit their critical competitors.  SJWs will begin to search through public records such as child support or foreclosures in an effort to embarrass loud voices, a practice known as doxing.  SJWs will send out phishing attempts in an effort to gain personal information.  SJWs may attempt to contact the workplaces of loud voices, in an attempt to punish critical customers financially for speaking out.  SJWs may attack normal people with physical violence.

11. IP FAILURES – The IP starts to falter as customers start to drift away and sales begin to plummet.  This is either due to a drop in quality of the IP, or the poor treatment of the customers, or a combination of both.

12. THE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS – A female member of the production (it could also be a member of the LGBTQ+ community) is granted victim status over a fishy event in order to deflect from the failures of the IP, and shame critical customers into silence.  The damsel in distress is used as a political pawn both by the SJWs inside the IP, and the SJWs outside of the IP in the customer base and shill media.  If the first Damsel In Distress doesn’t quite work, another one will come.

13. DESPERATE PLEAS FOR COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT – “White Knights” in the shill media call for creative authorities to smack down the backlash, and restore control of the narrative in response to The Damsel In Distress event.  Shill media publishes multiple articles with the same talking points and catchphrases such as “toxic fan base” or “bad faith” in an effort to mischaracterize the customer base.  Major news outlets report on the story, and quote those “think” pieces as authoritative.

14. ANSWERING THE CALL – Celebrity and creative cast & crew SJWs inside of the IP answer the shill media’s call, and make public statements admonishing critical customers, typically over false accusations.  Critical customers will respond to the admonishments, and SJWs will call that response “abuse” and/or “harassment,” sometimes alluding to the notion that “creatives” deserve special consideration.  Remember, what SJWs call “abuse” and/or “harassment” when customers do it, they call “activism” when they do it.

15. THE FINAL PUSH – Shill media entities, and rank and file SJWs tell long time customers to go find something else if they don’t like it anymore, in a last ditch effort to push critics out of the “community” once and for all.  “Don’t like it, don’t buy it.”  They will also engage in Gaslighting, a method of psychologically manipulating an adversary into thinking that they’re crazy.  This will oftentimes come in the form of the SJW saying that their brand of politics has always been in the IP from the very beginning.

16. IP BLEEDING – The IP starts to hemorrhage money, as long time customers begin to abandon the IP in droves.

17. CUSTOMER BASE OBLITERATION – The customer base is utterly destroyed, leaving behind only the small handful of SJWs who don’t make any purchases.

18. THE END – The new incarnation of the IP comes to an end. Since the majority of the customer base has abandoned it, there’s no more controversy or discussion about it. It’s over. The best case scenario is that the original IP is largely forgotten with the exception of a few die-hards who still carry the torch. The worst case scenario is that the new incarnation of the IP overwrites the original, and the original IP is forgotten altogether and overshadowed by the new incarnation in all future shill media mentions.

19. MIGRATION – The SJW is primarily interested in popular IPs that have a large audience, which can serve as a vehicle to spread their political message as widely as possible.  Therefore, the remaining SJWs jump ship from the decimated IP, to devour a new IP that is popular and undergoing a transitional phase that they can barnacle themselves to through entryism.

20. REBIRTH – The process begins again, in the newly targeted IP.  If normal creators have jumped ship from the targeted IP and start fresh in their own endeavors, SJWs will chase them down on the internet and in real life, to endlessly harass them in an effort to destroy their ability to make that new effort a success.  The new effort will be maligned with the help of the SJW legacy media.

Sometimes these phases might be skipped, sometimes they may happen in a slightly different sequence.

Now, this isn’t just happening in geek IPs.  It’s happening in every cultural institution in America, and it’s known as “The Long March Through The Culture.”  So the Geeker Gate serves as a microcosm of what is happening in the much larger scale cultural civil war.  To  understand the foundational and historical basis for Geeker Gates, read this blog post here.  There is also a 2nd and 3rd follow up to that brief lesson on the history of the Culture War.

When SJWs start calling  you a Nazi, remind them that it is them who more closely resemble that failed political ideology.  You can read more about the Nazi’s genuine history here.  When they try to connect you with the Ku Klux Klan, remind them of the Klan’s history, which you can read about here.  When they start screeching about representation, tell them the narcissistic basis of needing representation, which you can read more about here.

Understanding SJW behavioral patterns in the Phases of a Geeker Gate, allows us to use that knowledge to develop countermeasures.


Some have suggested that there are Crisis Management Firms who orchestrate these events.  If that is the case, then the fact of the matter is that they’re likely using critical customers to perpetuate controversy and generate artificial buzz over the IP, since the material itself just isn’t good enough to do that on its own.  In which case there’s really only one real countermeasure available to us; to simply walk away and cease all purchasing of any products or services related to the IP immediately upon getting the very first whiff of SJW politics before any of this even starts, and to not comment on any of it at all.  Offer them total and utter silence on the matter.  Just walk away.

That’s a monumental task.  Particularly with large customer bases that have people of varying perspectives.  And frankly nearly impossible, given that most people have some natural fight in them.  So I offer the following countermeasures for consideration.  Again, it will be up to fandom to continue to update and develop these countermeasures.

Please keep in mind that these countermeasures are as of yet untested, and will need further refinement.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. OFFER ALTERNATIVES – During Phase 1 before the rebooting begins, when SJWs come sniffing around looking for gender and race issues, kindly suggest to them that the IP is not for them.  Nicely offer alternative IPs that might be more to their liking, and even suggest that they might be talented enough to create their very own IP in their own SJW image.  Honey works better than vinegar here, you can’t be sarcastic, you have to come accross as genuine.

2. CONTACTING THE IP MANAGEMENT – This is challenging, because SJWs are political activists and propagandists rather than genuine artists or entrepreneurs.  Their primary concern of pushing a political message will always outweigh their desire for profit; a word that they often spit out as a pejorative.  They see themselves as cultural managers or stewards, rather than blue collar workers producing a widget, or managers operating a business.  So this will have limited effect once they take hold inside of an IP, but anything is worth a shot.  As soon as the rebooting production begins, contact CEOs and other management and let them know that you will walk away from the IP if SJW politics are pushed, and that you’ll encourage others to do the same.

3. CONTACTING SHAREHOLDERS – This is more powerful than contacting anyone inside of the IP.  The shareholders are motivated by profit because of their investment; they expect a return  They are the ones with real power.  It’s best to contact them when the rebooting process begins, to let them know you will walk away if SJW politics appear.

4. SEND SHAREHOLDERS THE PHASES – Very early on, send all the shareholders copies of The Phases of the Geeker Gate, so that they can watch it happen in real time as it occurs.  This may help to create a sense of urgency in them.

5. CONTACTING MERCHANDISING MANAGEMENT – After SJW politics make an appearance, contact the management and CEOs of toy companies, book publishers, T-Shirt manufacturers, and any other merchants connected with the IP.  Let them know that you’re walking away from the IP and their products because of the SJW politics being pushed, and that you’ll encourage others to do the same.

6. CONTACT ADVERTISERS – If there are any advertisers connected with the IP in any way, you can start a list of them and contact them, perhaps even going so far as to suggest a boycott of their products if they don’t withdraw advertising from the IP.

7. BOYCOTT – As soon as possible.  Withhold your purchasing power from all films, toys, t-shirts, comics, novels, merchandise of any kind the very first moment that SJW politics appear. Do not give television or streaming shows any ratings.  Encourage others to do the same, and inform the shareholders that you are doing this.  If you really have to satisfy your craving for material related to the IP, purchase vintage material from eBay that was produced before the rebooting.

8. BUYCOTT – The opposite of a boycott.  Purchase products and services from any personalities or entities who support your side, and encourage others to do the same.  Advertise the fact that you’re using the money you’re saving from the boycott, to fund the parties who understand and support your criticisms.

9. CONTACT RETAILERS AND MERCHANTS – There’s a school of thought that says if the  upper management is politically motivated, then your letters to them will mean nothing.  What matters, is that it takes a consistent lack of orders from retailers, distributors, theaters, restaurants, who ever is selling the merchandise and/or services.  Stop purchasing all of it.  Don’t spend a penny.  Then take the extra step to contact those retailers and merchants and tell them that you are not spending any money on the IP’s merchandise, attending its movies, visiting its themeparks, or watching its programs.  If the guy on the bottom rung of this trickle down ladder stops ordering product, the shockwaves from the lack of capital may be felt all the way up the ladder to the top.

10. DO NOT TOLERATE SUPPRESSION – Don’t tolerate months of having your posts deleted or being banned in online forums or elsewhere.  They’ll do their very best to convince you that you’re the “bad actor.”  Don’t believe them.  Begin publishing your perspective on your own immediately upon experiencing the very first instance of suppression, in whatever media format you favor.

11. ENCOURAGE LEAKS – If there is a civil cultural war going on within the IP as well, then encourage those on your side who are inside the IP to leak information.

12. CREATE CONFLICT WITHIN THE IP – They’re going to do everything they can to get customers to fight amongst themselves.  Return the favor.  Pit celebrities and creatives against one another with their own public statements as often as possible.  Celebrity A said something bad about celebrity B?  Make sure celebrity B knows about it.

13. MONETIZE SJWs – Produce T-Shirts and mugs that mock, satirize, and/or lampoon commonly parroted SJW memes, buzzwords, and catchphrases.  Earn a profit while doing so.

14. LAND, SEA & AIR – Customers have to fight this in all media forms; video on YouTube, audio podcasts, text on blogs and websites.

15. KEEP AN ARCHIVE – Understand, one reason that SJWs get away with much of this is that they constantly revise history.  So someone has to archive events as they happen, along with accompanying investigations when they happen, and be ready to present those things when an attempt at revisionism occurs.  It’s the very best way to discredit false narratives.

16. PRE-EMPT IP FAILURE NARRATIVES – Go on the offensive. During the rebooting production of Phase 2, if you have Q & A sessions or are conducting an interview of any kind, immediately ask the production staff or creatives if they plane to accuse the customer base of racism and misogyny, if the customer base criticizes the direction of newly rebooted production.   Also ask exactly what measures they will take to be sure the criticism is coming from actual fans and not cloned or sock puppet accounts.  You can also ask if they will single out just that comment, or if they will make blanket statements about a group of fans based on one or two comments.  If the creative in the production staff state they will use those accusations, “only if it’s warranted and the critics truly are racist/misogynist/homophobic,” then counter by asking what measure they will use to determine if it is warranted or not.

17. AVOID CUSTOMER INFIGHTING – Oftentimes SJWs will do their best to get critical customers to fight with one another.  Avoid falling into this trap.

18. IGNORE PROFESSIONAL UBER FANS – Some of these entities rely on the IP for a portion of their income, so they’re motivated to keep it afloat, and mischaracterize critics.  The real fight is always between the customer and the IP.  Engaging with these professional fans on any level is a complete waste of time and effort, unless absolutely necessary.  Oftentimes these professional fans will see a decline in their viewership/readership, so they’ll try to pick a fight with a rising star in order to get that rising star to mention their name, so they can siphon off some views.

19. DISCREDIT SJW ACTIVISTS – Nearly everything SJWs claim is false.  All it takes is some time, and Googling to find that out.  The Wayback Machine is a useful tool as well, to view websites and blog posts that have been altered.  When hate hoaxes, false flags, and the Damsel In Distress appears, you’ve got to find the source of any claim, and clearly demonstrate that it’s unsourced, or a hate hoax/false flag, or posted by a cloned account, etc., with real supporting evidence.  Immediately and publicly disassociate from any hate hoaxes/false flags, and publish all evidence of the discrediting as soon as possible. Show the evidence.  Show the other side’s lack of evidence.  Spread it far and wide.

20. CHANGE THE CONVERSATION – When the shill media starts talking about the Damsel In Distress Event, ignore it until you have evidence to discredit it.  Instead, respond to these accusations with discussion of the misbehavior of accusatory creatives and production staff.  Show where that has happened with cited evidence.

21. READ OPPOSITION MATERIAL REGULARLY – It’s the very best way to improve and hone your arguments.  It’s also the best way to know what your opposition will say and do, before they say and do it.  Some people may block you, but you’ll have to get around that to find out what they’re up to.  Remember, all SJWs think in unison with a singular hive mind.  They are slaves to political fashion trends.  So predict commonly parroted arguments, and pre-compose responses with linked citations to sources ready to go.

22. SPREAD THE WORD – Publish and talk about these phases and countermeasures in any media format that you favor, to educate normal people about how all of this works and how to fight it.

23. BE WILLING TO CONSIDER ALTERNATIVE AND CONTRARY OPINIONS – This will help avoid fan infighting. It may not be what you want to hear.  You may even have evidence that it is incorrect.  But you have to be willing to consider multiple different opinions.  That doesn’t mean you have to like the opinion, trust the opinion, or believe the opinion.  Only that you’re willing to listen and mull it over.  General George S. Patton once said, “If everyone is thinking the same, then someone isn’t thinking.”

24. DO NOT HIRE SJWs If you own the IP, you risk damage to your business when you hire SJWs.  Do not hire any of them under any circumstances.  If you have an employee that starts prattling on endlessly about race and gender, find a way to get rid of them immediately.

25. WHEN WINNING, STOP ENGAGING WITH THEM Once it’s absolutely clear that you’re winning the fight, stop engaging with them.  Doing so only gives them relevancy and agency at this point.  There’s a popular paraphrasing of an old Napoleon quote that says, “Never interfere with an enemy when he’s in the process of destroying himself.”  There’s wisdom in that.

26. MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION If the SJWs are engaging in reporting posts on social media or making bogus copyright strikes to take out YouTube channels, then you’re going to have to return fire with the same tactics even if you don’t believe in them.  Only when there’s a sense of a mutually assured destruction will there be any ceasefire, metaphorically speaking.

27. OWN MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS – Make sure that you have multiple social media accounts so that if one is banned you can pop up right away with another.  With regards to YouTube, own more than one channel so that if one is taken down, you can operate from the other.  It might be advisable to register multiple YouTube accounts with different email addresses and/or cell phone numbers so that the channels aren’t associated with one another automatically through some algorithm or otherwise electronically.  Consider free-speech oriented alternatives such as, Bit Chute or Bit Tube.

28. LAWSUITS – Lawsuits can be considered in instances of defamation, tortious interference, or other instances that attorneys may recommend.  Be aware however, that if your case is presented before an activist judge, the judge may likely rule on the side of their political comrade without regard to the law. So it is advisable to pursue having your case heard before a jury if your attorney recommends it.

29. ENCOURAGE AND ACCELERATE SOCIAL MEDIA BLOCKAGES – The SJW is trained from a very early age to constantly fight and argue with their political adversaries beginning in kindergarten, under the aegis of “activism.”  So they’re constantly wanting to disagree and argue with anyone in an effort to virtue signal and present themselves as more moral than thou.  This fighting arguing instinct never goes away.  So when they start creating their social media Utopia by blocking everyone they disagree with, they eventually have an echo chamber where only SJWs are speaking to one another.  It’s idyllic for a time, but eventually that natural instinct to virtue signal and argue takes over and the social media Utopians turn into a circular firing squad metaphorically speaking, and start attacking one another.  Do whatever you can to expedite and amplify this process.

30. MAINTAIN GENUINE MYTHOLOGY, DISREGARD NEW CANON – In Part 3 of my Culture War history series, I talk about Yuri Bezmenov and cultural subversion.  Yuri talks about ways to reverse cultural subversion. One of the methods he suggests is to maintain a belief in God, and eschew material consumerism from corporations that are in bed with government.  The Geeker Gate is really a microcosm of the larger nation-wide cultural subversion that Yuri speaks of, but I think we can take the general idea of what he’s taking about and apply that concept here.  Maintain the original mythology/canon that the new incarnation is threatening to overwrite.  You can do this by only consuming used goods from eBay or second hand shops that were produced before the IP began its transformation.  You can do this by creating new projects such as fan fiction or fan films.  You can take books on tape, and marry them with comic books of the same story to produce motion comics.  Play games produced before the IPs transformation. The ideas are endless, but ultimeately it’s the stories and the mythology that matters, not PVC plastic.  You must not consume anything from the new incarnation of the IP, not one single item.  Sure that X-Wing Fighter X-Mas tree ornament might look cool, but it’s going to fund Kathleen Kennedy’s salary.

You can also watch this video:


After the IP has lost its luster, after the customer base has abandoned the property, after the SJW locusts have moved on to a currently popular and successful IP, and all that is left is a desiccated husk that merely shadows the original IP, can it ever be recovered or rehabilitated?  Anything is possible, but I suspect that it’s very unlikely.  Once something gains the stench of SJW politics, normal people rarely want anything to do with it any more, except perhaps after an extended period of time.

But if you make the attempt, be prepared to be demonized by SJWs for that as well.

When neighborhoods are destroyed due to the high crime that SJW policies inevitably facilitate, normal people flee the neighborhoods.  After a time, the neighborhood becomes a ghost town.  SJWs like to refer to that as “white flight,” as a way to deflect from the fact that people of all colors and backgrounds are fleeing the SJW policies that destroy neighborhoods.  The neighborhood exists as nearly a ghost town for an extended period of time.  Then after a while, investors start to become interested in rehabilitating the neighborhood, since the majority of the crime has now also left due to no one being around to steal from or assault.  When these investors do come in and try to improve the neighborhood, that effort is demonized by SJWs as “gentrification.”

If an attempt is made to recover and revitalize a lost IP, I imagine SJWs will attempt to utilize some variation of the “gentrification” demonization, and you ought to be prepared for that.

Keep in mind that SJWs will attempt to write and publish their own version of the Geeker Gate.  But also keep in mind, that efforts to do so won’t be based on any actual research, but instead will be based on bizarre hyperbolic adjective usage, and their desire to insult the “alt-right.”  Their reluctance to read and do hard work gives you an advantage.

What also gives you an advantage is their inability to consider opinions other than their own.  They spend their time on social media blocking anyone who disagrees with them, and seeking out only those who reflect their own ideas back at them.  So they have no idea what or how other people think, and therefore can’t devise strategies to debate effectively, which is why they oftentimes have to resort to physical violence.

Sabbatical Luke Is Not Vagrant Jake

As I correctly predicted earlier, we’re going to be a getting a slew of these silly articles that declare all the critics of The Last Jedi wrong, so I guess we have to address this silliness directly.

Matt Miller writes an incredibly ignorant piece at Esquire entitled, An Early Star Wars Image Proves Luke Skywalker’s Twist in The Last Jedi Was Planned From the Beginning It’s also subtitled, This is proof that all those Rian Johnson haters are wrong.  Why is the subtitle shorter than the title?  Who knows.  Only one thing can be sure, whenever a Millenial progressive writer declares critics to be wrong, the exact opposite will almost assuredly be true.  So let’s go ahead and correct Matt Miller of Esquire, yet again.

Matt writes:

when Rey travels to find Luke Skywalker in his exile in The Last Jedi, she finds a man much different from the hero we remember.

Luke is a darker character. He’s no longer that bright-eyed boy on Tatooine. After getting betrayed by one of his students, Luke cut himself off from the Force. He went into exile, abandoning the hubris of the Jedi, and leaving the Resistance to fight the First Order on their own.

Since the film was released, The Last Jedi has become one of the most polarizing entries in the franchise to date, with fans taking issue specifically with this grumpy, older Luke Skywalker. Many argue that Luke never would have changed this much—that he would remain a hopeful, passionate child well through adulthood. Luke, they argue, would exist in some creepy stage of arrested development—never maturing or growing out of young adulthood (sound familiar?).

Yes, it sounds like uneducated SJWs who never mature mentally beyond the age of 17, as is evidenced by their use of teenage vernacular at age 70.

These fans largely blame Rian Johnson, who wrote and directed The Last Jedi, for fundamentally—and incorrectly—altering the beloved character.

However, a new early image from Christian Alzmann, a concept design supervisor at Lucasfilm, shows this darker Luke Skywalker had been planned well before The Force Awakens.

By new, Matt Miller means old.  Since the image he’s referencing has been out there for years, and in fact appears on my blog post in which I piece together what George Lucas initially intended for the Sequel Trilogy.


I’ve been trying to get comic book artist pros to draw an older samurai Luke for months.

On his Instagram, Alzmann posted a picture of a concept design of Luke Skywalker with the caption: “My first image I made for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This was January of 2013. Luke was being described as a Col. Kurtz type hiding from the world in a cave. I couldn’t believe I was getting to make this image and I got a George ‘Fabulouso‘ on it to boot.”

This image was, of course, made long before The Force Awakens was released in 2015, when, even that early, writers were comparing Luke Skywalker to Marlon Brando’s iconic character from Apocalypse Now. Kurtz, as you’ll remember from the Francis Ford Coppola classic, was a brutal and ruthless leader who went insane while isolated in the jungle of Cambodia. Given this description, writers had originally intended Skywalker to be much darker than what we ended up seeing in The Last Jedi. Also, what’s interesting about Alzmann’s post is George Lucas also weighed in on, and approved, this depiction of Skywalker.

This should work as unequivocal proof to haters that Rian Johnson’s depiction of Luke Skywalker was not a massive screw up, but a complex character arc that had been planned from the beginning.

In fact it serves as proof of the exact opposite.

With respect to Alzmann, Luke was not depicted at all as hiding in a cave.  But rather, he was depicted as hiding in a Jedi Temple.  Here’ are the images of Luke’s temple that Matt Miller is unaware of:


Temple Interior

Pay particular note to how the Jedi temple does not resemble a cave.

Also, take a really good look at the concept image of Luke, and compare and contrast that image with the image of Jake Skywalker in The Last Jedi.

For many young people, an old guy with a grey beard is an old guy with a grey beard, and there isn’t much difference between them.  But note how the image we see on the left is an unkempt man who can barely maintain personal hygiene, while the image on the right depicts a well groomed aged samurai Luke.  This is the difference that is currently escaping all of the reactionary millennial writers who are far too desperate to prove Last Jedi critics wrong.  It’s the difference between a monk going into solitude to meditate and find his center, and the drooling hermit who argues with the clouds.  Let’s take a look at another comparison that might be more obvious to writers like Matt Miller:

Can you tell the difference between these two figures in exile and solitude?

“There was only two(?) Underage girls in that chat” with Bryan Young

As a result of my first and second blog posts on the matter, some more apples have fallen from of the tree.  Some public responses from those involved in the chat was made in regards to my second blog post on the matter:

So on the one hand Téa states that the participants in this chat were “not teenagers” but rather were all “19-24 year old women.”  But after j-mee responds to that by citing “underage girls” three times, and makes specific reference to “minors” who should “quit actively seeking out content they cannot consent to.”  Téa then admits that, “There was only two(?) Underage girls in that chat.”  Téa dismisses j-mee’s admonishment by stating that, “Also they did consent to it.”  But what Téa may not understand, is that in most jurisdictions minors are legally unable to give consent in situations such as this.

So which is it?  Where the participants in the chat 19-24 year old women, or were they underage girls in the chat?  I posed that question to Téa.

Urban Dictionary has some definitions of “stan twitter” for those who may not know what it is.

So this leaves us with some questions.  How can Téa be certain of the ages of anyone within the chat?  Minors are notorious for lying about their age in order to gain access to adult venues.  Long ago, minors lied about their age to get into the military.  Minors have lied about their age to get into R rated movies.  Minors have lied about their age to buy alcohol from liquor stores.  They’ve lied about their age to gain access to nightclubs and concerts.  So it’s possible that some of the members lied about their age, even if they were all online friends who have never met in real life who share personal info.  Twitter has no age verification system that I’m aware of.

If there were “only two” minors in the chat, then how would Téa know if they were in bed or were lurking?  How do we know that they were inactive at all?  Why would they “give consent” if they were inactive and in bed?  The question mark that Téa places right next to “only two” seems to suggest that while she knows that minors were present in the chat, she doesn’t have any real idea at all as to how many minors were in the chat.  So were more than two in the chat?  More who were active?  If Téa wasn’t forthright about the two “underage girls” when she initially claimed everyone was “19-24,” then how can we be sure that she’s being forthright about the two “underage girls” being inactive during the chat?

Shortly after the time of this sex chat around June 21st however, j-mee makes a pretty strong distinction between “young women” and “teens” in the following tweet:

It makes me sick that an older, adult man would come into such a lovely community to prey on young women and teens. I hope this never happens again, but if it does, please reach out to us older fans, so we can help take proper steps to contact authorities, etc. Be safe y’all.❤️

— j-mee (@strawberryxtalk) June 21, 2018

It would seem that even if j-mee weren’t in the chat, she may be familiar with the details of it.  Why would there be a need to reach out to older fans or contact authorities if everyone involved was 19-24 years old?  Why would “teens” to reach out to older fans if they were inactive and in bed?

Participants in this chat are tight-lipped about “the br*an y*ung incident,” even if it might place the members of their community in danger, thanks to politics.

some jackass antifeminist Disney-Ruined-Star-Wars loser is up in one of my threads from June talking about the br*an y*ung incident, demanding screenshots, and I’m absolutely fucking floored by how entitled some of these assholes can be

— earl grey jedi (@bodhicha) November 12, 2018

these assholes are literally fishing for ammunition to try and tear down anyone they label a leftist and while I have a LOT of issues with how that situation went down, I’m not adding fuel to the whole antifeminist/antileftist fire

— earl grey jedi (@bodhicha) November 12, 2018

like, yeah, I blocked a solid dozen notable rlos over this, but I am not going to help out these losers on their fucking crusade of evil

— earl grey jedi (@bodhicha) November 12, 2018

So much like the James Gunn incident, even if something inappropriate did take place online, the participants are reluctant divulge the information because they prioritize their politics over protecting themselves.  That alone should be a strong indication of just how sick that particular brand of politics truly is.

Regardless, this would seem to be a dangerous situation for Lucasfilm to be in, if one of its representatives is actively engaging in sex chats that may or may not have minors present and active in it.  How long before this sort of activity extends into the real world, if it hasn’t already, particularly in light of the accusations being brought against Bobby Roberts, Bryan Young’s co-host for the Full of Sith podcast?

Is that the angle that “these types” always go for?  Or is it the angle that oftentimes ends up being the case?

Male Feminist

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Twitter terms of service.

Pablo Hidalgo Displeased With Parody Account Lampooning His Master And Commander

Recently a parody Twitter account appeared that pokes fun at Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, and Pablo Hidalgo is not very approving.


One wonders if this poor sport also puts on an exasperated frowny face when confronted with Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of “Orange Man Bad.”  Probably not.


“Parody for me, but not for thee.” ~Pablo Hidalgo

George Lucas Coming Back To Produce Obi-Wan Film?

I’ve been tracking a recent trend lately, but Ethan Van Sciver has recently released a video that has forced me to publish this blog post earlier than expected.  So before we get into that, let’s go over some recent history.

As a preface, readers of this blog will know that I’ve been able to piece together a general idea of what George Lucas planned for his Sequel Trilogy, from bits and pieces published in various articles.  It’s worth a read to understand the undercurrent of the following events.

So what’s interesting is that around the time of the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney through to the beginning of 2018, there were a slew of articles written that openly declared how wonderful it was that Disney would be taking over Star Wars, and how much better Star Wars would be without George Lucas’ influence.  Here’s a sampling of those headlines:

Six Reasons Pixar Is Better Than George Lucas 4/4/2013

Useless Drivel – George Lucas: Still Sh*tting Over Everything 9/25/2015

George Lucas’s 5 stages of Star Wars grief 12/15/2015

So while everyone falls into a deliriously happy spiral over how The Force Awakens is the sequel that real fans have been waiting for since the beginning, its creator has been trundling around the edges of the frenzy as a “creative consultant,” looking on with the hangdog expression of someone on the outskirts who can’t quite decide whether he cares enough to make a play for acceptance.

Kill Your Parents – Why It’s Good That George Lucas Was Kept Away From The New Star Wars Films 12/15/2015

A Not-So-Brief History of George Lucas Talking Shit About Disney’s Star Wars 12/31/2015

Why Star Wars is better off without George Lucas 1/24/2016

How George Lucas Lost His Integrity…and Why it’s So Important 5/18/2016

16 Ways George Lucas Almost Ruined Star Wars 1/1/2018

George Lucas was persona non grata at the time due to the perceived poor opinion of the Prequel Trilogy, and people like JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy even saw fit to take swipes at Lucas’ other creations.

Then sometime around June, when the legacy media realized that their attempt to prevent #TheFandomMenace criticisms from leaking out into the general public was failing, they started publishing pieces telling fans how horrible George Lucas’ vision for the Sequel Trilogy would have been.  Here’s a sampling of those headlines:


George Lucas’ Plans for Star Wars Episodes 7-9 Would’ve Really Made Fans Mad 6/13/2018

George Lucas had a terrible idea for Star Wars sequel trilogy 6/13/2018

George Lucas’s Lost Star Wars Trilogy Was Basically ‘Osmosis Jones’ 6/13/2018

So apparently fans were to believe that George’s ideas were far, far worse than anything in Disney’s Sequel Trilogy, and that we ought to just be happy with what we got.

Then something interesting started happening roughly around February of 2018. Though it really picked up steam in October.  Articles started appearing that touted George Lucas’ involvement in current and recent Disney projects.

Ron Howard Had Guidance from George Lucas on ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Set 2/9/2018

L3-37 from Solo: A Star Wars Story was conceived by George Lucas 10/6/2018

George Lucas influenced L3-37 in Solo: A Star Wars Story 10/10/2018

George Lucas Gives His Blessing To The ‘Star Wars’ Live-Action TV Show 10/19/2018

George Lucas visits set of Star Wars live-action series The Mandalorian 10/20/2018

Simon Pegg Misses George Lucas’ Influence On Star Wars 11/10/2018

I even published a blog post about this sudden turnabout.  It’s quite odd, that we’ve seen the retired President’s presence in Star Wars more often than the current President of Star Wars, who only popped up just recently to give what could be interpreted as a farewell speech.

More recently however, a trend has begun with articles being published stating that the Sequel Trilogy which George Lucas intended, was the same Sequel Trilogy that Disney produced after all, despite the fact that Lucas himself publicly stated that his treatments for the Sequel Trilogy were discarded by Disney.  As always, these articles begin with a trickle much earlier, then pic up steam more recently in November.  I suspect that perhaps certain ideas are floated out early to gain feedback, which they then use to polish the narrative for later use when the articles are published widely by multiple sources.

Luke’s Exile in Last Jedi Was George Lucas’ Idea 12/20/2017

George Lucas Had A Hand At The Last Jedi’s Bitter And Jaded Luke Skywalker 1/9/2018

Star Wars: How George Lucas’ Episode VII Outline Became The Last Jedi 3/16/2018

Star Wars: Luke Skywalker Would Have Died In George Lucas’ Episode IX 3/27/2018

Star Wars Would Be Pretty Much The Same If George Lucas Didn’t Sell To Disney 10/10/2018

Force Awakens Concept Art Confirms No Luke Retcon In Last Jedi 11/23/2018

Luke’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi Arc Was Planned Years Before The Force Awakens Came Out 11/24/2018

Star Wars 9 and Last Jedi shock: Will THIS Luke image and news make fan backlash WORSE? 11/24/2018

Phil Szostak is the Lucasfilm Creative Art Manager and author of The Art of The Force Awakens, The Art of The Last Jedi and The Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

He just reignited the entire debate by posting the image below and basically confirming that Johnson was not responsible for Luke’s divisive behaviour.

He tweeted a picture by Lucasfilm design supervisor Christian Alzmann tagged: “My first image I made for StarWars: TheForceAwakens. This was January of 2013. Luke was being described as a Colonle Kurtz type hiding from the world in a cave… I got a George “Fabulouso” on it to boot.”

There may likely be many more of these articles published in short order.

Now, this all brings us to Ethan Van Sciver’s latest video:

I’ll transcribe the important bit here, which comes to us from former Mayor of London Boris Johnson.  He babbles quite a bit, so my transcribing is a paraphrasing, as I attempt to clean up the prose.

“Can you remember which was the biggest grossing movie of 2017?  It was Star Wars, whatever it was called, it was the latest edition. Where does George Lucas propose to make the follow-up bio-pic of the life of Obi-Wan Kenobi?  Anybody know?  Here in Northern Ireland?”

This statement opens up all kinds of questions.

So to briefly recap, first fans were told that George Lucas was toxic to Star Wars.  Then in June they were told that Lucas’ ideas for the Sequel Trilogy were lame anyway.  Then they started touting George’s influence on current Disney productions in October.  Then in November they began claiming that the current Disney sequel trilogy was all George Lucas’ idea after all.  Then we get this impromptu statement from Boris Johnson.  So what’s going on here?

Boris Johnson obviously isn’t a fan, we can see this from his “whatever it was called” statement.  Even fans who hated The Last Jedi know what it was called.  So why would he know about a detail like a “follow-up bio-pic of the life of Obi-Wan Kenobi,” unless it was somehow beneficial to him or his constituency in some way, particularly economically?

Did George suddenly become more involved in Star Wars in October after stating that he was going his own way, because he’s now involved in the pre-production of an Obi-Wan film?  Did the studio beg him to come back after Solo’s disastrous performance in May?  Did Simon Pegg have insider knowledge of Lucas’ potential return when he made his statement about missing him?  Was he encouraged to make that statement to gauge what the public reaction to it might be?

If George is back in a larger capacity, does this mean that George has taken on the reigns of acting President while Kathleen Kennedy sits back as a figurehead for her last 3 years?  During which time George may appoint and groom a new President to replace her when those 3 years are up?

Is this a desperate course correction by Disney to get the franchise back on track?  If so, it would then indicate that Lucasfilm knows it needs to get back on track, which would be huge and unexpected progress.

It’ll be interesting to watch the fall out over this over the course of the next week or two, and see if it’s confirmed or denied by official sources.

Fabio Solo Graces Star Wars Comics

Not having any understanding of the proper context of Leia’s metal gold bikini, unthinking SJWs have spent decades seething and frothing over that perceived slight against feminist idiocy.  One way that SJWs have tried to return fire against that imaginary transgression, is by performing salivating cat-calls over Kylo Ren’s bare pectoral muscles in the same manner that feminists imagine cartoon versions of male construction workers do towards women passing by.  This helps them feel more equal, or something.

Well hold onto your hats ladies, and move over Kylo Ren nipple enthusiasts, for Han Solo is now taking over Star Wars comics like Fabio on the cover of a tawdry romance novel.  Lucasfilm Story Group member Matt Martin proudly holds up the example on Twitter.

For those who may not be aware, Swolo is adolescent vernacular for a shirtless Ben Solo.

The trend towards Star Wars emulating Flesh Gordon rather than Flash Gordon continues apace.  Literally.

I’m sure that Hasbro is busy producing Swolo action figures that will warm the pegs as much as they warm feminist’s penniless hearts.

Meanwhile, Leia’s iconic gold bikini remains suppressed by Lucasfilm feminists, in the interest of equality of course.  At least we can still have a mocking chuckle over this:



Insane Woman Wants You To Come To Your Senses


Kathleen Kennedy’s greatest achievement in her lifetime.

As many know, Kathleen Kennedy accepted a the Thalberg lifetime achievement award from the organizers of the Oscars last Sunday.  This award is given out infrequently, the last being awarded to Francis Ford Coppola in 2010.

You can watch Kathleen’s entire acceptance speech here:

Here are some highlights from her speech:

I have to say its pretty amazing to be standing here with Frank and Steven and realize that we now join the company of so many greats that have received this award in the past.  Filmmakers such as William Wiler, Jack Warner, Steven, Fancis Coppola, Alfred Hitchcock, George Lucas; legends all.

I would argue that many of those names may have received their award for actual film craft, rather than using big brand names as a vehicle to push a backwards political agenda.  The leftist will parrot that “all art is political” but that simply isn’t the case.  What those SJWs mean to say is that all leftist art is political, and that would be correct.  So what’s happening here, is that Kathleen is getting a pat on the back from her political comrades, for being the dutiful propagandist.  Actual film craft no longer has anything to do with this award.

I’m also very proud to be the first woman to accept this award.

Note that in the video, Jon Favreau stands to applaud.  Wamandalorian.

Without great writing, we have nothing to produce.

Au contraire mon fraire.  Nearly everything produced by Lucasfilm under Disney has contained an awful adolescent level of fan-fiction style writing, and cringe worthy on-the-nose political lecturing.  But it was produced anyway.

But we all know, there are changes in our industry that should be embraced, ones that must be embraced.  For as our industry grows and changes, who gets to tell their stories needs to grow and change as well.

This is clearly a diversity and inclusion statement, and it’s pretty amazing that the person making it has hired nearly all white male directors who bemoan that only white male directors have been hired.

I know first hand how allowing new voices at the table can change someone’s life.  My opportunity to work in television, was the result of a lawsuit back in 1973, filed against a station because women did not occupy any technical jobs.  That lawsuit opened a door for me.

So Kathleen began her career not because of overwhelming talent, but because of a lawsuit forcing others to hire her against their will.  How quintessentially progressive.  Has anyone asked the question, how many women were trained and qualified to work as television technicians in 1973?  Of course not.  It doesn’t matter what the available pool of qualified women was to the SJW.  What matters to them, is equality of outcome rather than equal opportunity.

And it is my hope, that with this inclusion of these powerful new voices, we might just bring the world back to its senses.

And so Kathleen lifts the mask off of her blatant political agenda.  Anyone holding out hope for entertaining Star Wars fare devoid of gulag style communist propaganda such as Rose Tico’s deeply moronic social justice lectures, will be disappointed.  The agenda within today’s Lucasfilm is not to entertain, but to help “bring the world back to its senses” with more senseless political propaganda.  At least as long as she’s in charge.

And maybe, just maybe, shatter a few glass ceilings along the way.

Meanwhile, everyone else below gets lacerated with falling glass shrapnel.  Thanks Kathleen.


The Star Wars audience already came to its senses.

Geek Girl Diva’s Colorful Language

Geek Girl Diva writes for, and is commonly known within fandom as the female shadow of Chuck Wendig.

How did she get and hold her freelance job writing for Lucasfilm?  Given that she’s just as inarticulate as Chuck Wendig, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that it may have been the result of nepotism.

With that kind of authority, Geek Girl Diva now has some things to say about the recent casting announcements for the live action Star Wars television series.

Okay, so two men of color leading #StarWars TV shows. Female directors announced.

Still on my wishlist:

WoC lead, LGBTQ rep, disabled rep (Viktoria Modesta, maybe?), and racial diversity throughout.

Make the galaxy far, far, away a melting pot of awesome!

— Geek Girl Diva (@geekgirldiva) November 13, 2018

Many readers will be confused given that both Pedro Pascal and Diego Luna are as lily white as nearly any other Caucasian.  But within the SJW collective, one need only subscribe to a certain brand of politics in order to attain the coveted “People of Color” status.  Were Pedro or Diego ever to express right of center political sentiments or exhibit any degree of normalcy, they would then be immediately stripped of their “People of Color” status, and would henceforth be referred to as “white Hispanics” in the race-obsessed legacy media.

The satire website Faking Star Wars pokes fun at this phenomenon:

When is white not white? Clearly when casting actors of color, according to Lucasfilm. The studio behind Star Wars has come under fire for a lack of diversity behind the camera, but now it’s being criticized for the whiteness of what’s in front of the camera as well.

The casting news was initially met with excitement… but it didn’t take long before the Twitterverse began doing its thing. “Woke” fans argued that by casting white Hispanic males back-to-back in high-profile projects, Lucasfilm was trying to score diversity points in name only.

“It started with Oscar Isaac in The Force Awakens, but we let them slide, because when he doesn’t shave he can appear a bit darker. But now with Diego and Pedro, it’s getting ridiculous. Every Hispanic male cast in Star Wars gets whiter and whiter despite the fact that their names are getting more and more ethnic,” said Star Wars lore expert Hablo Pidalgo.


People of color.

Geek Girl Diva isn’t down with biting the hand that feeds her, as she admonishes Simon Pegg for criticizing Star Wars under Disney:

But no matter how much human claxon Geek Girl Diva may frown upon one broadcasting their criticism of an IP that they have profited from,  it won’t stop her from engaging in the exact same practice when coming to the defense of her race-obsessed colleagues.

I’m not surprised Marvel Comics is a shitshow considering their EIC pretended to be Asian, which is a Completely Normal Thing™️.

— Matt Goldberg (@MattGoldberg) October 13, 2018

Is Geek Girl Diva suggesting here that Chuck’s job might have been spared were he perceived as a “Person of Color?”  If so, then Geek Girl Diva may have to report back to the Collective for re-education after such an egregious wrong-think transgression.  But in today’s bold age of trans-racialism, perhaps Chuck can retroactively claim “Person of Color” status to get his job back.