An Allegorical SJW




The 1980s miniseries V was an allegory of the Holocaust couched in a War of the Worlds narrative.  Visitors from outer space arrived on Earth, offering friendship and technological wonders.  But over time, the Visitors were discovered to be reptilian underneath their fake human masks.  They came to Earth to steal the planet’s water, and to use human beings as food and/or soldiers in some far-off war.  Various groups of humans were targeted for persecution. Because of this, humans hid in ways similar to the ways that Jews hid in Nazi Germany.

But some humans became allies with the Visitors, and stupidly worked alongside them to subjugate mankind.

The character pictured above was Daniel Bernstein, and was the allegorical counterpart to the Nazi brownshirt.  Daniel didn’t buy any of the conspiracy theories about reptilians eating humans, and joined up with the Visitors after growing up as a lost misbehaving youth.

His depiction in the V Mini-Series, is strikingly similar to the behavior of the average SJW.  Spoiled, entitled, power hungry, selfish, immature, dumb, and a bully.

In the following clip, Daniel is rewarded for his loyalty to the Visitors with material wealth.  SJWs are perfectly okay with receving material wealth even as they oppress others into poverty.

In the following clip, Daniel expects that he can have anything he wants, including any woman he wants to marry.  The woman he wants is in hiding from the Vistors.  But if he doesn’t get what he wants,  he intends to turn the woman in along with her family to the Visitors.  In much the same way, when the SJW doesn’t get what they want they resort to doxxing or physical violence, and are contemptuous toward anyone who stands in their way.

In the following clip, Daniel bullies his ideological opponents whom the Visitors have targeted for persecution.  The primary group targeted are scientists, because scientists could identify the true nature of the Visitors, and develop weapons.  SJWs love to bully their ideological opponents.

If you haven’t seen the V mini-series from the 1980s, I highly recommend checking it out.  You may find many more similarities between Daniel Bernstein.

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