Bryan Young Apologizes

But it’s not for the lies he’s published about Geeks + Gamers and Ethan Van Sciver.  It’s about another matter entirely.



So what is Bryan apologizing for?

Apparently, the co-star of Bryan’s podcast Full of Sith, Bobby Roberts, is being accused of some kind of assault.  If you’re unfamiliar with Bobby Roberts, you can listen to this podcast here, where he talks about the “toxic fandom.”

According to various accounts, Bryan told people that he didn’t believe the accusations, although he’s since deleted all of those posts.  Telling people that you don’t instantly believe accusers with zero evidence is a cardinal sin within the SJW collective.  So Bryan was rebuked.  Although Bryan’s tweets have been deleted, the tweets of those commenting on the situation have not.  I present them to you for your consideration, so you can make your own judgments.



Bobby Roberts himself recently had this to say:

We gotta do a LOT better at teaching people not to value a facade of fairness, or celebrate acts of false magnanimity, because they ALWAYS come at the expense of legitimate fairness & justice

“Both sides” is a symptom of a larger, LEARNED misconception of what fairness even IS

— Bobby (@bobbyrobertspdx) October 28, 2018

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22 thoughts on “Bryan Young Apologizes

  1. Re: #believeallwomen
    Once upon a time I was on a jury determining the guilt or innocence of a Mexican immigrant of undetermined legality who had been accused of harassing a young woman. The woman herself was under age and no actual sex was involved. Plus the woman insisted she had not been harassed and was in the presence of her best friend at the time who wasn’t called to testify. The case was based on comments the man, who spoke little english, had made off the cuff to a police officer who happened to detain him on another matter. It was the male jurors who wanted to throw the book at the man while the women on the jury were either undecided or voted to acquit. I was surprised at the anger of the men and realized then that men tend to be hard wired to protect the “damsel in distress”. If men did not have this instinct, third and forth wave feminism wouldn’t exist.
    It’s particularly ironic, then that contemporary feminists object to the “damsel in distress” trope in movie plots while also demanding that men believe all women

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    • Probably, and Chuck Wendig’s definition as well. You’d better watch yourself, they’re wanted men. He has the death sentence on 12 systems!


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