Bryan Young Doubles Down On Lies And Stupidity

Star Wars Insider contributor Bryan Young is at it again.  Bryan saw Geeks + Gamers latest video, and had a hissy fit over the term NPC.  He then later decided to double down on his lies about G + G.


Bryan wonders if he’s looking at words.

What’s even more fascinating is how I’m able to succefully predict what you’re going to say long before you say it.

So Bryan is either blisfully unaware of the history of his own ideology, or he’s deliberately attempting to obfuscate it.  Generally speaking, I eschew WikiPedia because it’s mantained by teenage socialist activists in their pajamas from their parent’s house.  Plus consensus encyclopedias are garbage, because they can be edited by anyone at any time.  So citations to them are usually worthless.

But it does still give us insight into what SJWs themselves think of any given topic at any moment in time.  For instance, the entry for Social Justice Warrior states as of this writing;

The phrase originated in the late 20th century as a neutral or positive term for people engaged in social justice activism.[1] In 2011, when the term first appeared on Twitter, it changed from a primarily positive term to an overwhelmingly negative one.[1]

So Bryan isn’t even aware of what his own people are writing on the topic.

The fact of the matter is, that the term Social Justice Warrior was coined by SJWs themselves, in an effort to unduly romanticize their idiotic activism and the awful snake oil ideology of social justice.  What the SJWs couldn’t predict because of their inability to think more than two nano-seconds into the future, was that their own misbehavior and lack of personal hygiene would turn the phrase into a pejorative.  That in turn began to stigmatize the horrible ideology of social justice itself.

Furthermore, social justice itself is pure snake oil.  What Bryan is reciting here is what social justice currently adverstises itself to be today.  But the reality is far different from the advertisements.  Social justice is essentially petty theft.  It says that since you have more than me, I must take from  you in an effort to equalize our standings.  It uses the “marginalized” people that Bryan lists, to shield this political ideology from criticism.

It’s probably not a mistake that Bryan Young would compare social justice warriors to medievalist characters.

And a simple Google search demonstrates that nothing Bryan Young claims here is true.

Welcome to the 21st Century, where words can only be used by certain people.

They don’t have any original thoughts in their heads.  Listening to the words of Yuri Bezmenov, we know that everything they recite has been pre-programmed.  That’s how I know what they’re going to say before they say it.  I know what their programming is.

In all honesty however, normal people are referring to them as both terms right now.  My guess is that it will probably revert back to SJW in the long term, but I could be wrong.

Don’t you SJWs think you parrot the phrase “good faith” far too much these days?  “It’s just not a good look.exe”

Many would like their time back no doubt.

Someone commented:

To which Bryan replied:

Not vitriolic vitriol!  I wonder how humanizing Bryan feels the Russian Bot pejorative to be.  It would be great to get an extended Twitter rant on that one.

The very next day, Bryan made a point of putting out a link to my original blog post from the other day.


Ooooo.  Shadow.  That sounds dark.  Like an evil comic book villain or something.

The problem that Bryan Young is having again here, is understanding the very basic definition of words.  Bryan wants harassment to mean any reaction or response that he doesn’t like.  Of course, that isn’t the actual definition of harassment in reality at all.

In fact there’s absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever with people going into Bryan’s public Twitter thread and responding to his notorious public idiocy, or sending him private messages to let him know how they feel.  Parricularly since he represents Lucasfilm.  All of that is perfectly acceptable, even if Bryan stupidly thinks it isn’t.

So quite simply, there’s absolutely nothing to condemn here in this regard, explicitly or otherwise.

Bryan is of course entirely incorrect.  It is not at all their responsibility to tell their fans to “not harass, do not cause violence, do not threaten,” etc.  Not even if Bryan stupidly thinks it is.  He’s desperately attempting to manufacture a moral convention that doesn’t exist.

What Bryan doesn’t understand, is that mature adults are able to do those things all on their own, without having to be told.  It’s primarily the SJW who always has to be told how to behave civilly.  So what we’re seeing here is the SJW projecting his own behavioral aberrations onto normal people.

At the end of the day, Bryan has no way of understanding this basic concept:


It’s only a matter of time before these bullies play victim.

However, if we’re talking about genuine threats of violence, then that’s another matter entirely.  In that case, I strongly encourage all of my readers to point out this Twitter post to local law enforcement agencies and the FBI to ensure that all such threats are thoroughly investigated.

There’s nothing wrong with any of your followers responding to anything we say either, as long as it’s within the realm of civil discourse.  And yes, it is possible to be critical and even insulting in a civil manner.

One of Bryan’s followers had some common sense:

Responding to Bryan’s public posts is not a frenzy.  Bryan incorrectly views it as a frenzy, he’s unwittingly discovering that the “tiny vocal minority” is anything but.  It’ll take him several more years before he understands this.

DeepConvection responded:

So Bryan lies yet again.  It did in fact happen, and we have the documentation to prove it.  That documentation can be seen here.

This of course is preposterous.  It’s not as though an early draft went out with a variation of a sentence that had the same meaning.

The first draft contained the sentence, “They tried organizing a boycott and failed miserably.”  The purportedly revised sentence stated “Some encouraged a boycott, obliquely or otherwise, and the boycott failed miserably.”  These are two different thoughts, not similar thoughts experessed differently with the help of a thesaurus.  SJWs surely know what organizing is, and that it’s completely different from mere encouragement.  A professional writer in particular ought to know that.

They didn’t promote any boycott either, as much as I now wish they had in retrospect.  Instead, what they did was promote everyone doing whatever they felt was best with their own money.

But if the boycott was such a miserable failure, then why concern yourself with it at all?

The reality here is that Bryan Young sought to tie Geeks + Gamers and Ethan Van Sciver to the boycott, so that fans might turn on them and blame them for the cancelation of the Obi-Wan Kenobi film, the only film that fans actually asked for.  It’s all very transparent and well documented.

DeepConvection continued:

No one is putting a target on anyone’s back.  Bryan Young is actively doing this to himself.

DeepConvection continued:

So Bryan is stupidly regarding DeepConvections perfectly civil questions and comments as harassment.  What Bryan really has a problem with, is certain people knowing about his public comments and lies at all.

DeepConvection continued:

In other words, Bryan refuses to accept the reality that the responses he’s now receiving are a direct result of the lies that he himself published.  He simply dismisses DeepConvection altogether.  He expects Geeks + Gamers and EVS not to defend themselves from his published lies, because they happen to have a large audience or someemthing.  He wants them to just shut up and take it.


Twitter terms of service.

7 thoughts on “Bryan Young Doubles Down On Lies And Stupidity

  1. Nice article. Being nothing but civil and factual destroys his arguments. That gave him no ammo to use against me and exposed his accusations as fallacies.

    He is a Disney employee who is hating on fans, he is a Disney employee harassing others, he is is doing nearly everything he is accusing others of. Maybe Disney should do something about that.

    BTW there were actually 2 tweets in response to his “I haven’t said he’s done anything he hasn’t.” tweet.

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