Clone Wars Canceled For Being Too “Graphic”

Canceling The Clone Wars was one of the earliest moves that put Disney on the outs with fans.


Disney wanted a different kind of “graphic” for Grand Moff Tarkin. reports:

“Disney, they cancelled it, I think it was getting a little too graphic — actually, it was getting really graphic,” Logan said at London Comic Con. “Boba was doing some really, really cool stuff. He started actually becoming a bounty hunter.”

Logan, who portrayed a young Boba Fett in Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones before reprising his role in the animated series, added “at the time, it was just too graphic, I think, for what Disney was used to.”

When announcing the cancellation of The Clone Wars in 2013, Lucasfilm said a decision was made to “pursue a new direction in animated programming.”

When streaming rights for the series was acquired by Netflix, vice president of content acquisition Sean Carey pointed out the series “really aged up over the years” and “went to a darker place and didn’t fit the Cartoon Network brand any longer.”

Disney would later launch the more kid-friendly Star Wars Rebels before resurrecting The Clone Wars, announcing the revival to much fanfare at San Diego Comic-Con in July.

Odin’s Movie Blog discusses this story:


Meanwhile, Disney storytellers focus their collective brain power on a secret gay romance between Grand Moff Tarkin and TK-421 for their “kid-friendly” franchise.  Ethan Van Sciver discusses that story:

41 thoughts on “Clone Wars Canceled For Being Too “Graphic”

  1. That could be true, but I doubt it was as GRAPHIC as the lunatics are about to make it out to be. I personally don’t think the show was getting THAT graphic, judging by the unfinished arcs on Dark? Yeah, maybe. Graphic? Not so much, because they didn’t even show the lightsaber stabbings of the Pa’un governor and Trench and while Grievous cut off Endente’s head, it was quick and we only saw the back of his hood. The only time where it got a bit extreme was when Tambor unleashed the organic decimator on that Polec from Skako Minor. So, my hope is that Disney is smart enough to keep Clone Wars as it is with it’s TV-PG-V rating. I still personally think it was cancelled because it was too expensive for Disney to find at the time.

    Even Grant Davis Of Star Wars News Net, a.k.a. Pomojema_SWNN on Reddit, a reliable source for information, feels the same and feels Disney will still retain what made the Clone Wars what it was when it airs those 12 upcoming final episodes next year on the Disney Streaming Service. Here’s what he said:

    But, should u not bother to click on the link, here’s his full quote:

    “TCW was originally cancelled due to its budget and declining ratings. Unfortunately, it didn’t really take off with a greater part of the fanbase than the people who originally watched it until after it got cancelled. (Netflix was a big help here.) Also, it being on Cartoon Network was a big issue at the time.

    Disney seems to be pretty hands-off with telling creators how to handle their content, just as long as it doesn’t cross the proverbial line. You’re not gonna see TCW turn into Teletubbies under Disney, and I fully expect that it will be darker than the darkest episodes of Rebels.”

    With all due respect to Daniel Logan, I understand where he’s coming from, but, I don’t think it was going to be as graphic as people make out his claim to be. I feel it was going to be VERY darker than Sith. Dark and graphic are two different things.


  2. I will not be tempted into resisting watching these final Clone Wars episodes. They will not be toned down. They will not be kiddified, if the third act of Rogue One taught us anything. They will still maintain the tone the series had and they will stay true to how they were planned when George came up with them with Filoni and his writers. The only thing they might do is arrange them into a cohesive story, if these three arcs are all about Ahsoka’s final tales after the Season 5 finale.


    • Filoni? He’s just as clueless. His work on Rebels was laughable, and Rebels was 4 seasons of trash. He took a few elements from Legends, dumbed them down to classic Hollywood sub-standards, and then took a dump all over classic characters.


      • Oh, SHUT UP

        He’s far more capable than anyone at Lucasfilm right now of doing what Lucas did and handling classic characters better than Kathleen Kennedy. And, I guarantee you he’ll stick to the plan of Clone Wars when those 12 episodes air next year and will keep them faithful to how Lucas planned them. You’ll see.


        I’m still Filoni’s #1 fan, more than anyone ever will be, including you. 😎


  3. You know what? Something’s wrong. This doesn’t make sense. How can Disney cancel Clone Wars for being too graphic when they had graphic deaths in their SW movies (Han in TFA, Rogue One in their movie, Snoke in TLJ getting bisected, Dryden and Beckett getting stabbed and shot, etc)? I somehow feel Logan must be mistaken.


  4. Gay Tarkin?
    Sure, why not?
    Make the whole galaxy gay. Next thing we know, the reason Han left Leia and Luke went into hiding was because she found them both having a homosexual affair.
    In fact, bring it on, the quicker Disney kills th brand, the better.
    I mean, they can try all the shock tactics they want, I don’t care anymore, and more people think that way the more they keep at it.
    So, Disney, Lucasfilms, go at it.


  5. Hm… are they sure they want to make Tarkin gay?
    Tarkin is a white bad guy, so that would imply Lucasfilms thinks that gay people = bad white guys.
    See, there’s a very fine line when it comes to identity politics, and they may just cross it.
    *Hopes they cross it, so the SJWs get angry at villains being gay and go after Lucasfilms.*


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