The Weird Sex Cult Of Star Wars Fandom

I officially don’t want to hear or see shit about how bad anyone from geeks+gamers are. Our side of this community needs a fucking mirror.
They’ve been our straw dog for way too long and we need to fix internal issues before pointing any fingers.

— Tracythinksshesfunny (@Feministnerd) October 31, 2018

Truer words were never spoken.  The problem is, some of those who present themselves as leaders within your fandom are deliberately using G + G as a scapegoat to direct your attention away from those internal problems.

You aren’t the only one, Ms. Sexy Snoke.  Even Lucasfilm representatives such as the official Star Wars artist for Topps, Jordan Maison, are not happy with the apology made by Bryan Young:

Neither is human claxon and contributor, GeekGirlDiva:

SJWs are hard-wired to irrationally point fingers, make accusations, virtue signal and argue endlessly over nothingness.  Most of the time, it’s against their perceived enemies.  But when they block people on social media in pursuit of an online safe-space Utopia, those instincts and behaviors don’t go away.  So when their usual villains are absent, those safe-space Utopians inevitably turn into a circular firing squad.

Can we stop with this game where we pretend that “liberal” men are good? I’m 30 years old. I wasn’t born yesterday and so many of you are absolute trash. I value WOC and women in general over you ALWAYS.

— Tracythinksshesfunny (@Feministnerd) November 1, 2018

Why yes we can, Tracy.  But first, let’s discuss tyrants and free speech.

One of the ways that tyrants keep oppressed people under their thumb, is by controlling speech and communication technologies.  Doing so helps to keep oppressed people divided and separated.  It makes individuals feel isolated, helpless and intimidated.   The bully is merely a miniature tyrant, and thus exhibits many of the same lunatic control-freak behavioral aberrations.

We’ve seen this problematic SJW behavior recently in YouTube arbitrarily silencing The Ralph Retort for reasons that are vague.  We see it in Facebook and Twitter who have also banned users of a certain political persuasion for equally vague reasons.  It’s why the left wants control over the internet under the aegis of the friendly sounding “Net Neutrality.”  So this is nothing new.

The last thing that the bully wants, is for the targets of their bullying to be able to compare notes and realize that they are not alone.   Because once those targets of bullying come together and realize that they’re far more powerful than the bully, the bully’s power evaporates.

Many female fans have recently found themselves to be blocked by notable personalities on the purportedly non-toxic side of the fandom.

Subscribing to a bully’s blockchain places you under that bully’s thumb.  Because when the bully decides that they don’t want you to read the words of their critics, they simply make that decision for you by adding that critic to the blockchain.  All the while, the bully will pass off providing the blockchain to you as an act of helpfulness for which you ought to be grateful.  He’s just protecting you from dastardly alt-right harassment after all, right?  Meanwhile, you remain in the dark because you can’t read the thoughts and experiences of those who take issue with the bully, which is exactly what the bully wants.

GeekGirlDiva explains how this worked in a recent situation.  When several of the new female critics of Bryan Young noticed that they had been blocked by GeekGirlDiva too.  To which GeekGirlDiva had this to say:

Hi Kate,

From what I see, I’m subscribed to a friend’s block subscription through (because they get a lot of alt-right SW flak and I’m preemptive about those kinds of accounts) so when they blocked you, it blocked you on mine.

Unblocking now. Thanks!

— Geek Ghoul Diva 👻 (@geekgirldiva) November 2, 2018

To demonstrate just how much power the bully has over some of these people, one SJW surprisingly observed:

And indeed, many of the people involved are clearly still too afraid to mention names or handles.

But no matter how much the bully attempts to censor and obfuscate, information still gets out anyway.  The bully is left frantically trying to plug holes in a dam like The Little Dutch Boy, in an effort to keep things quiet.  When one leak appears he sticks his finger in it to plug it up.  When another leak appears, he uses his other finger to plug that hole.  But soon a 3rd and 4th leak appear and more until the dam finally bursts open.


He only has two hands.

Since Bryan helpfully directed his followers to this blog a few days ago on Twitter, that may be about to happen.  Many people seem to be angry with Star Wars Insider and contributor Bryan Young right now.

What are so many people angry at Bryan Young aka swankmotron for?  One reason is over Bryan dismissing accusations with no supporting evidence.  So what we’re seeing here is a regression to medievalist justice, whereby the accuser can point their fingers at the monster like Mary Walcott, and direct the mob to attack.


The progressive justice system.

The modern version of pointing fingers at the monster comes under the hashtag #BelieveWomen.  But until settled science can clearly demonstrate that vaginas naturally excrete sodium pentothal, evidence should be required for any conviction.  Even when accusations are made by women.

Consider the recent case of Brett Kavanaugh.  To prevent his confirmation into the Supreme Court, SJW savages sent in several women in to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual assault.  But now news has come out that the Senate Judiciary Committee found no evidence to support any of the accusations, and the accusers themselves have now publicly admitted to falsifying the claims.  That should serve as a teachable moment for everyone.

So although Bryan certainly deserves due process as all people do, he now finds himself the target of the very same kind of medieval mob justice that he himself supported.  Which brings us to another reason that some people are angry with Bryan.


Bryan patiently waits for someone to pick up that penny for him.

Let’s briefly come back to Jordain Maison’s comment, in which he refers to Bryan Young’s apology, and follow that Twitter thread:

Fans have probably heard of shipping; the fan fiction exercise that puts two characters together in sexual situations.  Most have probably heard of Reylo.  Some may have heard of Hando or even SkysoloKylux, is fan fiction that brings together Kylo Ren and General Hux together in a homosexual relationship.


The Love Boat.

What was Bryan Young doing, engaging in a kink sex DM with teenage girls discussing Kylux?  Was he genuinely interested in discussing Kylux and Reylo with fellow fans?  Or was he just posing as a male feminist interested in the topic so he could chase some tail?

What exactly about “chatting kink with teens” would be “construed as abusive” to people who likely want James Gunn rehired?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Now, the consistent use of the word “teens” gives one an impression that at least some of the girls in this weird sex chat may have been underage.  But that may not be the case.

Was Bryan Young invited into this sex chat?  If so, by whom?  If the chat was innocent at first, but then turned to kink later, why didn’t Bryan excuse himself when it did turn?  If the young ladies were upset with Bryan’s presence, why not ask him to leave?  Or why not simply begin a new DM and not invite Bryan to it?

Let’s be perfectly clear here.  There’s nothing wrong with a middle-aged man chasing younger women.  It’s been done forever all over the world.  Unless of course, those women are a little too young.  So let’s hope that none of the young ladies in this weird kink sex chat were lying about their ages in their Twitter profiles and that Maia isn’t lying about the 19-23 year-old age range of those within the sex chat.  Because this is only what we’re currently seeing on the surface with public Tweets.  Who knows what’s goin on in the seeedy underworld of SJW Star Wars fandom.

Is this the same Maia that is accusing Bobby Roberts of assault?


It appears it may be.

So Maia, the one accusing Bobby Roberts of assault, may be the same Maia that engaged in a strange kinky Kylux sex chat with Bryan Young and a collection of other girls.

Details about this bizarre sex chat and the ensuing fallout with Bryan Young over it are sketchy at this point, and there is no real evidence of anything outright improper having taken place as of this writing.  There are only the very public Twitter posts that I am publishing for you here, and the inevitable questions that they inspire.  Such as:

How many other Lucasfilm representatives take place in such activities?  Is this Kylux/Reylo sex cult restricted to online chats?  Or does the sex cult extend into the real world?  If it does extend into the real world, will there be shipping and/or sexual activity at Celebration 2019 with girls who may or may not be underage?  Do any such activities take place at other conventions?  Within Lucasfilm headquarters itself?

We have to ask these questions, because many of the girls involved in this public conversation, and presumably in the kink sex chat that is referred to, are cosplayers and podcasters who themselves attend conventions.

In the midst of this chaotic mess, GeekGirlDiva is ready to help everyone through it by making herself the center of the drama:

Maybe GeekGirlDiva should extend a helping hand to Captain Morality because he’s a victim of child abuse who is just trying to be a good parent.

An announcement of a brief hiatus and trip to rehab may or may not soon follow.

It may seem ironic that the same feminists who call the normal side of fandom toxic, are now turning against the writer who helped foment the very concept of a toxic fandom.  It may seem strange that those who have been enamored with the toxic fandom narrative, are now beginning to see what most of the normal side of fandom saw instantly months ago.  But as they say, politics makes strange bedfellows.

If these are the kinds of new fans that Disney and Lucasfilm are attempting to appeal to, then it’s no wonder that USA Today called for sex scenes in a “kid’s movie” about “space wizards with laser swords.”

This blog post has been archived here.


Twitter terms of service.

19 thoughts on “The Weird Sex Cult Of Star Wars Fandom

  1. Ah… One of my favourite shows: Leftist Cannibalism

    I’m glad that, for the most part, I’m virtually ignorant about the degenerate environment that is usually created around fan fiction of popular IPs. Of course, now the fan fiction is licensed and brought to the big screen (and as expected, the quality is exponentially below par), but I’m talking about the fan fiction of the fan fiction, and the ‘shipping’ scene is a perfect example of that.

    Liked by 5 people

  2. With the Harry Potter franchise in decline, apparently Disney SWs is going to be the new medium for het and slash fan fiction. Was that an accident, or actually intentional? Disney intensely analyzes their customer statistics, undoubtedly including the sexual aspects of the very large hormonally driven youth demographic. This isn’t exactly an exotic (if somewhat disgusting) idea, see

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Ohhhh the left! Oh the misguided, self-deluded, social justice, toxic left. Ohhh the stuff they keep hidden in hopes it will never be exposed. Ohh, you poor, poor Leftist NPC culture. Just a little, tiny shake and your whole infrastructure crumbles like a house of cards, secrets spilling to the streets.

    With all due respect to a “Star Wars” thread, this news is SO good (concerning Star Trek) that I take the risk of sharing it here “Star Trek Discovery: The Firing of Les Moonves and the Failure of the Shorts” –By Midnight’s Edge:

    There are a number of videos on Star Trek by the same channel which I will most happily sort and post in chronological order, upon request. But this video is the “period” to Midnight’s Edge’s on-going sentence.

    Liked by 4 people

    • I am going to check out this STD video you posted. But from what I have heard about, it sounds like a proglodyte’s wet dream in space! Just like Di$ney War$! And the acronym “STD” fits this modern take on Trek pretty apt funny enough. Proglodytes/SJW’s are the “STD’s” of society! They are also the skidmark on the underwear of socieity as well.

      Proglodyte’s will never learn. Never, ever? Never ever…

      Though how many cancellations, low movie sales, no merchandise sales etc. does it take for them to realize that the SJW/Proglodyte narrative doesn’t work? And of course I ask this rhetorically, because there is no answer to that question. The proglodyte skull is so thick that to me, it really does make them marvels of modern science. And not in the good way either…

      Liked by 1 person

    • Social media’s only good if you wish to reconnect with old friends and relatives. Other than that, I’m not interested in SJW/political crap and vain people who are posing like they want to be in a porn movie at all.

      Liked by 3 people

      • My problem is that too many old friends/relatives seem to think that the primary purpose of social media is in fact the spouting/re-posting of SJW/political crap. So ultimately, I have zero use for social media.

        Liked by 2 people

        • I don’t blame you. In fact, I admire people who never have a social media account since they won’t be subjected to too much negativity these days. I just use FB when I want to buy something from other people that I know…hell, I rarely use Twitter. And Instagram for me is just “pfft.”

          Liked by 2 people

    • Because they are trafficking in agenda driven storylines that sell to virtue signaling guilty rich SJW executives but not to fans who see the jaws of the trap under the meat. Unfortunately for them, when their setup doesn’t play in the real world they fall back on the “deplorables” theory because they need an excuse that will help them save their jobs.

      Liked by 1 person

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  10. “…the Senate Judiciary Committee found no evidence to support any of the accusations, and the accusers themselves have now publicly admitted to falsifying the claims.”

    The part about the SJC is undeniably true. But saying “the accusers themselves” is a little weasely because it implies that ALL of the accusers have publically admitted to falsifying their claims. Last time I checked, Christine Ford had not recanted her story and she was the primary accuser.

    I think it’s important to fight a clean fight by avoiding using the same tactics as SJWs themselves. It might be a good idea to reword that sentence to more accurately reflect the situation.


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