John Boyega Mocks The Boycott


Playing pretend for a living makes you a very imporant person.

Previously, John Boyega was quoted on Twitter as posting that the production didn’t care what critics had to say.

John Boyega appeared in a series of tweets that appeared as such:

At this point, I genuinely don’t think keeping people out of the theaters is going to be a problem.  Given all of the empty theaters for Solo, I suspect that getting people into the theaters for Episode IX will be the challenge.  Particularly if Lucasfilm representatives insist on continuing to misbehave in this way.

The boycott had a very small effect on Solo in my opinion.  The larger part of the absent audience was due to apathy creeping into the general audience.  That’s what Mr. Boyega ought to be worried about.  Or not, given that he gets paid either way.

Geeks + Gamers discusses this story:

As did Odin’s Movie Blog:

6 thoughts on “John Boyega Mocks The Boycott

  1. I’m not boycotting it. I’m just done with the franchise. There is better stuff out there. Want me back? Then Episode Nein would have to be not just the greatest Star Wars movie ever (impossible, not with Abrams at the helm), it would have to beat sheer magnificence like Return of the King or Red Cliff, for which Abrams simply lacks the skills.

    Though, I wonder if Boyega understands that he is Discount Jar Jar Binks, where Jar Jar actually had his moments of awesome. They were few, very few, but they still more than comedy relief Finn, who has been only one thing in two movies: a bumbling idiot..

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    • I really don’t understand how people are willing to put any faith in Episode Nein, unless they are fine with what they have done so far. No matter what comes out of it, it’s still a sequel to TFA and TLJ. That won’t change. It’s following those stories, characters and events. There’s no undoing that. Even the allegations of a “course correction” are overlooking that simple fact.

      The only thing they could do is adapt the true sequel trilogy that George Lucas provided them with. But that won’t happen, they have already made a huge investment with their current (and expensive) fan fiction and such a massive move would confuse everyone and leave them with even more loss. Heck, even if they miraculously wanted to, Carrie is gone (and I doubt Harrison would return again), so it would never be the same anyway.

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      • My thoughts exactly. I’m not interested in anything that takes place after the point in their “story” (if it can really be called that) where the conflict & resolution of the OT are rendered invalid.

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  3. Well Jar Jar Boyega better start looking for a new line of work. Because after IX comes out, he won’t be getting much calls for acting gigs.

    Fact is, he sucks at acting. He will just be one of those types that show up at cons to sign autographs and be known as,

    “The guy who was in a SW film! He will join all the other SW wash ups that are only noted for being in SW. Aside from the SW films he was in, what was he in? 2-3 movies? IX will most likely be his last film. And then he will slip into obscurity with Davis Prowse, the guy who played the Gonk droid in IV…


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