Rian Johnson Removes His Head From Rectum To Agitate Fans


Rian decided it was a good idea to take to Twitter:

I’m not sure how much of a hot take this is, given that Rian has already been repeating this endlessly during his explanation tour for the movie.

But how consistent could the character be, when the man who played the character through three films (and one tv special that shall not be named), felt that the character was so inconsistent at its very core, that he felt the need to rename the character Jake Skywalker.

World Class Bullshitters comments on this story:

6 thoughts on “Rian Johnson Removes His Head From Rectum To Agitate Fans

  1. After the firing of Chuckles Wendig and hole-hiding of Kennedy, for Ruin to venture forward with a brazen statement like this could well mean his trilogy is confirmed.

    Which, fine, doesn’t bother me; SW is long dead to me, the only thing I’m now interested in is following the story of its undignified, drawn-out death.

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  2. “Hot” take?

    After reading this blog, my only thought of “hot” was that of Rian Johnson extinguishing his cigarette on a photograph of young Luke Skywalker’s face. After all, there was little kindness to what Johnson did with the actor (Mark Hamill) and his character. Maybe I’m the only one who never imagined George Lucas humiliating both man & character simultaneously as Johnson did with the blue sea cow milking? I dunno. Maybe it’s just plain ol’ time for me to get woke and applaud any random, incorrect statement Johnson makes.


    • “Maybe I’m the only one who never imagined George Lucas humiliating both man & character simultaneously as Johnson did with the blue sea cow milking?”
      This right here is what I consider a very strong piece of evidence that Rian Johnson is in fact a right-wing saboteur and not an actual SJW/NPC. If he were simply trying to push a leftist agenda to humiliate Luke, why spend millions of dollars on a practical effects shot (estimates range anywhere from $1M to $10M for this shot) when a CGI shot would undoubtedly be much cheaper and accomplish the humiliation of the character just as well? The only reason I can think of is that it accomplishes 2 additional goals IFF Rian is a saboteur who is subverting the subversives at Lucasfilm: It sinks Lucasfilm into a deeper financial hole, and it humiliates not only Luke Skywalker but also Mark Hamill. Hamill is a very vocal leftist, so I avoid following his twitter feed, but I’ve heard he’s said very unflattering things about conservatives, including calling everyone who didn’t vote for Obama insane. I can just imagine Rian, if he is in fact a hard-line conservative with an ax to grind, thinking in his head while directing that shot: “So I’m crazy, am I Mark? Well grab that leathery teat and sqeeze! Now drink it !!!” It would explain the apparent hatred between Mark & Rian, and would also explain Rian’s deletion of old twitter posts so his true political leanings won’t as easily be divined from them.

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        • Talk about the ultimate double agent! This is a thought to savour. Because it DOES have some merit. Thanks, Me! Erm, well, thanks!

          He wouldn’t be the first double agent to stand in shoes of “the other side.” Since I have known others your thoughts have opened up a can of whup@$$ to ponder.


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