Bryan Young’s Sex Chat With “Teenagers”


Bryan’s motron may lose some of its swank.

After my initial blog post on the matter, some additional apples have inevitably fallen out of the tree, all from publicly available tweets.



For those who don’t understand the terms top, bottom, and switch, you can reference this article here.  I’m not going to get into it.

How progressive.

One of the ways that adolescents hide their activities from adults, is to come up with their own vernacular and secret codes so that the parents and other adult authority figures don’t know what they’re talking about.

One of the things I’ve discovered is that the young people involved in this chat, use the asterisk in place of various vowels in order to make terms unsearchable, and in their mind, hidden from view.  I’ve also seen instances where a slash is put behind the first letter of a last name.  So for instance you’ll see Bry*n Young, or Bryan Y/oung, or r*ylo.  Also, misspelled words are sometimes used, such as rlo instead of the full reylo.  But these efforts are typically easy to sniff out and once they’re discovered, all manner of new things can be revealed.

Here’s the Rosetta Stone:

The involvement of Bryan Young in this sex chat sparked outrage in some of its participants.

Because some of the young people likely think that it’s cool to have an adult Lucasfilm representative in the chat.

But how does Lucasfilm feel?  Given the sexually charged material Lucasfilm has been producing in its books and comics since Disney took over, there’s a real chance that Lucasfilm assigned him to this task.

Collective, collaborative, cooperative, community.

The ugliness on Twitter that Bryan refers to, is the reaction over the article he wrote in which he was publicly caught lying about Geeks + GamersBryan continues to lie about that situation to this day despite published documentation, and likely believes the lie himself.

One person attempted to defend Bryan’s presence in the sex chat:

It may not be a big deal provided that all of the “teenagers” in the sex chat were over the age of 18.  Hopefully no one in the chat was lying about their age.  Regardless, it’s still not a good look for a Lucasfilm representative, and reflects poorly on Lucasfilm itself, even if the company did encourage him to take part in this activity.

Within the SJW collective, it’s the naive and uneducated youth who barks orders at the grown adults.  In response to Bryan Young’s presence in this chat, that’s exactly what some of them did.  Even these young people understood that there was something not quite right with Bryan being present in the chat.

The following however, is sarcasm:

Some wondered why Bryan would want to be a part of this sex chat.

Take a wild guess, Lue.

Earl Grey Jedi has some common sense in her.

Others were also asking about the appropriateness of Bryan’s presence in this chat.

Some of those involved in this chat, were posting screenshots of the sex chat in another private “groupchat.”


I wonder how long it will take for those screenshots to leak out?  Perhaps they’re already out there somewhere, just waiting to be discovered.

Despite the poor reception, Bryan was still chipper about the whole experience the next day.

Some of those involved in the chat, some were worried that Bryan himself would use screencaps of that chat for nefarious purposes…

And this makes me have to ask the question, why would they be worried about Bryan using screencaps of a sex chat to “make fun of you if you step out of line?”

Some claimed that Bryan was invited into this sex chat, but by whom?

Some began to see through Bryan’s male feminist facade when the accusations against Bobby Roberts started to fly.

You mean male feminists aren’t genuine?  Huh.

Male Feminist

Bryan blocked those who expressed disapproval of his involvement in the sex chat.

hah I was blocked during the r*ylo chat thing when I said as a damned adult he should’ve just removed himself from the situation immediately instead of chatting kink with teens

— Maia the 🐝99: spooky diced carrots (@semirose) November 1, 2018

tbf we’ve been in a mutual block for awhile because I was mad at how flippant he was about being in that group DM with a bunch of teenage girls talking about kylux sex, but yeah he didn’t reach out to any one else that I’ve heard

— sarah 🚀 (@SarahDemp) November 2, 2018


And then there is this other matter…

Bryan Young purportedly stole content from Reylo blogs or pdocast?  Oh boy.  That’s a story for another time…

This blog post has been archived here.


Twitter terms of service.

23 thoughts on “Bryan Young’s Sex Chat With “Teenagers”

  1. There’s a popular meme on anti-SJW boards, “reset the clock”, i.e. “Look, yet another radically ‘progressive’ individual is guilty of sexually inappropriate or harmful behaviour”.

    I see from another article on Bryan Young he has already begun spinning his defense in the form of “childhood abuse”.

    Pathetic and tacky. LucasFilm reached a tawdry nadir, yet I’m sure there’s more to come.

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  2. The absurdity here is curious and can be observed among these NPCs all the time.

    On one hand everything has to be sexualized. Everything. Especially relationships between characters of the same gender. Every man is gay, every woman is lesbian, every character gets shipped even though there is no evidence of any romantic relationship in canon. And of course age restrictions do not apply to this. Slash fiction is vital for this.

    On the other hand, however, actual sexuality is banned. Sexiness is verboten. A classic romance is not allowed. It’s a new form of Puritanism.

    Young, being a LF official, seems to support this, which means LF supports it.

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  3. Bryan Young’s idiocy aside, the one aspect of this story that continues to confuse me is the description of this chat being among a group of “teenage” girls as if they’re a bunch of underage kids, but then the included revelation that they are “19-23” years old. Someone in the ages of 19-23 is an adult, period. Calling them “teenagers” is misleading and false.

    Frankly, they should all grow up and start acting their age (Mr. Young included).

    Liked by 2 people

    • Maybe, maybe not. I place the word teenagers in quotations because that’s the word that those involved in these conversations used. I am quoting them.

      Is the 19-23 age range cited by one of those involved truthful and accurate? I leave that for readers to determine.


    • Well said Blackbird71.

      The worst thing about any of this is the (lack of) writing skills by these people on Twitter, it as though they write everything in a mixture of Ebonics and some made up language ; they all come off as very vacuous and what is the with the lack of capital letters?

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      • Traditionally, it’s been teenagers who tend to write like this, with an overuse of slang. But with our failing education system, people in their 20s, 30s, and even 40s write like this now.

        Couple that with the extension of childhood, things like putting kids on their parent’s health insurance until age 26, has worked to infantilize a significant portion of adult America.

        Liked by 1 person

          • el Jolero said: “was it 2nd Grade when you learned Bear, Bare, They’re, Their, There, Then, Than….?”

            Yeah. Second grade, huh. At 59 years of age, I forgotten these things because of frequent use coupled with a sense of its importance. I taught myself humorous phrases to clarify the meanings: “I can’t bear a bare bear!” “Which witch ate the sandwich?” “We’ll go whether the weather is good or not,” and so on. Modern kids use social media to an excess. It’s going to have a negative impact.

            I saw a clip of a Fox op/ed yesterday where the host’s two black guests commented on the unhinging of Jim Acosta and CNN’s comments about how [the correct removal] of a belligerent and abusive reporter proves Trump hates the press (*eye roll*). Though Ebonics peppered their dialogue, these two beautiful black gals’ content was solid, sprinkled with some pretty intelligent vocabulary. Grinning and agreeing with their opinions, I was gently reminded that intelligence isn’t always determined by perfect grammar.


            • “At 59 years of age, I forgotten these things…” should have been “At 59 years of age, I haven’t forgotten these things…” — that edit got away from me. I keep forgetting that WordPress isn’t as edit friendly as Youtube is.


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  7. Back in my day, as fans we discussed the films, the mythology, the special effects and of course the endless amount of toys and merch. These days fans are fantasizing about where characters stick their private parts?
    Fans these days are pathetic little individuals who couldn’t give a shit about this IP and are only here until something else comes along. No wonder merchandise is piling up at retail. If LFL don’t do something quickly to reignite the imagination Star Wars will be dead in 2 years.

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