John Boyega Gets Derezzed By EA


Mr. Boyega recently retweeted an announcement from EA:

EA responded:

At which time Mr. Boyega let EA know what he and Poe have been planning for their game.

But Mr. Boyega would be denied:



6 thoughts on “John Boyega Gets Derezzed By EA

  1. What’s Boo-yega going to do in BF? Stand around and be useless, just like in the movies?

    He might be an escort mission, escort him around while doing janitorial tasks.

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  2. EA cares more about Finn than Poe? Wow, that’s just like the women in The Last Jedi who actually “cared” more about Finn (as some sort of companionship pet? Certainly not as a man) than they did Poe.
    I guess they’re at least being consistent?

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  3. As a casual viewer of the movies, I must admit that the drama and foolishness now surrounding the films must really make George Lucas regret its sale. Yes, I know: Lucas made a profit. And that should be “good enough” to shut him up, I suppose; however, Star Wars was his career. And though he is in retirement, it’s not like he has no more personal attachment to the stories and characters.

    I feel for the fans, both hard core and somewhat more casual. The promise of Disney taking over the franchise and “caring” about the characters is now just a mouthful of ashes for those that held out a hoped for a decent future.


    • There’s no doubt that he regrets selling it (considering what Disney ended up doing), he said as much during his Charlie Rose interview back when TFA was being released:

      And even though he sold the company, he doesn’t have to shut up about anything. Disney’s legal right to do whatever they want with what they bought doesn’t preclude others, specially the creator and original artist, to voice his criticism on what they decided to do. He was payed for what he sold (and part of the payment was in DIsney shares), not for his silence.

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