Does Mark Hamill Know Who Is Currently In Charge Of Star Wars?

Mark Hamill might be excused for being unaware of the history of feminism in charge.  But certainly one would think that Mark would be painfully aware of at least one situation where a woman is currently in charge.


Or maybe Mark does know, and is making a backhanded compliment.

Ethan Van Sciver comments on this story:

As does John Talks:

As does Geeks + Gamers

14 thoughts on “Does Mark Hamill Know Who Is Currently In Charge Of Star Wars?

  1. Mr. Hamill is undoubtedly very aware that his only future job prospects are in the hands of a woman so committed to a radical feminist world view that she purposely gave a team of inexperienced women total control of the biggest male oriented media franchise in the world. You don’t criticize people like that, you lick their boots if you want to get ahead. Or you can spend the next 20 years signing autographs at comics cons and opening supermarkets.


    • I don’t think Mark still has 20 years left in the tank. But yeah, he has to grovel, no surprise, they made him do that during TLJ’s promotion. He’s probably just already used to it.


  2. So, if he was french he would vote for Marie le Pen? Was he a fan of Margaret Thatcher? They are all “wahmen” so, in his book, they are inherently good and better than the alternative, right?

    I’m pretty sure he only cares about “wahmen” if they happen to be democrats/socialists. And what’s his proof that “middling-to-poor results” are a result of gender?

    P.S: For the record, I was a fan of Thatcher. I was just testing his flawed premise and argument (like all identity politics).

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  3. Wait, did we all just forget Mark is a rabid liberal? I mean, I have some sympathy left for the guy after what Disney did to LUke Skywalker, but I never forgot what Mark truly is.


    • I love Mark as Luke Skywalker, but I hate it when he gets political. It’s like shitposting for him.

      At least he didn’t take the ass-ramming from TLJ quietly.


    • Yes, Mark’s politics have never been a secret and I don’t really follow him for his political views. Heck, people shouldn’t seek Hollywood for political guidance, period.

      That said, I do like his work, his views on his characters and I do respect him as an artist.


  4. Ah, yes, the horrendous photo of that ignorant thing from New York. Hey, no white women there, but of course a sharia supporter did get in the picture.
    Hamil does know she supports islam and communism, both ideologies under which he would not survive, right?

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    • Doubtful. Liberals and SJW progressives are 100% incapable of identifying anything that could endanger their lifestyles. In fact, they encourage their own doom, a shame they want to drag us all down with them.

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  5. So Mark looks at that pic of those “women” and thinks they are what should be guiding the future?

    That AOC socialist hag is one of the stupidest MF’rs ever to be elected to congress. Sad part is, she will most likely be elected over and over again.

    Then there is VOX. They wrote a piece saying they feel that AOC should be a presidential nominee one day? What! Are these people complet…yes of course they are!


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