Temper Anticipation For The Mandalorian

Many are excited over the announcement of the casting of Pedro Pascal in The Mandalorian.  Many are assuming that Pedro is cast in the title role.  However, the following tidbit comes from The Hollywood Reporter:

Sources confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the actor is in negotiations to star in Jon Favreau’s Star Wars series The Mandalorian, which is set to debut next year on Disney+.

If Pedro is still in negotiations to star in The Mandalorian, then how could he have taken the publicity still that was published in early October?


Might still be the Wamandalorian.

Has Pedro been cast in the title role?  Or is Pedro, like Carl Weathers, merely one of several leads?

8 thoughts on “Temper Anticipation For The Mandalorian

  1. No, Carl Wethers is in A role, he’s not THE role. Pedro Pascal is THE role. We’ve known about these details for a couple months now thanks to Making Star Wars. So, if my hunch is corrrect, Pedro Pascal should be officially announced today, tomorrow, Friday or sometime next week.


  2. Gah! Casting Carl Weathers makes me want to see this now. But I can still wait to see it in a way that won’t give Disney any cash (yard sale, preferably).


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