Cadet Solo Victimized By Feminist Fantasies

The methodical emasculation of Han Solo continues unabated in the latest offering from Marvel Comics; Imperial Cadet, written by Robbie Tompson.

Star Wars Feminists continue to impose their empowerment fantasies onto the disinterested, by having a young lady preposterously cast into the role of an obnoxious drill seargeant.   Barking orders at the care-free rogue Han Solo and putting his toxic masculinity in its place, is the wet dream of every feminist on Earth, both male and female alike.  But somewhere along the way, these feminists conflated their moronic day dreams with good storytelling material. writes:

Judging by the scenes that bookend Han Solo: Imperial Cadet #1, everyone’s favorite Corellian might be able to offer up an rationalization for every scrap of trouble he finds himself in — “I can explain” — but more often than not, the person in authority doesn’t buy it. You can see how that might be a bit of a problem for Han Solo.

But would the genuine Han Solo respect such “authoritah?”


So does everyone in the Navy now know how Han got his last name?  And why would being solo constitute being a scrumrat?  Is it because being solo means not belonging to a Collective?


Han Solo always does “deeply stupid” things.  You see, that’s why he needs a militant feminist drill sargeant barking orders at him.

But seriously, can anyone honestly see the genuine Han Solo uttering the phrase “deeply stupid” in any context?  Would that phrase ever be a part of Han’s lexicon?

According to, there may even be an inverted NPC allegory in this comic book:

The mental games are almost as bad as the physical trials at the Carida Academy. Each cadet is stripped of his or her name, given an operating number, and must do well enough in training to earn the “right” to their name back. Any time Han tries to insist on being referred to like an actual person, he’s punished.

And coudn’t help but take a swipe at the U.S. Armed Forces, in their “deeply stupid” attempt to equate the men and women in uniform with the evil Empire.

After all, the Empire’s Commission for the Preservation of the New Order had an excellent propaganda division that made becoming a stormtrooper or a TIE pilot seem like it was the right thing to do — and even a little glamorous. “Explore new worlds! Learn valuable skills!” the advertisements promised, stretching and coaching the truth in the best way possible.

Previously the Han Solo character has been humiliated by Daniel Jose Older who gave Han Solo “racial equality” whatever that might mean, and treated us to Han Solo’s adventures in babysitting.  We’ve been seen Marvel depicting a petite Princess Leia haul off and round house punch the 6 foot tall Han Solo in the face, in some sort of contrived subterfuge that witnesses were actually supposed to believe.  And of course many have seen Han Solo get bossed around by the feminist activist soy droid L3 in Solo; A Star Wars Story.

So what seems clear to me at this point, is that the Lucasfilm Feminist Group is intent upon purging the Han Solo character of his toxic masculinity bit by bit, and eventually transform the character into a male feminist.  In time, he will truly become, Soylo.

Doubt me?  Then I invite you to review my blog post in which I comment on an article entitled, Solo: A Star Wars Story shows us the hero all feminist men have been waiting for.

And for those of you who can’t get enough of this feminist tripe, not to worry.  A full novelization of this garbage story will be coming to you on on May 7th, 2019.

11 thoughts on “Cadet Solo Victimized By Feminist Fantasies

  1. Well, considering Han is the truest, biggest alpha male in the whole Star Wars saga, it stands to reason that the feminist brigade currently in control at Lucasfilms would hate him the most. Hence why they destroyed his character and then killed him like a punk in TFA, humilliated him in Soy-lo and everywhere else they can.
    I chose to believe the Disney version of Han is actually Dan Zolo, a somewhat lookalike from the planet Conelya.

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  2. Man, can this get any worse?

    First, there’s the cover. Then they double down on the ludicrous concept of ‘Solo’ being a name given to him by some random border guard, by shoehorning it in this comic through terrible and nonsensical dialogue. Then they portray him in a manner that is further out of character with more unnatural dialogue and self-awareness…

    Yikes. Who knows what the rest of the issue is composed of…

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  3. …Is that a “big angry black woman” stereotype I see on the cover?
    So… does that mean Marvel, Lucasfilms and Disney are promoting negative stereotypes that hurt the general perception of the black community?
    How racist of them.
    ^-That was sarcasm, by the way.


  4. That drill sergeant reminded me of that woman from that crappy Ghostbusters 2016 movie, which those feminists championed to death then became silent on their ramblings when it became a flop. Then we have Luc-ass-film’s feminist propaganda such as this.

    Continue to dig deeper into that crap pit, Disney.


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