Geek Girl Diva’s Colorful Language

Geek Girl Diva writes for, and is commonly known within fandom as the female shadow of Chuck Wendig.

How did she get and hold her freelance job writing for Lucasfilm?  Given that she’s just as inarticulate as Chuck Wendig, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that it may have been the result of nepotism.

With that kind of authority, Geek Girl Diva now has some things to say about the recent casting announcements for the live action Star Wars television series.

Okay, so two men of color leading #StarWars TV shows. Female directors announced.

Still on my wishlist:

WoC lead, LGBTQ rep, disabled rep (Viktoria Modesta, maybe?), and racial diversity throughout.

Make the galaxy far, far, away a melting pot of awesome!

— Geek Girl Diva (@geekgirldiva) November 13, 2018

Many readers will be confused given that both Pedro Pascal and Diego Luna are as lily white as nearly any other Caucasian.  But within the SJW collective, one need only subscribe to a certain brand of politics in order to attain the coveted “People of Color” status.  Were Pedro or Diego ever to express right of center political sentiments or exhibit any degree of normalcy, they would then be immediately stripped of their “People of Color” status, and would henceforth be referred to as “white Hispanics” in the race-obsessed legacy media.

The satire website Faking Star Wars pokes fun at this phenomenon:

When is white not white? Clearly when casting actors of color, according to Lucasfilm. The studio behind Star Wars has come under fire for a lack of diversity behind the camera, but now it’s being criticized for the whiteness of what’s in front of the camera as well.

The casting news was initially met with excitement… but it didn’t take long before the Twitterverse began doing its thing. “Woke” fans argued that by casting white Hispanic males back-to-back in high-profile projects, Lucasfilm was trying to score diversity points in name only.

“It started with Oscar Isaac in The Force Awakens, but we let them slide, because when he doesn’t shave he can appear a bit darker. But now with Diego and Pedro, it’s getting ridiculous. Every Hispanic male cast in Star Wars gets whiter and whiter despite the fact that their names are getting more and more ethnic,” said Star Wars lore expert Hablo Pidalgo.


People of color.

Geek Girl Diva isn’t down with biting the hand that feeds her, as she admonishes Simon Pegg for criticizing Star Wars under Disney:

But no matter how much human claxon Geek Girl Diva may frown upon one broadcasting their criticism of an IP that they have profited from,  it won’t stop her from engaging in the exact same practice when coming to the defense of her race-obsessed colleagues.

I’m not surprised Marvel Comics is a shitshow considering their EIC pretended to be Asian, which is a Completely Normal Thing™️.

— Matt Goldberg (@MattGoldberg) October 13, 2018

Is Geek Girl Diva suggesting here that Chuck’s job might have been spared were he perceived as a “Person of Color?”  If so, then Geek Girl Diva may have to report back to the Collective for re-education after such an egregious wrong-think transgression.  But in today’s bold age of trans-racialism, perhaps Chuck can retroactively claim “Person of Color” status to get his job back.

5 thoughts on “Geek Girl Diva’s Colorful Language

  1. There’s a reason why people like her are called “Keyboard Warriors” since all they do is spew bullshit online in the guise of “diversity” and “equality.” They’re just plain racists and are no different form the KKK, period.


  2. Responsibility and maturity. Two linked concepts vital to successful (adult) daily life that these smhucks actively, aggressively reject.

    Pathetic yet entertaining as their kingdom of sand inevitably crumbles.


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