Sabattical Luke Is Not Vagrant Jake

As I correctly predicted earlier, we’re going to be a getting a slew of these silly articles that declare all the critics of The Last Jedi wrong, so I guess we have to address this silliness directly.

Matt Miller writes an incredibly ignorant piece at Esquire entitled, An Early Star Wars Image Proves Luke Skywalker’s Twist in The Last Jedi Was Planned From the Beginning It’s also subtitled, This is proof that all those Rian Johnson haters are wrong.  Why is the subtitle shorter than the title?  Who knows.  Only one thing can be sure, whenever a Millenial progressive writer declares critics to be wrong, the exact opposite will almost assuredly be true.  So let’s go ahead and correct Matt Miller of Esquire, yet again.

Matt writes:

when Rey travels to find Luke Skywalker in his exile in The Last Jedi, she finds a man much different from the hero we remember.

Luke is a darker character. He’s no longer that bright-eyed boy on Tatooine. After getting betrayed by one of his students, Luke cut himself off from the Force. He went into exile, abandoning the hubris of the Jedi, and leaving the Resistance to fight the First Order on their own.

Since the film was released, The Last Jedi has become one of the most polarizing entries in the franchise to date, with fans taking issue specifically with this grumpy, older Luke Skywalker. Many argue that Luke never would have changed this much—that he would remain a hopeful, passionate child well through adulthood. Luke, they argue, would exist in some creepy stage of arrested development—never maturing or growing out of young adulthood (sound familiar?).

Yes, it sounds like uneducated SJWs who never mature mentally beyond the age of 17, as is evidenced by their use of teenage vernacular at age 70.

These fans largely blame Rian Johnson, who wrote and directed The Last Jedi, for fundamentally—and incorrectly—altering the beloved character.

However, a new early image from Christian Alzmann, a concept design supervisor at Lucasfilm, shows this darker Luke Skywalker had been planned well before The Force Awakens.

By new, Matt Miller means old.  Since the image he’s referencing has been out there for years, and in fact appears on my blog post in which I piece together what George Lucas initially intended for the Sequel Trilogy.


I’ve been trying to get comic book artist pros to draw an older samurai Luke for months.

On his Instagram, Alzmann posted a picture of a concept design of Luke Skywalker with the caption: “My first image I made for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This was January of 2013. Luke was being described as a Col. Kurtz type hiding from the world in a cave. I couldn’t believe I was getting to make this image and I got a George ‘Fabulouso‘ on it to boot.”

This image was, of course, made long before The Force Awakens was released in 2015, when, even that early, writers were comparing Luke Skywalker to Marlon Brando’s iconic character from Apocalypse Now. Kurtz, as you’ll remember from the Francis Ford Coppola classic, was a brutal and ruthless leader who went insane while isolated in the jungle of Cambodia. Given this description, writers had originally intended Skywalker to be much darker than what we ended up seeing in The Last Jedi. Also, what’s interesting about Alzmann’s post is George Lucas also weighed in on, and approved, this depiction of Skywalker.

This should work as unequivocal proof to haters that Rian Johnson’s depiction of Luke Skywalker was not a massive screw up, but a complex character arc that had been planned from the beginning.

In fact it serves as proof of the exact opposite.

With respect to Alzmann, Luke was not depicted at all as hiding in a cave.  But rather, he was depicted as hiding in a Jedi Temple.  Here’ are the images of Luke’s temple that Matt Miller is unaware of:


Temple Interior

Pay particular note to how the Jedi temple does not resemble a cave.

Also, take a really good look at the concept image of Luke, and compare and contrast that image with the image of Jake Skywalker in The Last Jedi.

For many young people, an old guy with a grey beard is an old guy with a grey beard, and there isn’t much difference between them.  But note how the image we see on the left is an unkempt man who can barely maintain personal hygiene, while the image on the right depicts a well groomed aged samurai Luke.  This is the difference that is currently escaping all of the reactionary millenial writers who are far too desperate to prove Last Jedi critics wrong.  It’s the difference between a monk going into solitude to meditate and find his center, and the drooling hermit who argues with the clouds.  Let’s take a look at another comparison that might be more obvious to writers like Matt Miller:

Can you tell the difference between these two figures in exile and solitude?

12 thoughts on “Sabattical Luke Is Not Vagrant Jake

  1. These morons continue to ignore evidence and basically everything we have learned so far. The picture, of course, proves nothing. The same way the idea of Luke in exile on the first Jedi Temple proves nothing nor justifies what ended up happening in The Botched Jedi.

    What we do know is that Luke had exiled himself to the first Jedi Temple after to the fall and betrayal of one of his apprentices, and that he would train the new main character throughout Episode VII. There’s no incoherent and out of character ramblings against the Jedi, blaming them for everything wrong and how they should end. There’s no dirty, unkept appearance. There’s no attempt to murder an innocent (family member). There’s no un-Star Wars books to keep on a forgettable location. There’s no Yoda blasting a living tree with lightning from the netherworld. There’s no sudden, convenient and unexplainable change of heart after virtually everyone is dead… There’s no inconsistency.

    And there’s also the famous Mark Hamill quote that George’s story was “vastly different” from what Disney has done, and how they should have heard Lucas as opposed to butchering Luke’s character and the franchise the way they did. He knows the true story, I’ll take his word for it.

    Anyway… at least it’s nice to get some confirmation of another concept art approved by George: Luke with a Samurai-esque chonmage. Another visual clue of the true sequel trilogy.


  2. It’s pretty amazing that such utterly idiotic nonsense like this gets published in big brand name magazines, Esquire, GQ etc. This guy, with his absurd straw men and repeated ‘this is proof’ declarations, seems to belong on some rarely-visited corner of the SJW blogosphere. And meanwhile here you are Itchy, putting out far more high quality content for true Star Wars fans. The world is so messed up, sigh.

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  5. I am personally tired of the,

    “Hurr durr it’s just a kidz movie derp!”

    Garbage. So it is fine for 30-40 year olds squeal and fangirl over said, “kids movies” but once somebody criticizes them, then its,

    “Whoa, whoa! It’s just a kids movie dude! Chill out!”

    Star Wars is made for families! Alawys have. Alaways will Well I would say the Di$ney War$ movies are made for the shills.

    There are 2 factions.

    The Lucas Era of 1977-2012


    The Di$ney Era of 2012-Present

    I am without a doubt part of the Lucas Era!

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