Lucasfilm Begins Rewriting The OT


She-Ra takes time out from her busy schedule to play Luke Skywalker.

This week announced a new animated web series:

Adventure awaits you and the younglings in your life in Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures, a new series of animated shorts that will introduce the classic themes, pivotal moments, and iconic characters from the Star Wars saga to the next generation.

Debuting on the all-new and the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel on November 30, the first six shorts combine original dialogue, music, and sound effects with bold new animations, and fun and educational add-ons designed to help older fans, parents, and other mentors to welcome the kids in their lives to explore the galaxy far, far away. Additional shorts featuring fan-favorite characters will debut in December, with regular releases following in 2019.

“With Galaxy of Adventures, we wanted to craft something that allowed parents to help their kids take their first step into a much larger world whether they were ready to show their kids the films or wanted to find new ways to explore the content,” James Waugh, Lucasfilm’s vice president for franchise content and strategy, tells

The dynamic animated adventures are only part of a multi-pronged initiative under the Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures banner, and the beginning of a year-long celebration of Star Wars storytelling, which will culminate with the final chapter in the Skywalker saga — Star Wars: Episode IX — in theaters December 2019.

The importance of family runs deep in Star Wars storytelling, both in the sense of bloodlines and the found families that help so many characters reach their full potential. More than four decades after the first film hit theaters, older Star Wars fans are always looking for ways to share their love of the galaxy with the next generation of Padawan learners.

“Over the years, I’ve had so many of my friends who are parents tell me how much they wanted to introduce their kids to Star Wars but didn’t feel that their kids were quite ready for the movies yet,” Waugh says. “They wanted a way to celebrate the universe they love.”

It’s interesting to think that somehow kids can’t gain access to the Original Trilogy, given that uneducated SJWs routinely dismiss lost arguments by claiming that the films are kid’s movies.

So why would a children’s movie, need cartoons to give children access to them?

The Verge gives us a possible answer:

Disney is turning the original Star Wars movies into animated shorts for children

The venture is clearly aimed at the youngest potential Star Wars fans. My first-generation iPad has gotten a lot of use over the past few years as a dedicated cartoon tablet for my son, and I’ve observed that he’s far more interested in shows with shorter episodes that run anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. As a Star Wars fan, I’ve made some attempts over the years to get him interested in watching the live-action film franchise, only for him to shrug and wander off to one of the cartoons that holds his interest a bit more firmly. This new series looks to be calibrated just right for the attention span of the three- to five-year-old demographic.

While some segments of the Star Wars fan base have grown increasingly resistant to projects that take the franchise in new or different directions, one needs to keep in mind that not all of these offerings are designed to appeal to the aging fans who saw the original Star Wars 30 times in a theater.

I appreciate the business logic that seems to be at play here. Young kids will eventually be older kids, and somewhere down the line, they’ll have their own discretionary money to spend on all things Star Wars. But while these new shorts may be able to offer a fresh perspective on some well-worn scenes and characters, I can’t help but feel that they’re also missing the point. The original films that these shorts are condensing were the entry point for fans.

Except that Disney may need a new entry point, if it intends to get these 3-5 year olds ready for the rewriting of the OT in remake films.  Disney may need to introduce those 3-5 year olds to softer, soyer, versions of the known characters.

They’ve already cast  a new Han Solo with Alden Ehrenreich.  Why didn’t they cast fan favorite Anthony Ingruber?  Not enough soy.


Soylo: A Soy Wars Story

And now we find out that they recast a young Luke Skywalker in a deleted scene from The Force Awakens with Robert Boulter.

Why didn’t they cast fan favorite Sabastian Stan?


Not enough soy.  They’ve even got a soyer Lando now.


Soy, it would seem, is the primary casting qualification in Disney Soy Wars.


And soy is what they will fill those 3-5 year old heads with.  Ask one Twitter use asked:


Not enough soy.

22 thoughts on “Lucasfilm Begins Rewriting The OT

  1. I think it looks fine, but the notion of Disney rewriting the OT didn’t escape me. They already made Han look like Alden Ehrenreich, but the worst I can say about Luke is they made him look more like a middle-schooler than Hamill’s late high-schooler / early college student look.

    Seeing as how it looks like they’ll be using original voice clips, and they’re finally making a sorta-TV show about characters I’m interested in, I think I might enjoy this. Then again, clearly they’re doing this because they don’t have the rights to distribute the pre-Disney films, so if they can’t have it, they’ll remake it. I dunno how to feel about it, but fortunately I won’t have to wait long.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The trailer…

    It sort of feels like they’re reinventing the wheel. Is this because Nu-Star Wars isn’t as successful as they’d like it to be?


    • Going by the trailer Han will be the stupid one (unsurprising at this point), Luke a second thought who will be betafied and Leia a hypher competent Mary Sue.
      Animation is fluid, but the style is not that appealing to me.
      This is going to suck hard, I think.


      • Looking at it again, I dunno about Luke’s look. It’s not bad, but it’s weird, like he’s too pretty or feminine-looking. Maybe they’re just going for a younger look, but he looked the same in the ROTJ fight.

        I don’t think it’ll bug me as much when I actually watch the shorts, but then again, it’s like the Plinkett quote: “you might not have noticed it, but your brain did.”

        Liked by 1 person

        • Fair enough.
          I won’t be watching them, if I want the kids in my family to be “introduced to Star Wars” I’ll just have them watch the hexalogy instead.


      • Fluid animation is all it’s got going for it.
        I am amazed Disney managed to make me not care about seeing Darth Vader or a Star Destroyer on screen, I admit it’s quite the achievment.


  3. I thought Disney wanted to let the past die and kill it if they had to? Why are they instead going back to the original six films?
    Where are all those wonderful cartoons based on Rey, Rose, Captain “Plasma TV” or whatever her name was, Admiral “Hold-on my beer there’s mysandry to do”, and the other of Mary Sues they introduced in comic books?
    Where’s the Finn and Poe homoerotic adventure cartoon show? After all, current SJW cartoons have shown lesbians to kids, why isn’t Disney openly pushing homosexuality to boys then?
    Oh yeah! People didn’t care at all for their new characters, so they now have to ruin the originals. Again.
    Oh well, I think it’s awesome. The fastest they kill the franchise, torch the corpse and toss it into a barrell of acid, the better.


  4. You can see that without George to push these people, what we get is lazy and inferior product. The animation post Clone Wars has been below average and keeps sinking to new depths with each release. I understand that these shorts are for the 3-5 year old demographic (not to mention free) but even kids at that age deserve something incredibly well done.

    Since 1977, Lucas was always striving for a quality product in terms of its narrative and presentation – now with DLF the opposite is true.

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  5. Inguber is an awful actor, he is like a Jimmy Fallon doing an imitation and not a fully realized performance.

    I’m fully in support of a series/ films with Sebastian Stan as Young Luke , however.


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